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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Andrew Bolt's Bizarre attack on Senator Jacquie Lambie - calling her unAustralian for not submitting to Islam (sharia law)

You gotta wonder about Andrew Bolt and his take on Islam

Regularly he notes the obvious islamic threat - but then always seem to back off -

But this morning on his Bolt Report on Channel 10, Bolt came screaming back in support of Sharia law in Australia (which is illegal by the way), having opened the show with a diatribe critical of Islamic 'terrorism' (Islam is simply the implementation of sharia law - Islam by definition is terrorism - see previous post)

Bolt launched a full scale broadside on Jacquie Lambie for her refusing to submit to Sharia law and embrace a mosque with another MP (the mosque was Sydney's Citadel of Hate, Lakemba Mosque)

In response to a TV interviewer she replied She was Catholic and she was not interested in Islam.

Which is fair enough

But not according to ex-Catholic Bolt - who accused the Senator of Bad Manners for not openly embracing the murderous organised crime thugs who run the sharia mafia in Australia at one of their many gang clubhouses -with government protection as a tax free charity - including the halal extortion racket - which Bolt is cold silent on (along with Bernardi)

Bizarrely Bolt claimed that Lambie was unAustralian to not submit to the Sharia mafia thugs and their sharia law!

That's despite Sharia law being illegal in Australia on multiple counts - and the sharia mafia's demand that we all be decapitated (as worthless infidels as per their Koran guidebook of behaviour))

Sharia law is terrorism,

Islam is nothing more than the implementation of sharia law

The mosques are illegal gang clubhouses - which are sponsored by government and overseas blood money

Senator Lambie was spot on in refusing to acknowledge any worth in the Sharia mafia who openly declare their desire to decapitate us all - after all being a Muslim is only ever about one thing - submission - submission to Sharia law - which just happens to be run by the muslim mob organised crime network - of racist Arab Nazis and their supporters

If anyone is unAustralian it is Bolt - with this disgraceful and offensive attack on Senator Lambie - who has also correctly identified the self evident threat of the burqa and sharia law generally

Andrew Bolt needs to get off the fence post and declare his allegiance (if News Ltd allows him of course)- either to Australia, or his new found sharia mafia mates who he apparently now regards as true Australians - along with Abbott, Morrison, Bishop  and the left.

Just outrageous

Sharia law is terrorism - (and illegal in Australia) - that makes every muslim - well you know....Abbott and Morrison demand sharia submission

Australia's elite security agency ASIO, had a former Chief, David Irvine who declared that ' Muslims are not terrorists'

ASIO also has a pro- muslim recruitment drive - along with the military and the AFP

So what is a muslim?

A muslim is simply someone who has submitted to sharia law

Submission is the key to being a muslim.

A muslim , not unexpectedly, expects everyone else to submit to sharia law - just like they have - that is what sharia law demands

After all the penalty for not continuing to submit to sharia law, once initial commitment is made - is...DEATH...by,...ah....well usually some self appointed gangsta members who like a bit of murder (or if you are in Saudi Arabia, the local head chopper, which of course means an endless stream of decapitations - of...well...yeah..muslims)

Oh and of course, if the Muslim gang you belong to can't defend itself , well you either submit to another Muslim gang, or you die...actually you probably die anyway for being a member of the wrong gang..darn - you may end up with ISIS as your neighbour, or their mates Al Qaeda...or your local friendly muslim community (waiting for their time to strike) - who knows...either way it's a guaranteed losing bet

Needless to say, more muslims are killed by other muslims than by anyone else every year - and needless to say, muslims are convinced this is because of...yes you guessed it...non-muslims!!!

This is terrorism

This is sharia law

Australia implemented sport and trade sanctions against former Christian ally South Africa, because of perceived racial prejudice. Australia however warmly embraces hardcore racists like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia - with an open door to money, sport, and any other relationship you can name - especially furthering the implementation of (illegal) sharia law

So who runs  and decides what IS THE sharia law?

Well that is the sharia mafia - or the Muslim mob -This is a gangster , muftioso who aside from being at war with each other gangsta style, enforce their authority over their submitters (their muslims) ruthlessly and which runs its affairs as an organised crime syndicate - with protection by all Western Governments and Christian Churches of their activities, as being a 'loving kind religious charity'. Just today, we have our Immigration Minister Scott Morrison,a born again Christian, submitting to sharia law at Sydney's Citadel of Hate, Lakemba Mosque and telling all Australians they must submit to sharia law - it is incredible. His leader, Catholic Tony Abbott, has declared that he is the 'sworn enemy' of anyone who does not submit to Islam and the implementation of sharia law. Following the islamic terrorist attack in Canada, Abbott declared how close he was to Canada's brave PM Harper and pledged full support - Harper was found hiding in a cupboard trying to escape the Islamists bullet - Harper then came out of the closet and declared his support for Islam (oh and shame about that Canadian being shot dead)...I mean it is completely bizarre

This sharia mafia rule is terrorism

Islam is simply the vehicle/umbrella for the implementation of sharia law - which effectively translates into the rule of the Sharia Mafia crime bosses

Sharia law is by definition, terrorism (ritual torture and mutilation of girls genitals, honour killings, deprivation of liberties etc)

That makes islam by definition, terrorism

So what do western Government do to deal with Islam?

Australia, under Abbott currently, protects islam as a loving kind 'religious charity' - where all its activities are tax free - including the halal extortion racket - whodda thought organised crime could ever get protection as a 'religious charity'??!!! Genius

This loving kind and charitable extortion is protected by all levels of government and all police and security agencies - no-one can explain why - in fact Abbott has reaffirmed his government's position that it is illegal to defend yourself from Sharia law intimidation and thuggery - under the Racial Discrimination Act. The fact that Islam is in total violation of the Racial Discrimination Act is apparently of no concern to Abbott or anyone else. Sharia law (Islam) also violates countless other laws, and demands the destruction of all our freedoms, our Constitution and our laws...oh and our beheading!!

Halal extortion is terrorism

ISlam is by definition terrorism

Every person who submits to Islam, is therefore a terrorist - because they are a self declared threat

There is nothing kind, loving or charitable about being a terrorist - or a muslim

It is however a threat - writ large

However according to the Catholic Church and Pope Francis the Fraud (and numerous previous Popes), the non-religion of Islam is somehow THE mysterious "Religion of Peace' and all Catholics are required to become islamic terrorists (muslims) - in order to be Christian! WTF?

Go figure

Needles to say this madness and duplicity will benefit no-one - as we watch our democracy dissolve in order to accommodate the non-existent rights of muslims to implement sharia law (to hijack OUR laws)- which we all know means we now have no rights!! So much for democracy and OUR laws

It is incredible to watch

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bronwyn Bishop now slave to Islamic State - backs burqa & sharia law implementation in Australia

Bronwyn Bishop has proved herself to be more loyal to the implementation of an Islamic State in Australia than she is is to Australia, Australians and indeed Australian Law

Having banned the wearing of the offensive (and illegal) islamic burqa and niqab in Parliament, she has apparently now agreed to allow it - in order to obey sharia law

Forget about Australian law - this well known aggressive political and offensive attire is even banned in less extreme Muslim countries!! - for public safety - but not Australia...nooooooo

It is incredible to watch Australian politicians ruthlessly implement an Islamic State in Australia along with ongoing flagrant violations of the human rights of all Aussies to live in peace and freedom under our laws, and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

It is beyond belief

If an Aussie tries to enter Parliament wearing a bike helmet, balaclava or even nude, I mean after all according to sharia loving Abbott 'this is a free country' - then they would be promptly arrested and charged

These laws do not apply to sharia jihadists, who who now been elevated to be above the law - with people like Bronny Bishop now becoming a cheerleader for sharia

Pathetic and worse

Islam is the implementation of sharia law - in whatever shade you want

Sharia law defines itself as illegal in Australia  - proudly

Sharia law is open terrorism on Aussies - and all non-muslims

The Abbott Liberals , Bishop and the self proclaimed Islamic terrorist supporter Tony Burke, all demand Aussies submit to sharia law - and be ruled by the gansta muftioso which runs it

Beyond belief

The halal certification extrotion racket forces Aussies to pay an illegal islamic tax to the sharia mafi - billions each year - from vegemite to plastic bottles and meat

Sharia law is not a religion - yet is protected as a lovign kind 'religious charity' - and all its operations are tax free - including the organsied crime fo halal extortion

The ACC is not interested

The ATO is not interested

The ASIO is not only not interested it wants to be run by muslims

The ACCC is not interested

Australian politicians are not interested - except Senators Lambie and Bernardi

The Austrlaian Media is not interested

The Catholci Church demands submission to sharia law

Its amazing how few people value their own freedoms and rights as Australians

Friday, 17 October 2014

Paid Stooge Laurie Oakes backs Abbott's war on Putin and nuclear armed superpower Russia

If there was any doubt Abbott has completely lost the plot in relation to dealing with President Putin and nuclear armed superpower Russia, it's the bizarre glowing endorsement by Laurie Oakes in today's News Limited Press incl the Daily Telegraph - which paints Oakes as some sort of a paid stooge.

Bottom line is if Abbott has Oakes cheering him on - he's definitely doing something wrong

See here
TONY Abbott can live with criticism of the forthright language he used against Russian President Vladimir Putin. It won’t damage him politically at home or reduce his standing overseas.
It might have done little to help Australia’s relations with Russia, but they were at rock bottom anyway — and had been since the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 three months ago.
Abbott received kudos internationally, particularly in the US, for his strong initial response to that outrage. The threat to “shirt-front” Putin over the issue at the G20 summit in Brisbane next month will be seen in a similar light.
“Americans are a bit taken aback by his vigour, but a bit admiring as well,” says an Australian international affairs expert operating inside the Washington beltway. “It’s given Abbott a profile in this town.”
And I have no doubt that most Australians, far from considering Abbott’s turn of phrase “un-prime ministerial”, would have cheered him on. Even Labor MPs assume that this will be reflected in the next round of opinion polls.

On the other hand if you want to read some actual facts and accurate comments about the prevailing international arena relating to Russia - read here
Russia and China disagree with Washington. Russia formed between the third and eighth centuries and reformed after the Mongol invasion. China has been around for five thousand years. The US is 238 years old, and judging by its behavior remains a two-year old.
Here is Lavrov speaking for Russia to the world. No one in the US government is capable of giving such a speech. The speech follows after these excerpts:
“Attempts to put pressure on Russia and to compel it to abandon its values, truth, and justice have no prospects whatsoever for success.”
“The [US] policy of ultimatums and the philosophy of supremacy and domination do not meet the requirements of the 21st century, and run counter to the objective process of developing a polycentric and democratic world order.”
“Washington has openly declared its right to the unilateral use of military force anywhere to advance its own interests. Military interference has become a norm, even despite the dismal outcome of all operations of force that the US has carried out over recent years. The sustainability of the international system has been severely shaken by the NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia, intervention in Iraq, the attack against Libya, and the failure in Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile martial law is declared in Queensland so a few leaders can hold a meeting - which no-one even cares about - except the inconvenience! - with the only threat of violence coming from PM Abbott who has declared to the world that he intends to physically assault Russian President Putin. ALP Leader Shorten supported his new BFF Abbott by declaring he would not give Putin the time.....OMG

Meanwhile the Abbott Liberals continue to fund the transformation of the military, to focus on transgender rights, gay groupies, pregnant women on the front line, and recruiting islamic jihadis - while funding in Victoria...the banning of nursery Rhymes, like Baa Baa Black Sheep....

We're in trouble...

Abbott Liberals lead world in banning...nursery rhymes. Ebola and ISIS can wait

While the world deals with the murderous Islamic State, and the potential global pandemic of Ebola, the Abbott Liberals have decided to back their Victorian operations, led by Napthine, and support the banning on...nursery rhymes

Despite Baa baa black Sheep being sung by kids for centuries, the Abbott Liberals have led the world and turned Australia into an international laughing stock by backing this attack on kindergarten kids and nursery rhymes (aside from Abbott's declaration to physically assault the worlds most powerful man, President Putin when he lands in Australia (as part of the G20)

Abbott said before the election that Free Speech was a priority for his government - now kindergarten kids can't sing nursery rhymes about black sheep

See story here

THE decision to put Baa, Baa, Black Sheep out to pasture at some kindergartens because of racial concerns has been slammed by hundreds of Victorians.
Staff at childcare centres in the south-eastern suburbs told the Herald Sun the lyric was being changed because of concerns over the racial connotations of “black”, and to reflect a multicultural community.
Kindergarten teachers have told the Herald Sun a centre in Melbourne’s east had also considered changing the line “one for the little boy who lives down the lane” in case it could be deemed sexist.

Meanwhile Ebola threatens Australia -and the Abbott Liberals continue to mandate the rollout of universal Sharia law compliance - not a problem apparently (certainly not in the Nazi state of Victoria - the Liberals Home State)

Oh and Abbott has criminalised anyone from saying anything to defend themselves from sharia law submission.

 Meanwhile on the other side of the political fence, Deputy Leader of the ALP Plibersek, wants to send Aussies to catch Ebola so they can bring it back here...maybe she should volunteer herself

Gotta love that 'freedom and democracy' stuff .

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Germany wants its Gold back from the USA - but apparently not its 'Freedom and Democracy''

While the Germans have a problem getting their own gold back from the USA, it now appears that they also have a problem with getting their freedom and democracy back as well (after all they are the only still occupied country after WW2 ended some 70 odd years ago - guess by whom.....)
See story here

“[The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung] hasn’t sued me. They know that I have evidence on everything.”
“No German mainstream journalist is allowed to report about [my] book. Otherwise he or she will be sacked. So we have a bestseller now that no German journalist is allowed to write or talk about.”

Nazi's are still banned in Germany though..Phew....imagine if otherwise!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Abbott and Hockey Liberals provide unlimited funding for Islamic State operations in Australia. Pickering explains the fraud

The implementation of sharia law (Islam) operatives(muslims) in Australia are lavishly financed by all levels of government - to the extent that not only are billions handed out to all Sharia insurgents (operating as tax free loving kind and generous charities) the Abbott Liberals also run cover for the multibillion dollar halal extortion racket which rakes in billions for islamic terrorism - in Australia and overseas

The Abbott Liberals (and indeed past Australian Governments) are 100% committed to financing and bankrolling all activities asociated with Australia being an Islamic State - the Saudi Australia

Not that you'd know - since all mainstream media seems to be on the Saudi/ Sharia mafia payroll as do all the Christian Churches

Larry Pickering explains the fraud (although not mentioning the use of Islamic Schools to raise fund as fronts for illegal weapons importations)

See here
There are no fewer than 16 influential Islamic organisations in Australia, including Hizb ut-Tahrir, and there are countless thriving sub Islamic groups in business for some very odd reasons and with some very questionable motives. All receive Government funding. 
All Islamic schools also receive Government funding which somehow finds its way into the coffers of the “Australian Federation of Islamic Councils”.
The AFIC is the purse holder and governing body for all things Islamic in Australia.
Since 2010 at least seven major Islamic schools have had their funds temporarily frozen because of “serious irregularities” in financial accounting. Many more are under ASIC investigation where millions in taxpayer funds have simply gone missing without record. 
Sydney's largest Muslim school, Malek Fahd, was found to have funnelled back into the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils almost $9 million in school funding. This “accounting” fraud appears to be a common practice in Islamic schools across the country involving hundreds of millions of dollars.
The Government has in most cases decided not to lay charges but merely requests that Islamic leaders promise the defrauded amounts will be repaid in future and in return the funds are immediately unfrozen. 
If the Government does decide to continue freezing the funds Muslim leaders challenge the decision in court where orders are made to unfreeze the funds until the matter is determined. This allows the Muslim fraudsters time to cover their tracks.

The bottom line is this, Islam is a 'faux religious' front; for organised crime of the sharia mafia to operate freely in Australia - and our Government is working hand in glove to facilitate it

Meanwhile Abbott targets unemployed Aussies, cuts ADF pay and Hockey claims Aussies cant have medicare if Islamic State has to be be bombed - to supposedly protect ..us!!!!

It is surreal

Oh and of course Abbott is seeking to personally physically attack the most powerful man on the planet , Russia's President Putin, of Christian Democratic Russia