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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Abbott explodes with anger over accusations that Badgery's Creek Airport proposal has been tainted by corruption

In an astonishing news conference today, following the resignation of yet another former John Howard Chief of Staff, Barry 'O'Farrell, following Arthur Sinodinos's resignation as a result of the corruption commission ICAC, PM Tony Abbott exploded with rage at a reporter asking whether the Badgery's Creek Airport proposal involved a corrupt government

Why would Abbott be sensitive about that?

After all two former staffers in former PM John Howard's office, have been exposed as being linked to corrupt activities

Barry O'Farrell himself has declared that lying to the ICAC is an offence - yet he apparently couldn't remember the truth - until his own handwritten note showed he had in fact recieved and apparently enjoyed a bottle of 1959 Grange, so much in fact, that he couldn't even remember it (and neither could his wife)- no wonder it cost $3000!!!

While the O'Farrell Libs set this inquiry up to expose the undoubted corruption in the ALP - they have ended up blowing the lid on their own nefarious activities - such as slush funds for the Liberal Party funded by Water Board rate payers of NSW!!

The core of the problem has been the Liberals (and indeed the ALP's ) desire to pursue the highly corrupt and corrupting PPP's (Public Private Partnerships) where private interests get the gravy of government backed extortion rackets of some sort of other

There is reason to believe that Medicare is a source of some of this gravy

A Royal Commission needs to be had, where all PPP's are examined for kickbacks and corruption - and they should be banned outright

As for Badgery's Creek - it should be dead in the Water (or should that be the Grange) - since any initiatives in this regard have all been aroudn PPP's - and they are now , or should be a no-go zone

Guess we'll see

But there is a whole lot more fall out yet from this current ICAC investigation (including contracts actually awarded to AWH)

Oh and Abbott has previously declared to Parliament he had never met Di Girolamo

Now , today, he says' he cant recall doing so?

If he has, will he have misled parliament?

Is there anything else?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The UK Conservative Abbott and the Liberals hate (along with Shorten and the ALP) - condemns third world colonisation

With the Australian Government having bi-partisan support to pursue the Aussie genocide through mass third world immigration to colonise Australia (with foreign racists) - without ANY democratic mandate whatsoever - ta true UK Conservative has some points to make

Not that the 'free' mainstream media is any more interested in democracy than our politicians

Paul Weston explains the political fraud in the UK, which applies equally in Australia (where there is bipartisan support for racist Arab Nazis and their sharia law - and peer group criminality in the unanimous support of the sharia mafia mobster extortion racket of halal food)

And that's before we get into child rape, islamic pedofile rings, guns, drugs, etc etc -

Paul Weston's video is here

Weston explains how immigration destroys our economy - while Abbott and Hockey (and the ALP) increase it (immigration)  - and blame Aussie pensioners for staying alive..too long!!!!

That's offensive

And here's another on the same theme(this guy mentions zionists - but that typically refers to people who want an historical Jewish homeland (ie Israel - which clearly isn't an issue)) - But the zionist tag gets thrown around a lot in conspiracy  theories - where all sorts of conspirators are identified - and there may or may not be Jews involved - anymore than there may Christians or Buddhists or communists involved. It's unfortunate that the Jewish bogeyman is raised too undermine the message of what is happening OUR governments are to blame - they are supposed to be accountable to us in a democracy - and clearly they are not The New World Order conspiracy theory appears plausible , but that seems to be run by neo-cons, some of whom may be ethnic Jews, bat plenty who aren't The key to our freedoms is national sovereignty, no immigration and accountable democracy. - and no globalisation. None of which exist in the UK or Australia Just look at the way the 'free and democratic' West has hijacked Ukraine - it is incredible - and then blamed Russia!

Did Abbott sign off on any PPP's while Health Minister in the Howard Liberal Government? Has anyone else? Abbott explodes at Press Conference over corruption claims

Given that PPP's (Public Private Partnerships) have been exposed at the ICAC as being fraught with potential conflicts of interest and corruption, how many other Ministers either at a State or Federal level, have signed off on sweetheart PPP's - and how transparent was the process?

When Abbott was Health Minister in the Howard Government, were there any PPP's signed off by him in relation to Medicare funded facilities?

Are there any others?

There needs to be a Royal Commission into Governments entering into Public Private Partnerships of any sort - especially in the name of bogus competition (when they are the exact opposite)

Apparently one journo has now put it to Abbott that Badgery's Creek is now dead - because of corruption!

The Prime Minister said Mr O’Farrell had been “a great servant” of the Liberal Party and the people of NSW, but became agitated when a reporter asked if a state government that was “proving to be corrupt” could deliver infrastructure. 
Mr Abbott described the question as an "entirely unjustified smear" and asked the reporter for evidence for her assertion. 
"I think you should withdraw that and apologise because there is no evidence whatsoever for that," he said.
The reporter reworded their question, but Mr Abbott was visibly upset by the original question,

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/tony-abbott-defends-barry-ofarrell-as-a-man-of-honour-20140416-zqveh.html#ixzz2z184PZxs

Now the ICAC will examine the $100 million AWH deal O'Farrell approved

See here Abbott loses the plot, challenges reporter over corruption claims with Badgery's Creek, demands an explanation, then says he doesn't want an argument (no he just wants you to listen up,do as you are told and STFU - while he goes about destroying Aussie sovereignty with FTA's and commits Aussie genocide with mass third world colonisation -without any democratic mandate)

Then there is the corruption in the immigration industry - and it IS an industry

O'Farrell Gone: Bye Bye Barry (Home on the Grange) - and Abbott's Buggery of Badgery's Creek with an Airport - Liberals Self destruct

The fact is that the O'Farrell Government signed a multi-million dollar contract with Sinodinos's and Obeids AWH - just when the NSW Water Board was set to send them bankrupt in court over misdeeds

O'Farrell now claims a $3000 bottle of Grange from his mate at AWH, was never received, prior to the contract being awarded (this is a separate contract to the one which was set to reap Liberal Sinodinos tens of millions and ALP's Obeid close to $100 million)

See here

Counsel assisting the commission Geoffrey Watson SC characterised the gift as an attempt to “butter up” the Premier and to “grease the wheels” in order to win favours for AWH…
Mr O’Farrell replied that AWH had never received what it was after — a lucrative public-private partnership — and the matter had been dealt with at arm’s length by the public utility Sydney Water…
But the commission ... found a record of a 28-second phone call from Mr O’Farrell to Mr Di Girolamo on April 20 — the day the wine was bought and possibly delivered…
Maybe the Grange was so good, he can't remember drinking it

Regardless, there's an old saying there's no honour amongst thieves

And then Abbott announced that Sydney will be subject to 24 hours of airport noise - across the ENTIRE Sydney basin - with the Badgery's Creek idea (talk about being Up the Creek - Buggery's Creek)

This is idiocy at its finest

The new airport should be built at Port Kembla, mirroring the Mascot design (it would be just as close to the Sydney CBD)

Sydneysiders would be insane to support an Airport in Sydney's West which will destroy the ambience of EVERY suburb - 24/7 - and the Blue Mountains!

Only the Abbott Liberals would think that was a good idea (and the Daily Telegraph)

And apparently according to Abbott, there will be lots of jobs ...by...2060!!

Why not...oh, say 30002


And yet again upcoming elections will be lost rather than won on any merit by the Opposition

All the ALP has to do is sit quiet - and they'll win - as long as they don't support the airport, and Obeid and co

Monday, 14 April 2014

Abbott Government funded Islamic Hate Centre targeted in Canberra - by concerned Australians

In a bizarre ABC story (see here) a sharia law activist centre in Canberra, which received Abbott Australian Government l Funding (charity, building  expenses etc) has been vandalised

The spokeswomen for the centre declared it a hate crime

Well it may have been, but that might have something to do with the hate crime being spread by the islamic centre itself, as a spruiker for implementation of sharia law - the creed of hate

Even more incredibly, the American Ambassador has declared his support for the sharia law agenda of the islamic centre - just bizarre - despite sharia law being illegal in Australia (and causing huge problems in the USA)

The thing about islam , namlely sharia law, is that it violates EVERY element of the UN Declaration of Human Rights

That's every element!

Now that sounds like 'hate'

beAside from that sharia law activists rampaged through Sydney in 2013 demanding all Aussies  decapitated - for not submitting to their imaginary 'prophet'

Sharai law is racist Arab Nazi supremacism

Its mere presence in Austrlaia is a gross violation of the human rights of Aussie citizens (muslims can never be Aussies because it is not sharia)

Sharia law violates the Crimes Act on multiple fronts

Sharia law violates the Racial Discrimination Act

And yet in the report the ACT Police are disgusted that someone might have an objection to sharia implementation - the bigger question is why don't the law enforcement officers

The Australian Crime Commission operates in Canberra - overseeing this rampant criminality of sharia law - supported unanimously by our politicians (except Bernardi) in a peer group criminality exercise which is utterly scandalous

PM Tony Abbott has declared himself an enemy of the Australian people., the Australian Constitution and Australian Law, by swearing his allegiance to a sharia mafia mobster convention in Sydney, declaring he was the 'sworn enemy' of any one who opposed the sharia law implementation agenda (disguised as a 'religious charity/faith)

Islam, ie sharia law, is not a religion - it is a racist state based tyranny which subjugates all - to Arab ANzis - or their useful idiot proxies

Yet here they are shoving their criminality in our face in OUR Aussie capital, Canberra!!

With Government support - despite it being illegal! WTF is this?

It's hardly surprising that people have pressed the panic button at this overt threat and done something to protect themselves - and make themselves heard (Christian ministers who have pointed out the evil truth of sharia have been prosecuted in Australia - to the cheers and silence of other Christians!!!)

And for Australian Authorities to be protecting and promoting the criminal tyranny of sharia law, including the government protected extortion racket of halal certification on our food industry beggars belief - and a Royal Commission

Remember these sharia law activists support honour killings, slicing off the genitals of young girls in FMG, polygamy, pedofilia, child brides,  - oh and the little issue of death to anyone they feel like (more muslims are killed by other muslims every year than anyone else)

Time for Australia to wake up - and time for our Government to stop promoting Arab Nazis.

Our Australian Government enforces strict sharia compliance across all departments, and provides time off to celebrate Arab Nazi supremacist days, and this includes the military and security services (ALL illegal)

It is a mindboggling hijacking of our country by sharia Nazis

See here 

Alison Langdon & 60 Minutes - Greek Tragedy clueless propaganda.

Alsion Langdon, she of the Volcano stunts recently attempted a political story on the Greek Nation

According to Alison the story of Greek Democracy is actually a Greek Tragedy

And why?

Well apparently Hitler has risen from the dead and the Nazi's are alive and well - masquerading as the Golden Dawn (zombies presumably)

But wait, it turns out that Golden Dawn has in fact taken part in Greek Democracy, and has actually been voted into Parliament holding a number of seats - as the THIRD largest party in Parliament

This according to Langdon is Greek Democracy becoming a Greek tragedy - because it works apparently

But wait, no apparently the Golden Dawn is actually a Greek Nationalist Party, which wants a Greece for Greeks - shock horror - because apparently there are no other nations on earth which represent any ethnicity

And worse apparently this idea of having an homogenous ethnic nation (the only basis for nations ever evolving eg Japan, China, Russia, Uganda wherever), where everyone supports the home team (unlike multicultural and balkanised hate-ridden Australian society) - well according to 60 minutes is just plain evil

Because apparently , again according to 60 minutes that was what Hitler did

Mmm, interesting

But wait it gets worse

Apparently the Golden Dawn want to limit the Greek Population to 10 million (actual Greeks) and the removal of non-Greeks, you know immigrants - but wait specifically ....yes you guessed it...muslims!!

This had Langdon swallowing vigorously in rage to think that the Greeks in Greece , a traditionally Christian country (where islam was specifically banned because of the amount of trouble its presence had historically caused and little things like Smyrna), might object to being subjected to sharia law - and the racist Arab Nazis (or their useful idiot proxies - like other wannabe 'muslims' (only Arabs can be real muslims - just ask 'em) and people like Langdon and co who live their lives to promote Arab racist supremacy)

Again very interesting

Here are Greeks in their OWN country (thousands of years of history), objecting to actual real racist Nazi's (Arab Nazis) or their jihadist followers, invading their country ...ILLEGALLY...again!!!

I mean what could be wrong with that, questions bimbo 'its a free world' Langdon - I mean Pope Francis the Fraud has ordered all  Eurpean countries to dissolve their borders and embrace a tidal wave of islamic colonisation - and Catholics have cheered !! Catholicsm has volunteered itself to be an islamist terrorist front, to implement sharia (THE 'religion of Peace' according to the Pope - despite islam not even being a religion!!)

But wait there's more

A whole lot more in fact

Not that Langdon explored it

The real fascists in this story are the EU puppet masters operating out of Brussels and the international bankers who have simply stolen Greek wealth, under the guise of an austerity program, implemented by the fascist EU and the totalitarian IMF - with the islamist Saudis now buying up the Greeks beloved Greek Islands!!

Even more incredible is that the Euro, being shoved down Greeks throats, is worth less than the Euro the Germans use - and apparently they are not allowed to bring back the Drachma - even though it would immediately remedy the situation

So while the Greeks get royally screwed by Goldman Sachs and the Western banking cabal in breathtaking corruption (like they are planning to do to the Ukrainians - note that the tyrannical West has threatened to attack and kill all and ANY Russians in the Ukraine if they want to go back to Russia - that's smells like 'Freedom and democracy ' to me), and the Greeks simply have their democracy stolen by the EU, through its appointed leaders!!Democracy?...Phooey!, 60 Minutes is shedding tears for the illegal muslim immigrants the EU permits to invade Europe, being told to go back to wherever they came from (the typical islamic hellhole they created - except Saudi Arabia apparently  - they just don't do dirty infidel muslims), and take their Nazi racism with them, and horror of horrors Greece actually just consisting of...well Greeks actually

Clearly Langdon and 60 minutes are on a Hate Greece campaign, and yet another useful idiot promotion for the Racist Arab Nazis of islam, and their sharia law supremacist tyranny (which is government protected in Australia despite being illegal - and is allowed to launder money as a charity and run billion dollar Halal extortion rackets on Aussies through their hijacking of meat and food supplies. All AOK according to our police, government and law officials!!! Gotta love that Aussie democracy and nationalism

Needless to say, only a dumbass Australian Audience or some other clueless group would be deemed stupid enough to swallow this racist baiting and total ignorance and stupidity peddled by Langdon and Channel 9

But it reveals the pathetic level of political awareness  about....well anything apparently in Australia today

While Langdon is accusing Greek Nationalists of being Neo-Nazis and condemning them, our own Australian Government is actively supporting REAL Neo-Nazis and their armed coup in Kiev, which will result in the breakup of Ukraine - on ethnic lines - and possibly a war with Russia as it defends itself from Western tyrants who want to destroy it - including the Vatican!

Needless to say our Australian Government has also declared war on Russia for protecting its own people!!! - with our military consisting of a blind man and his three legged dog, up against the worlds wealthiest nation and nuclear superpower...yep only in Australia (where we actively recruit Arab nazi racists for military promotion, and threaten prosecution against anyone who wishes to defend themselves against the Arab Nazi tyranny! Sharia law (islam) is in violation of the Crimes Act on multiple fronts, and also violates the Racial Discrimination Act - and is in total contravention of the UN Declaration of Human Rights!! The mere presence of ANY sharia law activities in Australia is a gross violation of the human rights of all Aussies ( a muslim can never be an Aussie because it is not sharia). But do you think any of our politicians care? - Only one - Bernardi, and he was tarred and feathered - by his own Liberal Party - and demoted by Abbott!! The Shorten ALP is now ruled by the Chief Arab Nazi Mufti in Australia - with any Pro - israelis, like Howes , now sent to purgatory!!

In relation to Hitler, well lets just say the official version left a lot of unanswered questions - like why did Britain and Churchill want the Germans to bomb them?

Why did the West support the Stalin Purges of the Ukraine costing millions of lives?

Why did the West bankrupt Germany after WW1 demanding they pay the cost of the War - which led to the impoverishment of Germans - and the Rise of the Nationalist Hitler (even though Germany had nothing to do with starting the war - and in fact much German land was stolen!!)

Don't ask Langdon or 60 minutes or Ch 9 since they are having enough difficulty blowing bubbles..of BS

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pope Francis declares he is possessed by Satan - warns entire world, Devil is here

In an admission which probably doesn't shock close observers of the Vatican and Pope Francis the Fraud and Fascist, Pope Francis has outed himself as in fact being possessed by Satan

I mean like we didn't already know!

After all the Pope in recent times has acknowledged that the Catholic Church:
- is in fact a pedofile group
- has backed the neo-nazi coup in Ukraine
- it  has backed the al qaeda islamic jihadists slaughtering Christan's in Syria
- it has condemned jews, and joined the islamic hate fest re Jerusalem (despite Historically doing the opposite)
- the Pope has demanded Europe open its borders to even more murderous islamic jihadists and submit to sharia law of Arab nazis (or their proxies)
- has declared sharia law (the creed of Arab Nazis) to be the 'Religion of Peace' - despite countless examples of this ideology not being peaceful and even Muslims not claiming it is a 'religion'
- The Pope has cheered as Catholic clergy and even his fellow Jesuits have been slaughtered by islamic jihadists
has continued to attack Russia - despite Russia now being home to world Christianity and actually democratic - unlike the Fascist tyranny of the West

And on and on it goes

Satan is here alright - Pope Francis looks at him every morning - in the mirror

Here is the story

The devil is here… even in the 21st century!” Francis said.
Beware the devil!

The Devil is here, even in the 21st century' Pope delivers chilling warning to Christians that they must avoid the temptation of Satan...including gossiping about others

  • Pope Francis admits that even he has been tempted to gossip daily

I bet he has - he is the Devil Incarnate - pretty tricky to be warning others ...about himself

In March, Francis started putting together a commission of survivors and activists to combat sexual abuse in the church. But the church has yet to punish any bishop for protecting an abusive priest. Some bishops reportedly covered up the attacks by moving priests from parish to parish. The church has yet to discipline bishops for their actions.

This child knows the Devil (despite his mothers delusions)