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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Menzies, the Woodrow Wilson of Australia. Time for Hockey and Abbott to repeal Reserve Bank Act and dissolve the RBA

When Abbott won the election the first thing he and Hockey did was hand around $8 billion to the Reserve Bank of Australia!


Woodrow Wilson enslaved the American people in 1913 when he signed the Federal Reserve Act and handed control of the money supply to the private owners of this entity - the usual suspects - Rothschilds, Morgans, Royal families etc

The RBA is a privately owned entity, which was set up on the back of the Reserve Bank Act 1959, after a long running campaign by the Menzies liberals to destroy Australia's control over its own money supply. The Liberal Party even back then were the serpents of the international bankster cabal

Doc Evatt in his 1958 election speech drew attention to the fraud that Menzies and co were perpetrating on trusting Australians here

The Commonwealth Bank

On banking policy in general the position of the Labor Party is clear. The events of past years have shown. first, that the private trading banks cannot lawfully be nationalised and, second, that the Commonwealth Trading Bank has the ability to defeat most of the unfair competition of the private banks. Despite every bit of restraint and pressure that the Menzies Government could bring to bear, the Commonwealth Trading Bank has grown from one of the smaller banks into one of the largest. The people of Australia have shown that they want the Commonwealth Trading Bank and, with fair competition, the private banks would have no hope of destroying it.
The London Economist accurately described the malevolent policy of the private trading banks towards the Commonwealth Trading Bank:
If this ogre (i.e. Commonwealth Trading Bank) cannot be entirely banished (my emphasis) there is everything to be said at least for disassociating it absolutely from the Central Bank in order to promote harmony, trustful co-operation and sheer self respect among the trading banks. (December 7, 1957)
The private banks have succeeded in bringing such pressure to bear on the Liberal-Country Party Government, that the people of Australia must vote out the Menzies Government to protect the authority and powers of the people as sole owners of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia–that is definitely an issue in the elections.
Serious damage has been done to the Commonwealth Bank by the insidious administrative and executive pressure of the Menzies Government. I have referred to the case of the collapse of the bond market leading to a sharp increase in bank interest rates. That was one striking case of government pressure without open instruction.
Australia's banking legislation provides that the Treasurer has ultimate control over the policy of the Commonwealth Bank. It is this power which has been used to destroy four aspects of the Commonwealth Bank's work for Australia so that additional profits may revert to private banks and associated financiers.
The RBA has been given these powers see here
             (1)  Subject to this Act, the Bank may:
                     (a)  issue Australian notes;
                     (b)  re‑issue Australian notes; and
                     (c)  cancel Australian notes.
             (2)  Australian notes shall be printed by, or under the authority of, the Bank.
In other words the RBA owns Australia's money supply - this is obviously completely unacceptable. The old Commonwealth bank run by our government, was,and should continue to be the only owner of our currency on behalf of the people of Australia
and to make the fraud even clearer
             (1)  A person shall not issue a bill or note for the payment of money payable to bearer on demand and intended for circulation.
Penalty:  50 penalty units.
Note:          Chapter 2 of the Criminal Code sets out the general principles of criminal responsibility.
             (2)  A State shall not issue a bill or note for the payment of money payable to bearer on demand and intended for circulation.
 And  TAX FREE too!!!
                   The Bank is not liable to taxation under any law of a State or of a Territory to which the Commonwealth is not subject and the income of the Bank is not liable to income tax under a law of the Commonwealth.
                   The Bank has such powers as are necessary for the purposes of this Act and any other Act conferring functions on the Bank and, in particular, and in addition to any other powers conferred on it by this Act and such other Acts, has power:
                     (a)  to receive money on deposit;
                     (b)  to borrow money;
                     (c)  to lend money;
                     (d)  to buy, sell, discount and re‑discount bills of exchange, promissory notes and treasury bills;
                     (e)  to buy and sell securities issued by the Commonwealth and other securities;
                      (f)  to buy, sell and otherwise deal in foreign currency, specie, gold and other precious metals;
                     (g)  to establish credits and give guarantees;
                     (h)  to issue bills and drafts and effect transfers of money;
                      (i)  to underwrite loans; and
                      (j)  to do anything incidental to any of its powers.

In other words it can do whatever it feels like
Note - 'to LEND money' - that is to US - the people of Australia - the money they can just print out of thin air!! - you know our BIG DEBT?!!!

Hockey must dissolve the RBA and take back ownership of Australia's money supply by Australians

Menzies was a traitor who sold us out.

                           Currently the Liberals, under Hockey and Abbott are forcing states to sell public assets to private bank funded entities as the basis for ANY future income distributions from the Commonwealth. Blatant Highway robbery by Hockey on behalf of his bankster mates. Those public assets then create huge dividends d for the new private owners (typically foreign) and usually based in a tax free country - so Aussies just become enslaved

                          Baird, the current NSW Premier is a banking stooge, and is planning on simply giving away all of NSW public assets - claiming he needs to do this to raise money to build infrastructure. It is laughable - a sick joke.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Muslims in Australia call for death of Abbott Government: Abbott runs away. Andrew Bolt explains the danger

Andrew Bolt has unloaded on the head of the Sunni Islamic franchise in Australia The Grand Arab Nazi, for, as Ayatollahs do, demanding that Abbott resign from office

According to Bolt, the Chief Arab Nazi has urged all muslims to unite against the Australian Government - which is not unexpected given that the mufti has previously threatened to kill all Aussies unless we do as he says

The Grand Nazi demanded that Islamic State terrorists be allowed back into Australia and set free - despite their acts of terrorism and obvious threat. Abbott, being the gutless wonder that he his, happily obliged , and threatened all Aussies with these free roaming terrorists (all who have continued to receive unlimited welfare )

Australian law doesn't matter to Abbott  - and not surprisingly the Grand Nazi Ayatollah has decided that Australian law doesn't matter too much to him either - after all his sole purpose is to implement SHARIA law in Australia - which by definition means the destruction of Australian law and the liberties and freedoms our laws enshrine

None of this bothers Abbott and the Libs (or the ALP opposition of Shorten) both of whom have responded to the Nazi Ayatollahs threats by running away - no comments, no-one knows where they are

Bolt is apoplectic - while most journos are silent - out of fear

Here is Bolt's take on the latest stage of the Australian Government falling to the government funded (as well as illegal halal funded) Islamic State in Australia! see here 

Actually, Abbott’s criticism was of something far more troubling - the Mufti legitimising the anti-Western rage of the Islamic State, even though he criticises their violence and condemns terrorism. It is unfortunately typical that this very worrying point is evaded in the Guardian story above.
And now we have the Mufti essentially urging Muslims through his example to reject the Prime Minister as an enemy of Muslims, with his attack on Abbott appearing in a video titled: “Muslim Community Confronts Abbott.” 

 Here are just some of the signatories: 
Fitzroy Mosque, Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations, Global Islamic Youth Centre, Gold Coast Mosque, Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia. Indonesian Islamic Association Inc.. Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW, Islamic Council of Western Australia, Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia, Islamic Society of Deakin University, Islamic Society of Gold Coast, Islamic Society of Victoria University, La Trobe University Islamic Society, Macquarie University Muslim Students Association, Monash University Islamic Society, Muslim Legal Network Western Australia, Muslim Students Association of Victoria, Muslim Women Welfare and Advocacy Association of Western Australia, Preston Mosque, RMIT University Islamic Society, Somali Organisation for Development Aid , Sydney University Muslim Students Association, Taqwah Mosque, University of Melbourne Islamic Society, University of Technology Sydney Muslim Students, University of Western Sydney Muslim Students Association, Werribee Mosque, Western Australia Muslim Lawyers Association, plus many sheiks, some known radicals. 
This is one of the most dangerous political documents I’ve seen in years. Many journalists have made extraordinary efforts to distinguish between the many moderate Muslims and the extremists. But here are leading Muslims instead drawing ranks. And few journalists now dare note it. 

Note the number of illegal Islamic/sharia  law bodies associated with universities. This wholesale hijacking of Australians universities was bankrolled by the Howard Liberals ($20 million courtesy of Andrew Robb - indexed each year)  - a govt which Abbott was a part of. All illegally again. Now they want Abbott's gut for garters - and Abbott is still insisting that he is the sworn enemy of anyone who opposes sharia law. Sharia law criminal activists have declared that he is the enemy - yet Abbot still cant bring himself to apply OUR laws and protect the human rights of Aussies from the evil that is sharia.

You gotta wonder what it takes!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sydney Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher embraces islamic terrorism to save Bali 9 drug traffickers

Sydney Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher has sent the the Australian Catholic Church plunging to news lows following his endorsement of the leader of the islamic Sharia mafia (at least the Sunni/Al Qaeda/ISIS ones) the Grand Mufti Ayatollah in some sort of bizarre exercise in appealing for clemency for long sentenced members of the infamous Bali  9 drug smugglers - arrested courtesy of the Keelty AFP under the Howard Liberals (despite sentencing Australians to the death penalty being against Australian law)

You have to wonder how many more authorities in Australia are prepared to debase themselves with this Indonesian  muslim crowd. regardless of whether you support the death penalty or not, the question about Fisher's ability and character in leading the Catholic Church in Sydney has to be asked

Here he is validating a known and self declared islamic terrorist (the self titled Grand Mufti - who has warned Australians that they will all be killed if we don't do as he says - and Abbott has bowed to his demand that Islamic State terrorists be freely allowed to return to Australia) - and Fisher is validating this terrorism

This is consistent with the Vatican's line of being the world wide spokesvehicle for international islamisation and terrorism (under the Sunni caliphate). Islam is terrorism - there is no freedom and no individual liberty

Fisher is openly engaging with a known islamic terrorist - which the Abbott government has continued to allow to operate freely in Australia and implement the universal range of illegal sharia law activities (Abbott and Fisher both went to the same Jesuit school)

Sharia law is universally illegal (UNDER AUSTRALIAN LAW) - the Female genital mutilation, the gang rapes, the polygamy, the stoning to death of rape victims, the bestiality, the hanging of gays, the beheading of anyone who does not submit. the murder (honour killings), extortion, halal food blackmail,  - all these (and many other) unlawful and disgusting practises warmly endorsed by Fisher and the Catholic Church

Following the Royal Commission into Paedophilia in the Catholic Church by clerics like Fisher, now its time fot a Royal Commission into its open endorsement of islamic terrorism - and illegal immigration (and drug smuggling as well apparently - as well as people smuggling!)

The Catholic Church has been debased into an anti-social terrorist front supporting sharia mafia law (the criminal franchise of islam) and the detruction of Australian society and Fisher is leading the charge - following on from his Vatican paid lackey mate Pell

See story here

Two of the nation's most senior religious leaders have pleaded for clemency for two Australians on death row in Bali.
Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are facing imminent execution in Indonesia over their involvement in the so-called Bali Nine heroin trafficking attempt in 2005.
Sydney Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher and Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammad urged Indonesian president Joko Widodo to save the men and grant them an opportunity to "make reparation to the communities they betrayed by their crimes"

Fisher is beyond a disgrace  - embracing the antiChrist Archbishop to Archcriminal

UPDATE:14 Feb 2015 - Andrew Bolt identifies Grand Mufti as legitimising terrorism on Australians  - see here

Australia’s Grand Mufti has again made his faith a legitimate source of suspicion with a disgraceful warning - that we abandon Israel and stop fighting Islamist terrorists abroad, or else.
He even portrays the extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir as the victim of a cynical Abbott Government plot to switch attention from its internal woes.

The Mufti’s comments paint a picture of a West so mean to Muslims that it’s no wonder young Muslims here turn to some of the most violent terrorism we have seen. This toxic message comes with an implicit warning: to submit to the demands of the extremists or risk death.
I suspect few Islamist groups would have much quarrel with what this Mufti has just said. But many Jews, Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, non-Muslim Australians, democrats and Westerners - even some Shiite Muslims - would. That says plenty.
The Muslim community of Australia badly needs another leader. Again. Either that, or we must accept that the Grand Mufti really does represent mainstream Muslim views, and adjust our defences accordingly.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Abbott Liberal leadership spill result: It's Morrison or Bust

Tony Abbott has led himself and the Liberal party to the cliff - and he's jumped - the question is whether the Liberals will follow their leader and refuse to have a party spill on Tuesday.

Abbott is known for being PM of a democratic country - but then failing to recognise the validity of democracy in anyway shape or form - except when it comes to him keeping power, in which case he claims he was democratically elected as PM by the people. As for his supporters - well Abbott has outdone Judas on this front and then rolled a bit of Pontius Pilate as well into the mix - and when presented with his own shortcomings has adopted  Herod like attitude - while claiming to be some sort of Jesus

This is yet another Abbott lie, from a self confessed liar - and well known weathervane

For Abbott it's an ill wind that blows no good for him, and its time to get on his beloved bike and stay there - riding off into the sunset, with something stuck up his you know what

Who are the leadership contenders - well the MSM loves Turnbull which is a sure sign he wont get it - especially not with his ETS past and the Greche scandal

The MSM also loves Julie Bishop, so bye by to her as well (she will continue he Sherriff of Nottingham chameleon act)

That just leaves Morrison and some unknown darkhorse - maybe an actual Conservative, like Jensen (since Bernardi can't run)

If Turnbull doesn't win the vote this time, he will most certainly retire - presumably being a Goldman Sachs go to man

The biggest reason to not vote for Abbott or Turnbull is that they are both Catholics and committed to the Vatican's agenda of islamising the world - and funding islamic terrorism throughout Australia and the world

Not that the ALP is any better, as previously noted on this blog, it is ruled by the self appointed Ayatollah of Australia , who determines preselections (but only in Arabic - refusing to speak English)!

Morrison is a born again Christian, who publicly at least has been sympathetic to that Citadel of Hate the Islamic mosque in Lakemba - but there is no doubt he easily matches Turnbull, (who really is all bull) in terms of being a smooth operator

Given the woeful indeed criminal agenda of the Liberal Party it probably wont matter who leads them to the next election - with policies like handing our treasured public education institutions over to private global corporates, destroying Medicare and bringing in their own Obamacare Private health insurance ripoff, and their unequivocal support for sharia law operations of Islam in Australia - all of which are universally illegal under Australian law - and of course destroying the minimum wage (and the mass third world migration genocide of white/euro Aussies)

Ideally a third party will emerge - one that is actully Conservative - but given our rigged democracy and the bipartisan fraud which has been operating for years , with MSM running cover, don't hold your breath

Australia is a bit like the Titanic, going down, but still afloat - while the politicians are fighting over which decor should be used at dinner next week - and teh MSM emphasizing how import the decision is to the future of the ship. It's Matrx stuff - time to swallow that red pill (and no not the ALP) and ignore the Blue pill of the Liberals

Monday, 2 February 2015

Abbott declares it's all about 'Me, Me, Me' in incredible Canberra Press Club Effort

In an astonishing show of egomania, Abbott addressed the Canberra Press Club in a last ditch effort to save himself - and it was all about saving himself - nothing to do with the welfare of Australia

Abbott bizarrely claimed that Australia had elected HIM as Prime Minister and he was entitled to keep the job for himself until HE was voted out - by the Australian people

Of course Abbott was not elected PM by the voters, - he was elected by his own party - a Party he apparently has so much contempt for that he happily publicly disparages them and their relevance in terms of who is THEIR Team Captain

But Abbott's agenda is not about a Team - it is about His Glory and holding onto his 'precioussesssss' prize as Gollum would say

Abbott's effort with the Knighting of Royalty was indicative of his deluded mindset

You could speculate who Abbott works for - but one thing is for certain, it's not the Liberals and it's not Australia.

If Abbott was so certain of the Rights of Australians to determine his leadership validity he would call a double dissolution and give us the opportunity to dissolve Parliament and his hated Senate obstructions (which is giving us some semblance of democracy in this place)

But Abbott knows he would be slaughtered in an election - so of course he doesn't do that - but has the hide to claim that only the Australian people can remove him

Truly it was a breathtakingly comical performance from would be dictator Abbott, with Hitleresque overtones (without the Nationalism).

Not that the Libs have anyone who could actually replace him - with Turnbull and Bishop looking suitable front row candidates for the ALP - and while Morrison performs, apparently public opinion isn't that high

Abbott's tenuousness is so bad that it's the absence of alternative leadership which is what is saving him - not that it would matter in the Libs case, since their polices are so diabolically evil - with FTA's obamacare style destruction public health, mass immigration genocide, destruction of public education, funding of islamic terrorism throughout Australia etc- and total incompetence all round

Regardless of what Abbott does, the Libs will be losing the next election - again regardless of leader. Not that the ALP is any good - but our so called democracy has given the Aussie voter the choice between a turd and a bigger turd - meaning we're going down the toilet.

It would be no surprise if Abbott is sending this memo around to all party operatives in relation to dealing with him

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Abbott Leadership: For Whom the Bell Tolls - after Queensland LNP failure

The Bells are now tolling for the political death of Tony Abbott - who one could reasonable expect to be out of office by the end of the first week in February 2015 - especially following the electoral flogging the Liberal Party under the pro-sharia stooge, Newman (yes Newman, as Seinfeld would say). Abbott was banned from QLD by Newman, he is that much on the nose - but Newman underestimated is own lack of popularity - not only losing the election, but also his seat - in a landslide (to an unknown ALP hack, with a party of nine sitting members!!)

Abbott and the Libs have performed as this blog predicted they would prior to being elected - in fact there was no basis to elect Abbott and Co, it was just that Rudd and Gillard were so bad, Aussies were desperate for anything - Abbott happened to be waiting in the wings - with the evil Liberal globalist agenda (FTA's et al) - and since being elected has revealed everything he said to get elected was a lie - remember 'no surprises' - well there has been plenty - as well as just general chaos.

Australia has reached a tipping point where neither major political party can be trusted - since they essentially are both working to a globalist agenda - with marginally different priorities - to give the masses a bone to chew here and there

There is apparently in the works a new party developing on the Conservative front - allied with he ALA - but nothing has happened so far

Australia's democracy based on a homogenous society has become completely dysfunctional with the multicultural (cultural genocide and ethnic white genocide) agenda, and especially the implementation of the sharia law state Australia wide

Aussie Society has been fractured - and only an immediate end to immigration will set us on a road to recovery - as well as completely banning the illegal practises of sharia law (you know the murder, the female genital mutilation, the polygamy, the paedophilia, the child rape, the gang rape, the hanging's of gays, the stoning to death of rape victims, the halal extortion, the blackmail, the drug running, the people trafficking, common law sabotage - and on and on it goes - a universally criminal agenda - wholly backed by the Australian Government and all Sovereign state governments as a loving kind 'religious' Charity - and given tax free status on all its operations - and backed by the Christian Churches  - and of course the Pope.

This is a social catastrophe and it is only getting worse , day after day - with more than 10000 third world migrants arriving every week - going to straight to welfare and Medicare entitlements

And no-one is even taking about the budget crucifying this causes - $100 billion per year and growing

Abbott's gone, and Australia is following fast behind.

Will we be able to stop it before it is too late? - time will tell - but don't hold your breath - there are many international forces at work seeking to destroy this country from inside and out - and the MSM and our politicians are paid stooges to hide and confuse the public over this agenda.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Baird vs Foley - can Foley win the unwinable election in 2015?

NSW Premier Mike Baird is very confident of winning the next NSW election - so confident in fact that he is giving new ALP Leader Foley a few free kicks just to be sporting about it.

With Robbo setting his own time bomb by backing the BS claims of a now dead islamic terrorist - former repeated drink driving offender and devout Catholic Foley, has been projected into the hot seat by the Powers that be - which presumably no longer include Obeid

Baird was up and running with massive infrastructure announcements - and with his Liberal friend, and fellow muslim sharia law lover Abbott holding the Federal purse strings, promised to transform Sydney - despite millions of immigrants being dumped here

Then a few days ago, in the light of the islamic terrorist attack in Sydney leaving two innocent Australians dead, Mike Baird advised Abbott that NSW wanted a flood of Islamic migrants to turn NSW into some sort of sharia law state - followed by Baird flying all NSW flags at half mast following the Death of the Saudi King who funds all islamic terrorism worldwide - as a sign of respect for sharia law tyranny worldwide

Mike Baird had previously openly admitted that he fasted during the Islamic observance of Ramadan, and how good it made him feel - having previously told us all that he was a devout Christian

Foley, not to be outdone, decided an election winner would be to give Bennelongs long lost Goat island, back to - oh yeah, the 'Aboriginal community'. His mate Keating, who allowed the Hilali islamic terrorist to stay in Australia, thought that was excellent idea - both forgetting that Bennelong died some time ago - and it was NSW govt property for public use

Foley had previously left Baird standing at the stalls with an announcement to slash gambling taxes in NSW - to be competitive with Victoria.

Baird as a champion of small business had previously made it clear that he had no problems with Woolies ad Coles gobbling up the gambling lottery market to further entrench their dominance of all products in NSW - thereby wiping out thousands of small business operators in the form of newsagents

Foley had a brainwave and said he would protect the newsagents and not support a Coles and Woolies takeover

Foley has already said he would continue to keep the public assets of the electricity grid in the hands of the NSW public - including the billion dollar per year dividend

Baird let it slip that energy providers were thinking of ramping up electricity prices 700% because of aircon use

On the basis of that quick comparison, Foley has shortened his odds of winning dramatically

Now if he can convince the voters that Bairds plan for a 24/7 flight path noise over nearly the entire Sydney basin is actually not a good idea, and cancel the Badgery's Creek airport - he should win

The second airport can easily be built in Port kembla or Newcastle - which are as close or nearly as Badgerys is to the Sydney City centre - without the fog