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Monday, 26 January 2015

Baird vs Foley - can Foley win the unwinable election in 2015?

NSW Premier Mike Baird is very confident of winning the next NSW election - so confident in fact that he is giving new ALP Leader Foley a few free kicks just to be sporting about it.

With Robbo setting his own time bomb by backing the BS claims of a now dead islamic terrorist - former repeated drink driving offender and devout Catholic Foley, has been projected into the hot seat by the Powers that be - which presumably no longer include Obeid

Baird was up and running with massive infrastructure announcements - and with his Liberal friend, and fellow muslim sharia law lover Abbott holding the Federal purse strings, promised to transform Sydney - despite millions of immigrants being dumped here

Then a few days ago, in the light of the islamic terrorist attack in Sydney leaving two innocent Australians dead, Mike Baird advised Abbott that NSW wanted a flood of Islamic migrants to turn NSW into some sort of sharia law state - followed by Baird flying all NSW flags at half mast following the Death of the Saudi King who funds all islamic terrorism worldwide - as a sign of respect for sharia law tyranny worldwide

Mike Baird had previously openly admitted that he fasted during the Islamic observance of Ramadan, and how good it made him feel - having previously told us all that he was a devout Christian

Foley, not to be outdone, decided an election winner would be to give Bennelongs long lost Goat island, back to - oh yeah, the 'Aboriginal community'. His mate Keating, who allowed the Hilali islamic terrorist to stay in Australia, thought that was excellent idea - both forgetting that Bennelong died some time ago - and it was NSW govt property for public use

Foley had previously left Baird standing at the stalls with an announcement to slash gambling taxes in NSW - to be competitive with Victoria.

Baird as a champion of small business had previously made it clear that he had no problems with Woolies ad Coles gobbling up the gambling lottery market to further entrench their dominance of all products in NSW - thereby wiping out thousands of small business operators in the form of newsagents

Foley had a brainwave and said he would protect the newsagents and not support a Coles and Woolies takeover

Foley has already said he would continue to keep the public assets of the electricity grid in the hands of the NSW public - including the billion dollar per year dividend

Baird let it slip that energy providers were thinking of ramping up electricity prices 700% because of aircon use

On the basis of that quick comparison, Foley has shortened his odds of winning dramatically

Now if he can convince the voters that Bairds plan for a 24/7 flight path noise over nearly the entire Sydney basin is actually not a good idea, and cancel the Badgery's Creek airport - he should win

The second airport can easily be built in Port kembla or Newcastle - which are as close or nearly as Badgerys is to the Sydney City centre - without the fog

Monday, 19 January 2015

Abbott Liberals go Crazy - Hockey now preparing welfare strategy for 150 year old Aussies

Joe Windbag Hockey is up to his usual tricks , presumably from smoking too many cigars (just what baccy is in them?) by now declaring Liberal policy is focusing on welfare of Aussies who are 150 years old.

Hockey hasn't even passed his first Budget - and now he's worried about 150 year old Australians - who have never existed.

Abbott has done another backflip on the medicare co-payment - which has gone from $7 to zero, to $20, to zero, to..what $100.?

And in todays Tele - former Treasurer Costello began droning on about something called 'free' medicare'

medicare has never been free - except in  the midget minds of liberal politicians who think that paying a medicare levy tax is somehow free.

Little Billy in the mean time is having a field day, As Abbott and co run around like headless chooks constantly scoring own goals - giving Billy Boy an effortless win (at the next election)

Even if you wanted to vote Liberal - you couldn't justify it with this lot.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Abbott commits political suicide - raises medicare co-payment to $20 - on top of increased Medicare levy

Despite notionally operating in a democracy, Abbott and Hockey are now trying to bypass the Senate , criminally , again - first it was the illegal petrol tax - now they are trying an illegal medical tax

Abbott has already retained Gillard's Medicare increase  bringing Australia's personal tax rates to near the highest in the world, and then he and Dutton turn around and say medicare is somehow 'free' - and now without any legal basis they are wanting to introduce a $20 copayment to visit a doctor

meanwhile the foreign multinationals who buy up the medical sector are being bankrolled by Medicare to the tune of billions with no questions asked - but your local GP has been turned into panhandler for Liberal corruption

Meanwhile the Libs continue to create jobs - overseas - in Japan, India, China etc - exporting as much infrastructure work - from boring rigs, to bridges, steel frames, carriages, submarines jets - to overseas businesses

If anyone thinks the Australian people elected a Government of the people to Govern for the best interests of Australians - they are dreaming

Meanwhile Abbott increases the muslim refugee intake, following worldwide islamic terrorist attacks,and increases benefits to tens of thousands of illegals already in Australia - rather than deporting them. The Abbott Liberals are increasingly putting forward sharia criminals as their candidates and continuing to fund unlimited construction of islamic terrorist training mosques throughout the country

While the Federal Government provides subsidised education and accommodation to tens of thousands of foreign students (many who are muslims) Pyne and Abbott are demanding Aussie kids pay up to a million dollars to get a qualification from one of 40 odd universities across the country - in order to pay for them all!! - and then not be able to get a job - due to multicultural rules demanding Aussies be made second class citizens in their own country - subject to the whims of imported racist hordes from the third world

Friday, 2 January 2015

Scipione's NSW Police end Islamic Crimewave - with MSM help

NSW Police led by sharia loving Scipione, have with the help of the MSM, finally managed to end islamic crime in Sydney


By simply redefining it as something else!

Scipione along with Baird have followed the lead of Abbott and ASIO and the AFP in declaring that there is no such thing as islamic crime, islamic terrorism or a muslim terrorist (After all the ruthless tyrnany of sharia law and its mafioso enforcers known as Islam - IS the 'Religion of Peace' - protected by Abbott as a tax free charity!)

These inconvenient terms involving islam have been  made redundant by simply redefining reality

The NSW Police have a thing call MEOC, the Middle Eastern Organised Crime  unit - which presumably targets the nefarious activities of Orthodox Christians and Jews, who have links to the middle east (Which would make the Vatican happy  - and the Vatican support sharia law as well!)

Oddly enough though, the shootings, the drug and gun running, the holdups, the extortion rackets, the mafia hits and the dead muslim bodies in Sydney to continue to pile up ( before they are rushed out of the morgue into a mad muslim mob demanding total control (while all other bodies are stored for usual processing))

Muslim crime and criminals have been replaced by unoffensive words like
- man shot
- man killed
- targeted atack
- family feud
- lone wolf
- extremist
- militant
- unemployed
- disability support pensioer
- unemployed father of 5,6 or 7 from south west/western Sydney

you get the drift

If a non-muslim is onvolved in some incident we will get pictures full names, date of birth, place of residence, known links to anything - but never a Mohammed or Abdul anywhere

But zero crime involving islam, muslims, sharia law or jihad terrorism (weven when a well know islamic jihadist on ASIO, AFP, NSW Police and immigration databases takes hostages in the Middle of Sydney - with two people getting killed - NSW Police and the media can't find any link to islam anywhere - despite the terrorist having 15000 facebook friends, countless popular youtube videos, and a wide range of support throughout the islamic mafia in Sydney (which of course doesn't exist in this Wonderland) - and waving a black jihadi flag everywhere!!

Someone once said the pen was mightier than the sword, and the NSW Police with MSM assistance are doing their best to prove it

Meanwhile the Abbott Liberals, with Bishop and Brandis welcome back ISIS islamic terrorists, with guaranteed safety, unlimited and uninterrupted welfare, claiming a legal loophole in the laws they just created prevents them from applying the law - that's ANY law!!

It is truly disgraceful

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Brandis thinks he's now King George - with free pass to the Treasury

Attorney General George Brandis, having successfully wimped every principle he has ever claimed to stand for - from islamic terrorism being unlawful - to free speech for Aussies - has now decided that he is entitled to live as a King (no link) - at the taxpayers expense - in these tight Budget times - according to Hockey and Abbott (who forfeit to $100 billion to charity rorts each year - and another $500 Billion each year, for the immigration program fraud destroying the place (every immigrant costs $1 million - and there are effectively 500000 new arrivals every year) - no democratic mandate required apparently.

Anyway with Brandis refusing to prosecute known islamic terrorists (Abbott and ASIO have declared there is no such thing as islamic terrorism anymore)- but promising to prosecute any Aussie who has an opinion, now Brandis, has become completely indolent, and is living like a King - King George apparently

Abbott supports the monarchy - so probably has no problem with this Royal self indulgence by yet another member of his useless duplicitous government

Friday, 26 December 2014

Abbott and Hockey plan to steal Aussie bank accounts - while Abbott welcomes back Islamic terrorists

This post raises two critical issues - who does Abbott and Hockey work for in our democracy - and why is the mainstream media collectively covering it up

'It' being the agreement at the G20 by Abbott and Hockey to steal Aussies bank accounts - for their globalist bankster masters - like Greece and Cyprus - see here

And secondly why is Abbott raising the 'terrorist' alert to high levels - while at the same time using taxpayer dollars to repatriate known Islamic terrorists back to their families in Australia, on full welfare benefits - and with complete immunity from any prosecution?

Sharia law is illegal in Australia (Islam is just the implementation of sharia law) - and terrorism, even the unspoken islamic kind is obviously illegal (According to Abbott, ASIO, AFP  and all police forces, in Australia, there is now no such thing as Islamic terrorism - because muslims never commit terrorist act....meanwhile in Alice in Wonderland...). Muslims have rioted through Sydney streets demanding all UAssie be decapitated - Abbott's response was, Muslims have rights too you know!

Yet Abbott is not only funding sharia law in the billions and allowing overseas money (usually decapitation loving Saudi money) to flood in, now he's sponsoring islamic terrorists to come back to Australia - and then implements a police state because of a heightened terror risk - which HE created - this is insanity - see here

FIGHTERS from the bloody conflicts in Syria and Iraq are living in Queensland but Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said they were being “closely monitored’’ as part of the state’s terror watch.
The “skill sets” and “potential” for “those within the community to commit terror” was a great source of concern, Mr Stewart said.

WTF is this? - these islamic terrorists are all meant to be serving 25 years jail - and yet here we have a state Police Commissioner warning everyone they are now in danger as the Abbott Liberals sponsor an islamic terrorist front in Australia!!

Yet the mainstream media is stone silent

The Opposition AL-Party is stone silent

The mainstream Churches are stone silent

Aussie Money - gone

Aussie Freedom - gone

Aussie Democracy - gone -  replaced by terror and the sharia state (all Government buildings and Churches are now mosques)

Aussie Christmas greetings - gone - replaced by Abbott Liberal terrorism threats

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Abbott's Christmas Greeting 2015 - Terrorism is upon you (no mention of Islam). Aussies now live in fear

PM Tony Abbott issued his Christmas Greeting to Australia, dragging in his wife  (who elected her?) to mouth platitudes for Christmas - of peace and goodwill - reminding us that there were mysterious 'people amongst us' who seek to do us harm (who Tony?) and for the first Christmas in Australia's history, terrorism replaced goodwill

This followed on from the islamic terrorist hostage incident at Lindt  - where despite many known links with Islamic groups (and 14000 facebook friends), open support from Islamic groups, a stream of tirades about Islamic rights - no-one from the PM, to ASIO, to the AFP, to NSW Police, could find any link whatsoever with Islam - but somehow managed to drag a 'lone wolf' into it (just like they are now doing in France - who have multiple lone wolf's - what a surprise - the army has been brought out)

The islamic terrorist was shot by NSW Police - we know that because they told us - but then again he may have committed suicide

That leaves the two dead Aussies - no-one has been told who shot them, and coroners reports have yet to be made public

But given that there was one islamic terrorist with one shotgun, and three people were killed and multiple other Aussies were injured  with bullet wounds after the NSW Police TRU dragged the siege out for an almost world breaking 17 hours...refusing to do anything even when the gunman fell asleep...(before the Boxing Day sale rush to all get through the narrow doorway at the same time Keystone Cops style)..the Christmas Message is clear - Aussies are not safe - and can't rely on our security forces to protect us - regardless of what Abbott claimed in his Christmas message (no link - but its on youtube) - Abbott washed his hands of the siege before lunchtime on the day (but he did offer some help - with his...prayers!!! to his invisible friend, who Catholics now say is the same invisible friend  Muslims have! ) - as did NSW Police Boss Scipione!...seriously - and boy did the Aussie hostages need a miracle to be saved from such incompetence). Meanwhile Federal anti-terrorist commandos (10 minutes away) were banned from resolving the hostage drama by Scipione

Meanwhile islamic terrorist atrocities continue unmitigated around the world with mass slaughters suicide bombings - etc - and the Governments and the media have gone into some bizarro worldwide conspiracy to not mention the words islamic, muslim or sharia law - or now even jihadist - just the words militant, extremist or terrorist (according to UK's David Cameron, ANYONE who questions the Governments narrative (including presumably any political Opposition Party in a democracy), is now a terrorist - everyone except Muslims - because according to Cameron and Abbott etc, there is no such thing as an islamic terrorist)

What sort of extremist or terrorist is committing these crimes, we are now never told (oh except they are now 'lone wolf's') - it could be a wine and cheese and pate enthusiast, smashing a bottle of red in disgust at the caviar - who knows?

Officially in Australia there is no such thing as islamic terrorism or islamic terrorists - anywhere in the world. VICTORY! to quote Dubbya.

Islam (which is the implementation of sharia law - which just happens to be universally illegal in Australia) - is protected, illegally obviously, as a loving kind tax free 'religious charity' by the government - with absolute backing of the Vatican and the Catholic Church - Archbishop Fisher is the self appointed wannabe Islamic Ayatollah for Australia - spruiking and defending sharia law at every turn.

When it comes to Aussie laws- islam is a law unto itself - in fact it IS a Sacred cow - with all Government buildings now mosques, ASIO demanding it be run by muslims, AFP celebrating the racist Arab Nazi Supremacists Ramadan, and all government  authorities backing the illegal halal extortion racket run by the sharia mafia etc etc (funding islamic terrorism worldwide) - it's presumably only a matter of time before the government creates a muslim calendar  - and bans Christmas.....

Abbott himself has declared that he is the sworn enemy of anyone who opposes sharia law implementation(Islam) and vowed his allegiance to an Islamic Mobster Convention in Western Sydney - in the name of 'freedom and democracy' - someone should tell these clowns that tolerating the intolerant is not only philosophically insane - it is deadly.

The new Archbishop of Sydney, Fisher, has launched a vicious tirade against anyone who doesn't support sharia law - essentially calling their lawful position  'bigoted and hateful' - following the islamic terrorist attack in Sydney

Meanwhile the sharia mafia continues to be funded in the billions by all Government around Australia - with tax free land, tax free income and plain old government handouts

Any Aussie who objects to the rampant criminality of our officials in promoting sharia law, in total violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights - is promptly arrested - as head of the NSW Police, Scipione proudly advised us last week - after someone expressed a negative view on muslims, following the Islamic terrorist attack

Australians now are fully justified in living in a state of total fear - in what has become a Sharia Enforcement Police State of tyranny

From the PM to ASIO AFP and the Catholic Church, Aussies have been warned that they are the enemy, and that sharia law must be obeyed, and muslims respected - or else

No further correspondence will be entered into

So now Aussies not only have to fear the terrorism that is sharia law (Islam) we now have all our government, law enforcement and christian Churches backing sharia law, and demanding complete and total submission to it as well!  - or else! Meanwhile Abbott, Bishop, Morrison, Brandis and co welcome back Islamic State terrorists - with open arms, full welfare entitlements and free legal aid and any other assistance they might like (including promises of freedom from prosecution) - and in QLD the cops declare everyone is now in danger - and a police tyranny state is now required!!WTF is this??!!!

Abbott's Christmas - where Aussies are filled with fear and terror from Government and Church threats - and the in your face decapitation threats from the Islamic aggressors - who are backed by government (as loving kind charity workers)

Meanwhile our democracy and freedoms, evaporate faster than rain in the sahara in this new Saudi Australia - currently led by Ayatollah Abbott.

For what it's worth in this day and age - Merry Christmas to all those a value being an Aussie and our way of life - which is being assaulted from every direction.