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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Russia Invades...ah...Ukraine, with dog on a pogo stick...Mars could be next declares Western media. Reagan advisor explains - while barking Mad Dog Abbott declares war on Russia ....again!

According to the mainstream media today, there is universal agreement that following Putin's peace talks with Kiev, Russia has now in fact, the following day apparently, invaded  Ukraine....with a Dog on a pogo stick presumably - or maybe a lost blind man and his dog. What next...a Mars invasion?

Despite no proof of any such thing, the only Russian traffic being some humanitarian aid to ethnic Russian Ukrainian Christians being slaughtered by Western backed governments (includign Australia) operating through Kiev (with Vatican backing) - Putin has not done anything - yet...but this latest episode will probably encourage him to bring an end to the farce that is current day Ukraine (after all this area is historically Russian and saved from the German Nazis in WW2 )

Needless to say our barking Mad Dog PM Abbott has wasted no time again in declaring War on Christian European Russia, and backing the slaughterfest of Christians by Catholic Neo-Nazi's operating out of Kiev. Now the support is bipartisan in Australia with Opposition Leader and self confessed accused rapist Bill Shorten, barking up the wrong tree with Quixote Abbott

Not the remotest hint of inquiry from the Australian mainstream media - one can only assume that all concerned are on somebodies payroll and just stooges for some cabal with a bigger agenda

Former Reagan Advisor Paul Craig Roberts explains the farce see here

The latest Washington lie, this one coming from NATO, is that Russia has invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops and self-propelled artillery.
How do we know that this is a lie? Is it because we have heard nothing but lies about Russia from NATO, from US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, from assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland, from Obama and his entire regime of pathological liars, and from the British, German, and French governments along with the BBC and the entirety of the Western media?
This, of course, is a good reason for knowing that the latest Western propaganda is a lie. Those who are pathological liars don’t suddenly start telling the truth.
But there are even better reasons for understanding that Russia has not invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops.
One reason is that Putin has invested heavily in diplomacy backed by unprovocative behavior. He would not risk his bet on diplomacy by sending in troops too few in number to have a decisive effect on the outcome.
Another reason is that if Putin decides he has no alternative to sending the Russian military to protect the Russian residents in eastern and southern Ukraine, Putin will send in enough troops to do the job quickly as he did in Georgia when the American and Israeli trained Georgian army invaded South Ossetia and was destroyed in a few hours by the Russian response. If you hear that 100,000 Russian troops accompanied by air cover have invaded Ukraine, it would be a more believable claim.

The level of idiocy operating in the West politically and in the media is insane.

Here's another take on this bizarre incident

See here

6. They want you to think that the government in Kiev is legitimate, popular and stable. In fact, there are huge protests going on in Kiev at this very moment. The entire country is beyond bankrupt and is falling apart in real time, not just in the east, but everywhere. The people are beyond angry. The military units retreating from the east are in a foul mood, and may soon decide to turn their weapons against those who ordered them into battle. The people are beyond angry, and it seems probable that another revolution, only half a year since the last one, is in the works.
I hope that you can absorb this basic information and use it to filter out the propaganda that you read in Western newspapers and hear on the nightly news (if they mention Ukraine at all). Don’t automatically assume that if your side is full of it, then the other side is too. You don’t have to settle for lies. 

And another here

Obviously the fleeing Ukrainian troops are leaving a lot of goodies behind.
Then there is this:
The separatists have asserted that they are using captured Ukrainian equipment. But American officials say they are confident that the artillery in the Krasnodon area of Ukraine is Russia’s since Ukrainian forces have not penetrated that deeply into that separatist-controlled region. American officials also say the separatists have no experience in using such weaponry.
That bold part is of course utter bullshit. The Donetsk miners and volunteers from Russia all have had regular military service. They surely will be able to handle Grad systems, little evolved from World War II, and other artillery.
The United States has photographs that show the Russian artillery moved into Ukraine, American officials say. One photo dated last Thursday, shown to a New York Times reporter, shows Russian military units moving self-propelled artillery into Ukraine. Another photo, dated Saturday, shows the artillery in firing positions in Ukraine.
“Shown to one NYT reporter” who likely can not differentiate a Grad system from a pipe organ is hardly any proof. Why doesn’t the U.S. publish the picture?
On the highway in Novoazovsk on Tuesday, Sgt. Ihor Sharapov, a soldier with the Ukrainian border patrol unit, said he had seen tanks drive across the border, although they were marked with flags of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Others suggested the flags were a ruse.
“I tell you they are Russians, but this is what proof I have,” said Sgt. Aleksei Panko, holding up his thumb and index finger to form a zero.
Zero proof – indeed. I have absolutely no doubt that Russian volunteers are fighting on the insurgency side. I have no doubt that some ammunition is coming from Russia. But judging from pictures of equipment and ammunition the insurgents use nearly all of it seems to be the same Soviet era stuff the Ukrainian army is using. I have yet to see and big updated Russian equipment in their hands. The big Russian invasion the Ukrainian government claims is very unlikely to have happened.
This is a quite amazing “information operation” without doubt of U.S. origin.
Consider: The Ukrainian President talks about Russian affiliated insurgents in east-Ukraine and Reuters and others distribute this as “invasion”. After all major news-entities repeated the “invasion” claim and the public damage is done they simply take it back.

Abbott accused of protecting and funding Islamic terrorism - by Larry Pickering

In a to the point article Larry Pickering rips Abbott's and ASIO boss Irvine's credibility to shreds in their duplicitous accommodation of islam - while claiming to fight 'terrorism' (non-specific you understand) - by taking away all OUR liberties!!

See here

He is just one of a procession of Islamic clerics Abbott wants to join his “Team Australia”. Is it naivete or stupidity that would drive a man to ask for Islamic inclusiveness in the fight against terrorism? It would have made more sense to ask Hitler to help with the holocaust.
To suggest the fight against terrorism has naught to do with Islam displays a madness beyond comprehension and a weakness the Islamic terrorist giggles at. Until Abbott accepts that the Islamic State, and every other terrorist organisation hell-bent on destroying the West, is borne of Islam, and only Islam, then Australia can look forward to suffering the atrocities this vile cult is determined to wreak on us.
Mowing weeds only makes them stronger. To prevent them overtaking your garden they need to be rooted out. And the root of Islamic terrorism lies deep in our protected mushrooming mosques housing the imams, mullahs and clerics who remain free to preach our destruction and further radicalise Islam’s youth.

Tony Abbott and ASIO’s David Irvine court the leaders of Islam begging their co-operation to deter radical Islam. WTF? The leaders ARE the radicals you galahs, are you seriously looking to reform them? 

If Abbott wants to combat radical Islam he should look at the internal structure of his own church.
Should he seriously have asked his bishops and priests to help quell the excesses of Christianity? Was it the priests and bishops themselves who opted to combat paedophilia? No, they were brought kicking and screaming before Royal Commissions by the rank and file. It was the foot soldiers who led the charge, the generals were quite happy to continue with their vile practices into the next millennium.
The worst of Islam can be found in the alcoves of protected mosques where groups of youths, instructed by mullahs, can be found each Friday planning the demise of their hosts.

But don't expect Abbott to take any notice - or the Catholic Church for that matter - after all the Vatican not only recently declared that Christianity is dead (as in no revealed truths in a Commission chaired by Benedict) but also demanded that all Catholics submit to this mysterious 'Religion of Peace' - aka sharia law  aka Islam

As for Irvine , well he wants to recruit more islamic jihadis to run ASIO - to..... WhoTF knows?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Abbott turns Australia into Islamic Convict Colony - Hotel California style

You can check out , but you can never leave - appears to be Abbott's message to the Sharia warriors (muslims) he loves so much.

Muslims in Australia have now been openly targeted if they are travelling to a Muslim country - with the Government looking for terrorists (but not muslim ones you understand! - just generic terrorists...

Abbott and ASIO wont actually call them islamic terrorists - because...ah because...WhoTF knows...apparently its discriminatory to call someone a muslim if they are pursuing the social terrorism of Sharia implementation (the solemn duty of every Muslim - to serve the Arab Ummah)

Abbott, the Libs and Irvine's ASIO apparently have problem with degree

Apparently Muslims in Australia should follow the Abbott and ASIO version of the Koran /sharia law - which is where Muslims are the most loving, kind, generous and charitable people on the planet - Irvine even wants to recruit them to run ASIO

John Howard and Phil Ruddock tried this idea as well - appointing themselves As Chief Muftis of Australia and then assembling a sharia law Shadow Government - which had to be disbanded because all the islamic appointees wanted to kill jews, destroy our allies Israel and the US - oh and eventually kill each other. Whoda thought?

Lost in Translation - appears to be the operative phrase here

But if you are a hapless Aussie , maybe a Christian on pilgrimage to Syria to study ancient Christian artifacts - well expect Abbott and Irvine to stick their hands down your pants/up your dress  - looking for non-specific terrorists

And then there are the nuking radiation machines  - to undress us Total Recall style - x-rays galore

Meanwhile despite sharia activities actually being illegal in Australia on multiple fronts, the government, the churches the law enforcement and the intelligence agencies - and even the Jewish lobby - all support its implementation as a 'religious charity' exercise - that is despite the people doing the implementing, Muslims, not regarding islam as a 'religion' - simply the Law - the 'sharia law' in fact.

But apparently no number of overseas atrocities, no number of local threats or muslims in jail for terrorism offences are enough to persuade our so-called leaders that sharia is anything but Heaven on Earth - why would we complain about that??!!!

In the meantime various muslims are demanding their Australian citizenship be cancelled and they be allowed to leave and go back to their ethnic homelands - permanently

Abbott and the Liberals  say, 'No they must stay here and harass Aussies instead'


Again WHoTF knows?
 - after all that was the spirit in which Team Australia was established - a oneway ticket to a Convict Colony and mass (white) enslavement (sorry 'convicts') - Hotel California  - Australian style

Meanwhile the Australian government has a bipartisan agenda to flood the country with more muslim immigrants , including refugees and illegals - most headed for a lifetime on welfare (oh and jihad of course)

Who needs democracy - when no-one has any say on anything?
Electoral mandates don't count

And as these people will discover - coming to Australia is a one way trip - they wont be allowed to leave (if they want to be true to sharia law)

No matter what level you look at it, the way this country is run is totally insane

meanwhile Abbott still wants to have a war with Christian Russia for defending Christians in Syria, Ukraine - and elsewhere

That's when he's not pursuing an agenda to rip off the tax payer with unnecessary allowance claims (when the 'Age of Entitlement ' is over)

Oh the high handed sel pontificating (im)morality! - it's breathtaking

Monday, 25 August 2014

Islam in Australia: A Simple Definition for Abbott, politicians and the Catholic Church


Implementation (of)
Law  (under)
Arab (Nazi)

Hopefully these clueless clowns can understand this - instead of demanding Aussie taxpayers fund the dissolving of our Constitution, and our democracy and all our freedoms and liberties - in order to implement sharia law  - as some sort of exercise in 'religious ' freedom - and fund the mass migration of muslims into this country

It never ceases to amaze how these Pontius Pilate Politicians and other islamist useful idiot apologists respond to islamic terror by calling on Muslims to say something (apparently oblivious to the mafia gangsta rules of this organised criminal activity - protected as a billion dollar tax free charity by the Austalian government! ) - and yet criminalise ANYONE else from saying anything about Islam (on the basis that some Muslim might take offence!

Muslims by definition are already offended by any non-muslim - and of course that means us - but they will happily take all our money and our country - especially when so-called leaders cravenly beg their mercy and forgiveness for any offence they might take to....AUSTRALIAN LAW!!!

Nothing else matters for a muslim - except sharia law - and whichever gang they belong to being charge (that's why they like killing each other so much)

While Australia outlaws bikie gangs, Australia actively funds jihadist gangs (and their mosque clubhouses) and grants unlimited visas for known sharia hate preachers and terrorist to visit Australia and implement sharia law

It is utterly incredible

UDATE: Larry Pickering offers his two bobs worth here

But fair dinkum, why would the US threaten to place even more sanctions on Russia simply because it attempted to supply humanitarian aid to Russian speaking Ukrainians who are being systematically ethnically cleansed by Ukraine’s war criminal, Petro Poroshenko? (pictured)
Why would Obama give comfort to Poroshenko and further alienate Vladimir Putin when he has never needed Putin more than he needs him now?
Blame for the rampaging Islamic State and its atrocities rests entirely with Obama. He armed them via the CIA in the hope they would overthrow Syria’s Bashar Assad. They failed. The US has interfered similarly in Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Each is an unholy mess as a result of that interference.
Now Obama is courting the assistance of Assad, the very same bloke he has been trying to kill, to help overthrow the Islamic State. And guess who has been militarily assisting Assad toward the same goal? Yep, Vladimir Putin!
Bloody hell, is this some sort of madness? China, which has a sensible hands-off policy in the Middle East and deals ruthlessly with Islamic terrorists, can’t believe its luck! The US is self-imploding and taking the Middle East and Europe with it.

Islam has infiltrated and infested the West to the extent that liberal/left governments are electorally unable to combat it. Australia is rendered impotent because Islam has been allowed to dominate seats that decide Federal elections. 
And what’s the point in confronting a cancerous Islam if in the process you lose Office?
ASIO’s chief, David Irvine is on the bloody guest speaker circuit for Christ’s sake, he is speaking at the National Press Club this week! The ASIO chief should be neither seen nor heard, he heads Australia’s primary security agency. 
A Rudd appointment, Irvine claims publically that there is, "no link between terrorism and Islam". WTF?
Abbott politely asks Islamic leaders for assistance in stemming terrorism and is impolitely told to get fucked! The Islamic ideological scourge cannot be allowed to cement itself further.
If thousands of Muslims regularly pray in public streets preventing residents from entering or leaving their homes, when an empty mosque is just up the road, then you know there is a serious problem. Clearly they wish to shove it up our noses, they hate us.

Abbott Liberals Islamic Terror Solution: More Tyranny and increased funding for sharia law (islam) and mosques

While the mainstream media tries to present the Abbott Liberals implementation of a police surveillance state and the ongoing implementation of sharia law (islam) as tough anti-terror measures, while sharia activists (muslims) in Australia have told Abbott and Australia to go to hell, today we see Abbott announce more government funding to validate sharia law on top of the multibillion dollar Australian Government Sharia implementation program currently being inflicted on the Australian people - this time it's aimed at validating Junior jihadis

See here

Mr Abbott yesterday met members of his National Security Committee and chief among his concerns was arresting the growing support for terror groups in Western Sydney.
Mr Abbott said vulnerable youth were being drawn to radicalisation and the community had to help. “The best way to reduce the risk of radicalisation is to prevent these young men from being willing to support or take part in terrorist activities. We need strong families and communities to do that.”
The Government will today also unveil more than $60 million in counter-terrorism measures aimed at breaking wannabe foreign fighters before they join terror organisations.
More than $11 million will be spent on creating two new Australian Federal Police investigation teams aimed at stopping extremists from leaving Australia to fight for terror outfits and the AFP will also get $6.2 million to watch individuals who return from war areas

Just laughable - the only war Abbott and co are pursuing is a war on Autralia, Australians and our democratic system

While in the suburbs, once peaceful Aussie families are now being diluted by growing islamist militants destroying our social fabric

See here

Teen terror threat: ‘Dangerous sons’ of Islamic refugees involved in Merrylands stabbing

This is just beyond a disgrace

We have Abbott and the Liberals deliberating funding islamic terrorism in Australia (islam is simply the implementation of sharia law - and sharia law IS terrorism) with a multibillion dollar government funding programs to build mosques throughout Australia and fund islamic schools and madrassas (here and around the world - including Indonesia) The ALP is now officially an Islamist front led by self confessed accused rapist Bill Shorten - answerable to Australia's wannabe Ayatollah - the Grand Arab Nazi Racist Mufti (backed by Abbott)

On top of that we have Australian government funding of Muslim migrants - family reunions (for illegals) illegal immigrants etc - with a welfare bill to eternity

Every refugee costs Australia $1 million in the first year alone

We have the Abbott Liberals running a protection racket for the illegal muslim mobster halal food certification extortion racket which is effectively an illegal islamic tax forced on All Australians (and our overseas trading partners)

We have affirmative action recruitment programs in government designed to install islamic operatives throughout our government agencies including security agencies and our military

We have the head of ASIO demanding more islamic jihadis be recruited to run ASIO

We have the military training muslim jihadis to operate our missile systems - and Aussie soldiers forced to be sharia compliant - including having to eat halal food

We have Christian Churches speaking in one voice, that all Australians, Christian or secular must submit to sharia law and embrace islam

And on and on it goes

The Australian Government is running a sharia state and deliberately facilitating islamic terrorism in Australia and around the world

There is no point in saying most muslims are peaceful and law abiding in Australia - simply because that is not true - by definition

Every Muslim has as their 'religious ' duty - to follow and implement sharia law

Sharia law, by definition, is illegal in this country - polygamy, child brides, genital mutilation, honour killings, capital punishment etc etc. If people want this go and live in Saudi Arabia or Iran. The Abbott Liberals would rather declare war on Christian European Russia (for defending Christians) , than touch a hair on a sharia law follower

Following a rule or law (as in sharia ) does not make that law a religion - any more than the Australian Constitution is a 'religious' document defining 'religious beliefs (in fact it forbids any establishing (or funding) of 'religioun of any sort - this of course doesn't bother our politicians, lawyers, judges or law enforcement agencies - who unilaterally endorse the unfettered multibillion dollar handouts and tax exemptions granted to an insane number of organisations which claim to be 'religious' - It is beyond a disgrace - and totally unconstitutional.

But our Australian Government insist that Sharia law  is a 'religion' even though muslims quite accurately say it isn't - its just the 'law' - but the government then illegally protects and sponsors sharia law as a 'religion' anyway and then criminalises anyone who criticises this (claiming its 'racist'! Islam is what is racist - it is the credo of the racist Arab Nazi supremacists and gangsta rule)

The Abbott Liberals and our Australian politicians (except Bernardi) are engaged in wholesale treachery and ruination of Australian freedom and democracy

Last night on ABC's Q & A, Gareth 'Biggles' Evans was part of the panel discussion on islam

Evans was titled as an International Crisis EXPERT


Evans IS an international crisis

Given his motormouth was in overdrive we are a lucky country to have been spared this guys vanity over recent years while his snout has been in the UN

Anyway HIS great take home solution to the islamic problem in Australia was to be friendly with them - that way it was easier to spy on them!


But this is the level of idiocy that passes for leadership in this country (and the UN for that matter)

Again for the benefit of Abbott and all the dumbass mofos who don't get it - Islam IS sharia law. Sharia law is at a minimum social terrorism by its very existence - its practice has also clearly been to terrorise everybody - including Muslims (that's the deal - tyranny and obedience - or death) A Muslim is simply someone who demands sharia law implementation - whether they do as the law (that is OUR law) requires in the meantime is incidental.Sharia law is illegal in Australia BY DEFINITION. Muslims are therefore pursuing an unlawful agenda. This makes ALL Muslims, BY DEFINITION criminals - and from an Australian social perspective , terrorists (they want to destroy us - simple). Treachery, mutiny, sabotage.....terrorism. Islam is simply organised crime - government protected organised crime that is

No ifs , buts or maybes

And people like Abbott and co are complicit in this criminality

Sharia law (islam) violates the following Australian laws/ conventions

- the Crimes Act
- the Australian Constitution
- the Marriage Act
- the Racial Discrimination Act
- the Sexual Discrimination Act
- various statutes in relation to child protection ( polygamy, mutilation of girls genitals, torture, honour killings, child marriage, pedofilia etc
- various statutes in relation to animal cruelty - (halal slaughter)
- the Tax Act
- laws banning extortion ( the halal food extortion certification racket raising billions for islamic terrorism in Australia and overseas...TAX FREE!!!!)
- the UN Declaration of Human Rights
etc etc

 But in our freedom and democracy loving country, don't expect our elected representatives to care about us or our laws anytime soon

Why is that?

Western Society Loses its Mind: Germany backs Neo-Nazis: Obama attacks Russia for painting trucks ...White

Well it appears the Western Governments have finally lost their minds - in the name of "freedom and democracy' of course

Following the disappearance of MH17 off the news, having had the Western media and Governments united in instantly blaming Russia (with ZERO proof) , despite Malaysian authorities and others subsequently accepting the plane was shot down by Ukrainian Jets in... Ukraine...., according to US Analysts (no Western Media outlet or government has disproven this summation), now Germany's Merkel (former Communist) has declared her allegiance to the military coup d'etat Neo-Nazi's running Kiev (saved from the Nazis by......Russia) - and being funded by the West (including military stuff) - but still bankrupt - and soon to be needlessly very cold)

President Obama has backed Merkel and the Nazis, and attacked Russia for supposed war mongering, due to painting Russian trucks the wrong colour apparently..........White!!! - (this apparently means declaring war on someone!) - oh and providing humanitarian aid to desperate ...Ukrainians...currently being slaughtered (with Vatican approval).(bit like the Russians protecting those Syrian Christians the West was so keen to bomb into oblivion - like they did with the Libyan Christians - thanks NATO)  - that's the ones who haven't joined the million or so Ukrainians who have fled TO Russia to escape the murderous neo-Nazis (and the Western backed genocide). The Vatican also wants to destroy Russia bizarrely enough

Well  I mean if the West's greatest gripe with Russia is that it doesn't like White Russian...ah....oh yeah.....trucks....and Germany is now supporting .....ah...oh yeah....Nazis ...while the Pope and the Vatican support the islamic slaughter of Christians (including Catholics) throughout the Middle East and Africa - and demand all Catholics submit to the new 'Religion of Peace' (of sharia law /aka islam) as well as backing Catholic led genocide of Ukrainian Christians of Russian heritage -  it can probably be officially declared the West has lost its collective mind

See the Obama White trucks story here

The White House issued a statement proclaiming that today, in violation of its previous commitments and international law, Russian military vehicles painted to look like civilian trucks

Given the current complete insanity literally anything could happen next

In this new totalitarian world, white is black and black is white

Good is bad and bad is good...but as one well known American person screamed in response to an American Ambassador being slaughtered by muslims in Libya ..."What does it matter?!"

Now no-one can feel safe because totalitarian governments operating under the guise of 'freedom and democracy' are simply destroying every vestige of civilisation - with Vatican approval - usuall;y under the guise of supposedly protecting us from islamic terrorism - but then protecting ...islam!

The Vatican now defers to the demonstrably hopelessly corrupt United Nations before making any moral pronouncements - compounding its recent Commission (led by Benedict) which essentially declared Christianity is dead - and there are no revealed truths in the Bible! i mean who needs the Trinity after all!!!

We now have British Citizens protected by their own UK Government, decapitating American citizens on video - and the UK leaders declaring that it is an offence against...ISLAM...what about , oh , maybe the Americans citizens human rights??!! Austrlain politicians also agreed that islam had been offended by the decapitation - nothing about the sensibilities of Western civilisation though!

So it's all gone

Western civilisation has officially been dissolved - and inevitably some form of tyranny will take its place

And bizarrely most people either don't know or don't care

The joker in the pack is Russia - and it appears that civilisation (and Christianity) now rests in their hands.

It just remains to be seen what other cards they hold - nuclear weapons for one (otherwise it would be all over)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Muslims declare war on Abbott and Australia: Abbott remains committed to implementing Sharia. Andrew Bolt explains

While its true that the Left of politics in Australia has evolved into a sharia/islamic front, supporting muslims at every turn (and so the implementation of sharia law which is the only purpose of a muslim) the so-called right/Conservative side of Politics led by Tony Abbott and the Liberals is equally as complicit in its commitment to implementing sharia law in Australia

Tony Abbott is on record as being the 'sworn enemy' of anyone who opposes islam (the implementation of sharia law) as he declared to a Muslim Mobster Convention in Sydney - as an exercise in 'religious freedom' of course - that's despite sharia law not being a religion - according to muslims themselves. Islam is no more a religion than cheering for a soccer team

But Catholic Abbott will not be swayed from his Vatican inspired commitment to sharia law - as the heretical Pope Francis the Fraud has described it as the 'Religion of Peace'- demanding all Catholics become islamic terrorists - footsoldiers for the Arab Ummah!

Islam (sharia law) is so dehumanising we now have British citizens decapitating US citizens in the name of Islam - as well as muslims simply slaughtering thousands of other Muslims - who for one reason or another aren't muslim enough - or just belong to a rival muslim gang. This, while Western politicians claim that this barbarism is somehow an insult to islam...mmm, tell that to muslims - oh wait they have - and no-one is listening!..what motiviates our politicans is anyone's guess - but democratic rights were burned long ago.

Incredibly the Vatican has cheered the islamic slaughterfest, celebrating racist Arab Nazi supremacist events like Ramadan, and handing over the Vatican to islamic muftis to preach death to Jews and Christians!! (while supposedly wanting peace in 'Palestine'), as Christians and Catholics in the Middle East and Africa have been slaughtered, Churches destroyed etc - refusing to condemn Islam in any way shape or form. And then there's Kosovo...total silence

And now Muslims in Australia show their true colours by backing the so-called 'extremists' ISIS and co - revealing that they are all in fact on the same team of jihad (against the rest of US)- and that every sharia activist (muslim) is in fact a 60 Minutes style ticking time bomb - no matter how friendly or peaceful  they may appear to be.Apparently if a muslim doesn't kill you , they are peaceful - if they do, well it's too late anyhow! Welcome to 'Peace' = forevermore

Even a budget crisis (supposedly) isn't enough for Abbott to slash the multibillion dollar government run sharia movement funding in Australia building mosques , schools etc (despite sharia law being illegal)

And that's before we get into he muslims mobster halal food certification extortion and blackmail racket - also protected by the Abbott Government (and past Federal and State Governments) - and ASIO, and ACC and AFP and ONA and well every law and security agency in Australia....all committed to the muslim mob

The ALP, led by self confessed accused rapist Bill Shorten is now run by Australia's Ayatollah - the racist Grand Arab Nazi and his gangsters with preselections needing Muslim approval (Howes was rejected) - just like in true Islamic countries. Andrew Bolt explains the dangerous farce our politicians and Church leaders  have  presented to us ( and continue to inflict on us, refusing ANY Democratic say in the matter from the voters) - let alone actually apply Australian law. Abbott has banned all criticism of sharia implemntation (islam)!

See here

 AS news broke of the beheading of US journalist James Foley, 80 of Australia’s Muslim representatives issued a statement denouncing the extremism of ... Tony Abbott.

The signatories do not simply include the likes of Sheikh Abu Rayman, who once declared “I dispute any evil action linked to (terror chief Osama) bin Laden”.
They aren’t just pro-jihadists like the Hizb ut-Tahrir and the extremist Al-Risalah of Wissam Haddad, whose friend Khaled Sharrouf is now fighting for the Islamic State and playing with decapitated heads.
Other signatories include academics, the Australian Muslim Women’s Association, the Canberra Islamic Centre and numerous university Islamic societies.
As their statement says: “We also reject government attempts to divide the Muslim community into ‘radicals’ and ‘moderates’.”
This is disastrous. The West has indeed tried to make just that diplomatic distinction to allow us to fight the extremists without alienating “moderate Muslims”.
Now 80 Muslim representatives tell us they reject that division. Touch a radical and we attack all Muslims.
Once only an “Islamophobe” would suggest something so inflammatory. How dangerous that Muslim “leaders” now say it.

  Sharia law (islam) violates the following Australian laws/ conventions

- the Crimes Act
- the Australian Constitution
- the Marriage Act
- the Racial Discrimination Act
- the Sexual Discrimination Act
- various statutes in relation to child protection ( polygamy, mutilation of girls genitals, torture, honour killings, child marriage, pedofilia etc
- various statutes in relation to animal cruelty - (halal slaughter)
- the Tax Act
- laws banning extortion ( the halal food extortion certification racket raising billions for islamic terrorism in Australia and overseas...TAX FREE!!!!)
- the UN Declaration of Human Rights
etc etc