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Monday, 1 July 2013

Ed Husic declares Sharia War on Australia - takes allegiance to the Koran and the Racist Arab Supremacist Caliphate. Rudd supports this treason

Ed Husic is currently being criticised for taking the Parliamentary Oath on the koran

And so he should be

It is an offence to Australia and Australians' that this individual has declared that his allegiance is to the implementation of sharia law, as per the koran, (which is illegal in Australia (being in contravention of the Crimes Act on multiple fronts as well as unconstitutional) and the pledge to be a useful idiot of the Arab racist supremacists which run the muftioso of islam

See story here

FEDERAL Labor MP Ed Husic has been attacked in social media for using a Koran when he was sworn in as parliamentary secretary by the Governor-General.

The Australian-born member for the western Sydney seat of Chifley, the son of Bosnian immigrants, in 2010 became the first Muslim elected to federal parliament and is the first to take on a ministry position.

He was sworn in as parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and parliamentary secretary for broadband in Canberra on Monday.

The Governor General should be dismissed for acting Unconstitutionally in allowing a parliamentary officer to swear allegiance to racist Arab supremacy - rather than the Australian people and OUR laws

Not that the clueless GG would have any idea

Rudd is supporting this subverting of Australian law and our Constitution

Ed Husic has declared sharia war on Aussies by declaring his allegiance to sharia law jihad

He is an illegitimate member of Parliament - and should be forced to resign his commission immediately

Sharia law (islam) is not a religion

And there is no religion in sharia law

Sharia law does not recognise ANY authority outside of it

Ed Husic has declared publicly that he , along with all other muslims have zero respect for ANY Australian laws, customs or the people who live here, and call themselves Aussies

Rudd should resign for allowing this to happen

Ed Husic has declared sharia war on Australia and Australians - and should be prosecuted for endorsing the illegality of sharia law

Muslims have already declared they want to decapitate all AUssies and have also publicly stated they now have more guns than the AUstralian army - the intention is clear - they want a war to try to destory Austrlaia

The question is are Aussies going to allow this outrage and continue giving these people our taxpayer dollars to fund the jihad private schools and their mosque battlefront beachheads throughout our cities?

They should all be given one month to leave


And this idea that attacking Husic is racist because of his IDEOLOGICAL beliefs is ignorant and idiotic

Islam is an ideology - it is not a race

Islam is however used as a vehicle to promote racism - of the Arab supremacist kind

So this sort of pap is just pathetic

 You want 'un-Australian' - look no further than attacks on Ed Husic for swearing on the Koran

Should read 'You want un-Australian - look at Ed Husic swearing on the Koran

Or this rubbish

Labor MP Michelle Rowland took to Twitter to slam Mr Abbott for not making strong comments on the abuse.

"Abbott's comments re Ed Husic are extremely weak. Why not condemn the racist abuse directed at him," Ms Rowland, also a Western Sydney MP, posted.

Someone should tell the pathetic fat loser Ms Rowland that islam is not a race

But even Andrew Bolt (often a critic of islam) gets it completely wrong


Are there racists in this country?


Is the “social” media a cesspit of hate?

Oh, yes.

But does the disgusting flaming of Ed Husic’s Facebook site really define this country?

Memo to Andrew Bolt - criticising islam (sharia law) and its advocates (muslims) is not racist

What is racist is, sharia law - which is the vehicle for racist Arabs to claim racial supremacy over all - via their fictitous fake Jesus - Mohammed

Husic , by his support and advocacy of sharia, has revealed he is just another useful idiot proxy for the Arab racists and their caliphate agenda - making him even more offensive and stupid

What he has done is treason and he should be in jail


  1. Well, using the bible is not any better, is it? It is also unconstitutional, against lots of laws etc, etc. Why I can't hear anyone protesting against the use of the bible?

    1. The Bible has cultural legitimacy because the God referred to in the Constitution was simply taken as the Christian God - by way of the Bible

      To that extent it is entirely legitimate

      If you are non-religious - you don't have to take the Oath to uphold the Constitution on the Bible

      Husics's disgraceful effort is another thing altogether.

      Firstly he claims to be a non-practicing muslim

      Then he claims he actually is a practicing muslim by insisting on swearing on the Koran

      if he had the remotest hint of integrity he would have taken the Parliamentary Oath as a secular person - the Affirmation of Allegiance - to Australia's Constitution - which he simply refused to do - because he regards Australia's Constitution and freedoms as worthless rubbish, not constant with sharia law

      As for ANY government funding of ANY groups claiming to be religious - that is indeed arguably unconstitutional

  2. Can anyone imagine the consequences of a white Christian taking an oath, in Saudi Arabia, upon a Bible.

    Islam is not in search of liberty to be liberated, Islam is searching for and seeking out non-Islamics for a singular purpose; to conquer, submit and enslave all non-Islamics to their misogynistic, insane religion of hate.

    Islam is a culture of those who pursue their superiority without having achieved their maturity. The Arabs from which this ugly culture materialized were losers of a lower IQ than those in the same global neighborhood.

    They were and are constantly feeling the inferiority of their lower IQed Cerebrum, and further choose to remain immature and pursue superiority by terror and military power, rather than embrace their personal responsibility to mature, swallow their inferiority, and join the winning team.

    White liberals embrace Islamics as part of their "enforced upon all whites" concept of, the white mans burden. But also, many white liberals are cowards who ally with those they are cowardly afraid of, whereby they can then feign noble courage by standing up to their own whom they fear not.

    The white liberals feigned courage masks or cloaks, their cowardice, and more it is the collective of whites which then bears the burden created by this social chess act of guile.

    Islam intends to conquer and enslave all humans on planet Earth to Islam and it's Sharia.

    White liberals are murdering our white gene pool/race/cultures and lands. Time has come for we non-liberal whites to talk about separating out and away from white liberals and their allies, the Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics.

    If not for ourselves then for our posterity. Thank you.

  3. Well said

    Multiculturalism is where white/ European people are forced to tolerate and sponsor non-whites to be intolerant of whitey and porsue racist attitudes in relation to their native cultures towards white societies in which they benefit , usualky in a parasitic way

    Obama has just declared 'Africa for Africans' - that means black africans - and that is how all these non-white countries think. Look what the world has done to White indigenous South Africans - simply swamped them with non-indigenous blacks

    Only a suicidal fool would think that multiculturalism is a good idea - needless to say both our major parties are champions of it - and plan the genocide of the white Australian population in less than 10 years at current rates. The Mainstream media (The Ministry of Truth (from Orwell) refuses to even see any problem - except anyone who happens to notice)

  4. Wow. And I thought I'd already seen the worst forms of mental illness today. You people are simply sick in the head, I feel so sorry for you.

    1. Liberals love to blow their blow, but they never live the life of the blow they blow. You will not see white liberals moving to 85% Negro Detroit, or moving to 100% Islamic Saudi Arabia.

      I would have a little respect for a white liberal if they would move to Detroit or Saudi Arabia, but that will not happen because among other realities, a white liberal may be an A-hole, bot a white liberal is not stupid. Thanks.

    2. Yes well said, delusional white liberals typically claim everyone else is sick if they disagree with white liberal rubbish

      Mark don't feel sorry for us - feel sorry for yourself - you have a lot to learn - sadly the hard way

      And PDK spot on about Saudi - which is bankrolling the Sunni caliphate agenda with petrodollars - and clearly governments and people around the world are being bought off

  5. Hilarious. You seem to be very upset about the fact that Husic has actually read a book. Jealous, much?

    1. Thanks for reading. Not sure what the joke is - but I doubt (Mohamm)Ed Husic has read the Koran - after all he claims to be a 'non-practicing muslim' - whatever that is supposed to mean - and then he demands his Oath to the Constitution of Australia be taken on the Koran - successfully insulting Australia's Constitution (and Australians and our laws) AND also the people who follow the nonsense in the Koran

      This guy is a former union official - which tends to not correlate with intelligence - so there's not much to be jealous about