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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Abbott self destructs to protect Joe 'Blowhard' Hockey. Turnbull quick to replace Abbott as PM

This blog has been highly critical of both Abbott and Turnbull, and scathing of Hockey.

Abbott has been warned by his own Party since the first Hockey Budget debacle to get rid of Blowhard, but he has refused. The question is why?

When the majority of his own party room were complaining about the incompetent known as the Treasurer, Abbott refused to budge.

Turnbull and Bishop couldn't believe they were being given the oportunity

When Abbot was eventually told he didn't have the numbers, then he was prepared to sack Hockey and replace him with Morrison

But too late

Morrison had already agreed to be Turnbull's treasurer, because Abbott said Hockey was going nowhere (oh how true)

Abbott has had countless warnings about this single issue..and refused to do anything constructive

We will probably never know why Abbott went iunto self destrct mode, but presumably it was because he simply couldn't handle the pressure - which he added to by breaking most of his election promises: like increasing income tax, increasing the Medicare levy , increasing refugee numbers, increasing immigration numbers, increasing funding to climate change fraud etc

Most of Abbott's very own voter base were made to feel unimportant and irrelevant to the bizarre agenda Abbott decided to run. Problems like young Aussie couples being unable to afford a home to live in, due to floods of foreign cash and floods of foreigners, were of no concern to Abbott (or Hockey, who simply noted that houses were still being bought and sold, so what's the problem! huh?)

So now Australia has swung to the left, with the even worse Turnbull and the completely untrustworthy deputy Julie Bishop.

Hard to see why voters would vote for the new team, at the next election.Now we have two parties being led by chardonnay socialists. Turnbull has been leader before, and ended in abject failure (as he joined Rudd to screw us all over with a Carbon tax , for the carpetbaggers to clean up).

Bottom line, is things aren't looking good for Australia.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Abbott and Brandis Libs set to make Islamic State Terrorists millionaires with welcome back to Australia

Quick comment.

Abbott has been quoted in today's Daily Telegraph that an muslims who have fought with Islamic State will be arrested upon their return.

But of course Abbott has already allowed hundreds of such persons to return to Australia, untouched and on government welfare

Abbott has used the excuse that legislation wasn't passed  in time

Now the legislation has passed, it is evident that the Government is required to prove that an individual has in fact been murdering innocents as an Islamic terrorist.

But of course there is no proof - I mean whose been taking notes? No-one.

BUT the Islamic State operatives in Australia have discovered if they SAY they have been 'radicalised' and HAVE been fighting for Islamic State, that Abbott Libs (Bishop, Brandis Abbott) etc, will actually hand over hundreds of millions of dollars for 'deradicalisation therapy' (like aroma therapy maybe) to..STOP it!

Which all gets a bit confusing, because in order to be 'deradicalised' someone has to prove they were 'radicalised' (code for doing criminal acts like murder). Just following sharia law in Australia is a criminal act by the way - but never enforced

But if the Muslims prove they were killing people then they qualify for 'Go straight to jail' - unless its the Abbott Libs, which instead translate this as being, 'Go Straight to being a multimillionaire'.

Since the mysterious anti-terrorist legislation has now been passed, all Islamic State terrorists qualify to be assessed as criminals - except for the little fact of NO PROOF!

Abbott has steadfastly refused to cancel Australian passports of Muslims who hold dual citizenship if they go and fight for Islamic State, claiming they have a right to keep their Aussie citizenship, because, because..WhoTF knows?.

The bottom line is, the Aussie public are being spun a complete line of BS re the Australian Governments claims of fighting Islamic State

The bottom line is this, if a Muslim claims to have fought with Islamic State they qualify for million of dollars in handouts from the Abbott liberals - for 'deradicalisation'

If they don't admit to anything, they don't get the cash.

In other words the Abbott Libs have brilliantly come up with a way of funding Islamic State in Australia while pretending to the masses that they are fighting it!

And this comes on top of Abbott and Joyce's open endorsement of the Death Cults halal extortion tax currently being paid by all Australians to the Muslim Mafioso criminal franchise to fund islamic terrorism around the world and implement sharia law in Australia

Australians are being completely conned by a criminal Government and nobody is saying anything to point out the King has no clothes, while sharia law tightens its deadly leash around our collective necks.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Joe Hockey 2015 Budget Disaster and Dirty Little Secrets: $100B per year Immigration and Population growth cost

While Abbott hugs a no cigar for you, Joe Hockey, who having not yet passed last years Budget debacle, is now building in the non-passed legislation into this years Budget disaster, where family benefits and pensions are slashed while the Budget deficit mysteriously explodes, Hockey, Abbott (and indeed the ALP) are all refusing to mention the dirty little secret  that the budget never identifies- the $100 billion per year cost of population growth via third world mass immigration

This $100 billion budget sinkhole has been operating for over 10 years, kicked off by Howard, and covers immigration department expenditure, refugees, border control, health benefits for all new migrants, further migraton assistance, funding for more illegal (sharia law) islamic mosques, funding for an endless range of third world cults protected as 'religions' and the drain on resources from the millions of students, tourists and temporary workers (from 457 visa holders to 417  working holiday visa holders).

Every facet of the economy is drained by the demand on resources this population explosion causes.

Hockey and the Abbott Liberals, as well as the ALP, refuse to slow down the official immigration intake, despite it taking Australia into the third world (when Keating left office the intake was a substantial 70000 migrants per year, now it is 500% more than that, and Hockey says he has no money, so Aussie pensioners and Aussie families must be financially destroyed to pay for this third world importation).

It is reprehensibly criminal - and that's before we get into Hockey and Abbott;'s continuing protection of the Rothschild run, Reserve Bank of Australia, ripping us all off on a daily basis, by owning OUR money supply ( and so our 'debt') - paying tax free dividends to the foreign bankster cabal.

Matt Wade from Fairfax analyses this utter 'Budget' debacle and the lying thieving policies of Hockey, the Abbott Liberals and the duplicity of the Aussie workers Party , the ALP, in relation to the population  growth scourge destroying Australia and our society. Lets be clear, Australia does not need ANY further immigration intake nor is it obligated to take anybody claiming to be a 'refugee' who simply wants more money (preferably free from Hockey and co)

See here

It's one budget pressure that rarely gets a mention: population growth.
Joe Hockey didn't touch on it during in his first budget speech last May and probably won't mention it during his next installment on Tuesday. ​ And yet population growth has a major bearing on the capacity of federal and state governments to maintain and improve services and infrastructure. Australia has been adding more than 350,000 people each year recently – about equivalent to the population of Canberra. Since the Sydney Olympics 15 years ago the number of Australians has grown by about 25 per cent - more than the entire population of Sydney in 2000. The upshot? If government spending on things such as health, education and infrastructure doesn't keep up with population growth, it equates to a cut in services and more congestion.
That simple truth is usually ignored during Australia's annual budget season, and during election campaigns, when politicians like to remind us about "record" amounts they are spending on things important to us. In last year's budget speech Hockey announced an infrastructure package that would lift total investment to $50 billion by the end of the decade. That's "the largest on record" he claimed and equivalent to "eight Snowy Mountains schemes". During this year's NSW election campaign the Premier Mike Baird promised all sorts of records. In a single press release about 10 days before the poll he pledged to increase the state's clinical workforce to "record levels", to carry out a "record number" of hospital redevelopments and to fund "a record number" of emergency department attendances and elective surgeries. A few weeks earlier he announced a "record investment" of $5 billion to build and upgrade NSW hospitals over the next four years.
But claims like that can be very misleading. They create the impression that capacity will improve. But when population growth is strong, the extra spending might only be enough to maintain the status quo, or even slowing the rate of decline in overall capacity per person. When we're adding hundreds of thousands to the population each year, spending should always be hitting records. Otherwise the quality of those services is likely to deteriorate.The same goes for infrastructure. Extra spending on roads and public transport does not guarantee less congestion and higher productivity. That only happens with there's more infrastructure per person.
That's why budgets should publish figures on spending per person in major portfolios.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Abbott Liberals steer Australia towards Marxist Totalitarianism, with support for sharia law (halal) and now a tax on savings!

The Abbott Liberals have in the short 20 odd months they have been in power, managed to endorse the illegal sharia law, and supported the illegal muslim mafia Halal extortion tax on just about every element of the economy (not just food). Abbott has responded to complaint's about the standover tactics of the Sharia mafia by saying Australians are fine with halal.!! What the?

Now to top of their inability to pass last years budget (due to trying to force through outrageous ideological agendas for which they had no mandate), Abbott and Hockey are now set to introduce a tax on savings - straight our of the marxist/lenin book of totalitarianism
See here

the new age of Economic Totalitarianism is upon us all. Australia will be the first to introduce a compulsory tax on savings. This is the ultimate Marxist state for now anyone with spare cash is the enemy of the Conservative Tony Abbott government

The new compulsory control is already provided for in the 2015 Australian budget. So that everyone who has any savings must pay taxes on on their savings. The measure is expected to serve as a global test balloon for Europe and North America will watch the outcome in Australia. If there will be no massive resistance of Australian savers, the rest of the world should expect this outright confiscation very rapidly.
Tony Abbot has proven to be a real Marxist. He is taking the Australian people into the economic abyss from which only war and bloodshed can emerge. This is really Atlas Shrugged in high gear. The Abbot Government will introduce its draft budget for 2015 tax on savings and it will to announce this measure before the formal decision on the budget.

It's bad enough they these clowns are spending $100 billion per year on their genocidal mass third world migration program (with no mandate as usual) and have an open door for foreigners to simply buy Australians out of house and home ,lock stock and barrel - and now you can't even keep your own after-tax savings!

Not surprising given the Abbott Liberals background, but to see it happening, in the name of being Conservative, is truly shocking

Now the Abbott Libs are continuing to fund aboriginal apartheid and want to destroy the Australian Constitution, and calling it 'reconciliation': targeting Aussie pensioners (who have paid taxes all their lives into a pension fund (which the Abbott Libs simply pilfer), while increasing benefits to illegals and refugees: and continuing to destroy the superannuation system, to force people to work till they drop dead. And with an endless array of new visas for foreigners to come to Australia, as low paid nannies, or high  paid corporate crooks seeking to launder ill gotten gains, to illiterate students gaining residency in order to keep up Australian uni quotas (forcing a massive decline in standards), the Abbott Liberals appear to be representing everyone but Australians and Australia.. Alternatives? Who knows.

And then there is Abbott's enforced vaccination Schedule..now around 50 odd to newborns..including Hep B..and it's killing 'em...giving them autism and making Big Pharma billions.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Abbott and Lost Australian Gold courtesy of the illegal RBA

Australia apparently recently requested an audit of its Gold Reserves - oddly enough stored in London

The privately owned and illegal RBA generously sold off most of Australia's gold reserves in the '90's see here

On the 27th of November 1996 the RBA issued a confidential paper to the Government outlining its position for selling Australia’s gold reserves (conditional on the proceeds staying on the RBA balance sheet) to invest in various international currencies that were performing better than gold. It stated “All this suggests that it would be optimistic to expect sizable increases in the price of gold in the near term. As such, there is likely to continue to be a significant opportunity cost in holding gold.”

On the 3rd of July 1997 the RBA announced it had reduced Australia’s gold reserves from 247 tonnes to 80 tonnes (it sold 167 tonnes or 67% of Australia's gold reserves). The RBA gold holding has remained constant at 80 tonnes to this day (source - page 30 RBA 2013 Annual Report).

Gee thanks RBA

To this day the RBA has refused to replace the gold it stupidly (and illegally) sold off, and Abbott as PM has refused to demand Australia's gold be returned from London - and importantly NOT be given to the illegal and privately owned RBA (which Abbott gave $8 billion to as soon as he won the election)

In 1997 when the RBA sold the majority of Australia’s gold reserves it stated… “The principal reason for this conclusion was that a country in Australia's position, with large gold reserves in the ground and high annual production, derives negligible diversification benefits from holding a significant proportion of its international reserves in the form of gold.” (RBA press release 3rd July 1997).

Since 1997, this has been the reason for not increasing Australia’s gold reserves…that basically it could dig it up if it needed it. Although Australia is currently the world's second largest gold producer (~250t in 2012) this production is set to reduce dramatically over the medium term as Australia's gold production profile has changed dramatically.

The result of the RBA audit, were not released, not surprisingly because apparently the London Gold Exchange doesn't have any physical  gold anymore either see here

Given that the RBA has followed the lead of other countries to release reserve location details, perform audits and release (some) bar list details, it will be interesting to see whether they go further and follow the lead of the many countries now deciding to repatriate some or all of their Gold reserves...

And here

Clearly, the GLD is still being used to provide much-needed supply for Asian demand. However, as Ken Hoffman said, "there is no gold left (for Western demand)". Thus, even with prices rallying in 2014, no new gold has found its way into the GLD "inventory".
I've often said that it is unwise to ever give date and price in the same sentence. Therefore, I only do it when I feel extraordinarily confident that I am seeing things clearly. I'm willing to do so now, however, but it's a little different this time. Rather than price, it's a general market condition.
I now believe that we are truly witnessing the end of the era. We've all been waiting for the day when the fractional reserve bullion banking system would fail. I believe now that that day is very close. Maybe not next week or even next month but NOT 2017, either. Sometime very soon, likely before the end of 2014.


The Dec14 Comex gold contract expires on Wednesday and it trades First Notice on Friday. As of last Friday, there were still 149,255 contracts open of a total OI of 468,748. That's 31.84%. Last year, with the same amount of time remaining before expiration, the Dec13 OI was 104,270 versus a total of 402,194. That's 25.92%. Last December, 10,157 stood on First Notice Day. (In the end, however, just 6,493 deliveries were made as 3,664 contracts were simply sold for cash.) Given the current OI numbers listed above there's every reason to think that 12,000-13,000 will stand this week, at a minimum. If all of these holders demand delivery and don't simply close via trading over the course of the month, that's 1,300,000 ounces of gold. Look closely again at the Gold Stocks numbers above. The total Comex registered Vault is just 869,309 ounces.
Look, I'm NOT trying to say that Comex default is imminent. I'd be stunned and flabbergasted if it happened. However:
  • I have no doubt that readily-deliverable, physical gold is in short supply in both London and New York
  • The Comex, The Bullion Banks and CME actively attempt to deceive market participants by inflating or simply fabricating their vault and delivery numbers

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Joe "Search & Destroy' Hockey explodes Australian economy with promise of increased taxation across the board. Hockey Searching to Destroy

Joe 'Ho' Hockey has made it abundantly clear, that he is an economic illiterate - despite having an Economics Degree from Sydney University. That, or he is just a sock puppet.

Hockey has just released a 66 point report into the Australia tax system - surprising, because this report appeared out of nowhere, and 66 is a number that comes after 6, for someone like Hockey who cant count to 10.

While Hockey and Abbott have still yet to pass their first Budget, trying to Shanghai Aussies with a whole host of unelected agenda (a la Workchoices), and then attacking the Senate for not passing rules that the Libs have no mandate for, Hockey has been paying some of his mates in the bankster industry (probably his wife) to dream up some new taxation regime which puts Communism to shame

The Hockey Report can be summed up as Hockey and the Libs saying that Australians have no right to earn money, or to have private ownership or wealth. Abbott has previously declared that Aussies have no right to live in Australia!!(they have to pay for it!!)(BTW - The Abbott Libs have also just released yet another report, this time about the incredible benefits of removing all and any barriers to any foreign products whatsoever, and wiping out all and any Aussie industry that may still be left (or just giving it away to foreigners to run - like iron ore to the Chinese, Dairy to the Koreans, etc). According to the report the economic benefits will be amazing. Abut amazing as how truly traitorous our political class is, and how corrupted the MSM is with their slavish, relentless propaganda - and that includes the ABC)

Needless to say the ABC ran dead on the Story, while the Commercial MSM, thought Hockey's report was great, declaring that Australia's tax / financial system hadn't changed since the 1950!! (gee that make is really old and cruddy - presumably like the Bible or even the wheel - wonder if muslim lover Hockey plans on getting rid of both them as well). Note  - ZERO analysis from anyone - just glowing endorsements of idiocy across the board: the usual suspects McCrann, Westacott,CH9 etc. I mean who remembers financial deregulation, the GST, income tax to the Feds, the illegal RBA appearance under Menzies Libs etc - Nah never happened!!)

Hockey essentially wants - higher incomes tax, higher superannuation taxes, higher taxes on saving, tax on property, GST on everything, - etc - why? because he has no money!! (Presumably the illegal, and privately owned RBA stole it all on top of the $8 billion Hockey and Abbott gave it as soon as they were elected) Oh and then there is the little problem of the illegal ATO.....

Oh, that's right, Hockey needs at least $100 billion per year to fund the mass immigration program being pursued on a bipartisan bass by the Australian Government to effect a genocide on Aussies through mass third world immigration - which no-one wants and no-one voted for  (as usual). This has Pol Pot overtones to it. According to the mainstream media, this mass genocide of Aussies and Aussie culture is a wonderful thing, because it means, no Aussie culture, replaced by multiculture (white genocide), no-one can move in traffic, and no-one can afford to buy property, and no-one speaks English)

Hockey is currently suing Fairfax for claiming he is dishonest. No that is not an April Fools Joke

Hockey came from the Middle East - with his parents because their ancestors had destroyed the place. Now Hockey is doing the same to Australia. Abbott was born in the UK, and has made it clear Aussies are convict scum in his eyes.

Here is what multi, multi millionaire Hockey wants  to do to Australia's standard of living and wealth

Here is Joe 'Blowhard ' Hockey's theme songs to Aussies (apologies to Iggy & the Stooges)

Abbott declares Australians happy to be enlsaved under Sharia Law and Halal Extortion

In an incredible new low for Liberal PM Tony Abbott, he has now openly declared that Aussies (the people who voted for him) are more than comfortable with being slaves of the muslim mafia and funding them with halal extortion

See here

Tony Abbott is comfortable Australian companies are paying Islamic groups for halal certification, putting him at odds with two government MPs who want to curb the practice.
The prime minister believes Australians want to see certified agricultural businesses thrive by being able to export produce to Muslim countries.

The lying and deceit and simply outright criminality by Abbott and the Liberals beggars belief. The argument that  Halal extortion allows Australia to trade with islamic countries, is an absolute lie as anyone who knows anything about halal food and exports to muslim countries would  know

So the issue is, why is Abbott backing an extortion racket run by the muslim mafia against the official 98% non-muslims population (probably more like 90% with recent Australian Government sponsorship of a muslim army of invaders)?

Why is Abbott who openly boasts about removing Australian Government taxes like the Carbon tax, the Mining Tax etc, now, with Hockey and Barnaby 'Barnyard' Joyce endorsement support, openly demanding and endorsing Aussies pay an even more expensive and illegal halal food (and everything else) tax to the  criminal muslim mafia to hijack our country and to fund islamic terrorism throughout Australia and worldwide!!

Why is Abbott forcing ALL our trading partners to pay the illegal halal extortion tax and forcing them to fund the islamic worldwide terrorist network which Abbott has made Australia an integral part of?

Halal certification taxation is illegal in Australia (and it would appear all muslim countries) Abbott approves it. Halal extortion in Australia is approved by Abbott on the basis that it is part of sharia law (it isn't). Aside from that Sharia law is illegal in Australia, But Abbott approves of that as well. Abbott is a Catholic and his Pope Francis has stated that all Catholics are now muslims because they worship the same 'God' - what ? the muslim mafia!!??WTF?

Then Abbott turns around and says Islamic State is not 'islamic' : and to call it islamic is an insult to Islam (the criminal muslim mafias franchise of organised crime)?!! Again WTF?

The Australian Government run by the Abbott Liberals are now drowning in a sea of outright corruption, criminality and ineptitude.

According to Abbott and co, Aussies are the real terrorists in Australia for wanting to live under Australian law, enjoy Aussie culture and the freedoms and liberties we cherish.

Lucky for us Abbott has promised to keep us all safe from the (Islamic - ahem) terrorism that the Liberals and the ALP are openly embracing and funding, with Christian Church backing. How? By implementing a Police Sate!! Phew, it really is good to know that Abbott and Shorten will keep us all safe by monitoring and storing all our phone calls, our bank accounts, our emails, our internet usage and every other move we make, via the un-elected stasi spy grid of ASIO, the AFP and ASIS and the ACC - all of whom are committed to sharia law!!! (just ask 'em) ;because if all uon-muslims weren't now being monitored 24/7 in free and democratic Australia who knows how dangerous the islamic terrorism threat could be??!! O-M-G. Thank you linesmen and thank you ball boys. Oh and Abbott has banned any monitoring of islamic gangclub houses: aka mosques. Yep , sounds fair and reasonable. And did I mention that Abbott is the process of placing our entire military under the guidance of an Abbott Ayatollah!! Double WTF!

Meanwhile Joe  'I like blowing Cubans' Hockey wants to destroy the Australian tax system and Australia with it, with taxation on everything and anything that moves, along with the illegal islamic mafia Halal Extortion tax which he also supports.Oh and as to the the taxfree regimes being implemented for mulitnational/transnational corporations and banks via fraudulent Free Trade Agreements (remember Chinese pooberries we all used to love) and the TPP (which no-one is even allowed to talk about in our transparent and fair democratic system) - well what about 'em - TOO hard says Joe Blowhard once the G20 finished!

These Liberals are on the way out - and this country is sinking ever faster