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Friday, 31 October 2014

Abbott and organised crime: CFMEU - bad: Islam - Good

PM Tony Abbott has opportunistically found a new moral crusade against organised crime - specifically in relation to the BLF style behaviour of the CFMEU

While there is no doubt organised crime is going on, usually with the complicity of the corporates, the political environment allows it to continue - namely the ALP receiving millions of dollars in funding from organised crime rackets (and that's before we get into the organised crime of Industry Super (which the Libs ar still protecting  - for a thankful bevy of retired union bosses)

As  'Liberal' this is a convenient association (ALP and crime)

However when it comes to Islamic organised crime, Abbott suddenly develops a blind spot and cant see any - probably because his own government (and the AL-Party) are open defenders of Islamic organised crime - as a tax free religious charity no less - including the halal certification extortion rorts (Islam is simply the implementation of sharia law - which is essentially universally illegal in Australia)

Organised crime is organised crime, and for the Australian government to be actively facilitating organised crime under the guise of a 'religious charity' is discreditable

If the billion dollar Islamic organised crime network can operate freely in Australia with Abbott Government protection and Catholic church endorsement (Abbott and Shorten are both Catholics) - well the CFMEU could argue equal opportunity for it to pursue its criminal agenda as well

After all, with people like the BCA openly pursuing an anti-Australia policy suite (led by mass immigration and lower wages), Australia appears to be devolving into a gang warfare state - with the Federal Government picking winners

Meanwhile the Public Hospital system is hijacked by the corporates  - and we are told taxpayers still have to fund it!!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Andrew Bolt asks Tony Abbott to jail him for 10 years - in the name of national security - WTF?

You'd think that someone in Andrew Bolt's position who has been taken to court over free speech might have something to say about his beloved Tony Abbott and the Abbott Police Surveillance state which promises to jail him for 10 years for saying something Abbott (or Brandis) or indeed anything the Abbott government does

But no, Bolt submits to Abbott's tyranny and instead reluctantly accepts that Abbott can in fact jail him - for having an opinion Abbott doesn't like - where under the Abbott Police State, 'terrorism' is whatever Abbott and Brandis say it is

Welcome to North Korea

See here

NewsCorp Australia group editorial director Campbell Reid told Sky News that some of the company’s newspaper reports in the past would have breached the new rules if they had been in force. NewsCorp Australia is the publisher of The Australian.
“Our point is that rather than having George Brandis or a subsequent attorney-general intervening on this, there are easy and sensible ways that the legislation itself can be amended so that the jeopardy to journalists doing their jobs is removed in the legislation,” Mr Reid said.
I’m torn. I absolutely accept there are dangers here to free speech and a free society.
The one reservation I have is that it is no longer possible to treat the media as a just a few serious organisations, led by people alive to the national interest. Wikileaks should teach us what can be dumped by even media organisations claiming to be serious, and the rise of blogs and micro on-line publications expands the definition of journalist to include an army of cranks, extremists and enemies of the West. 

The only threat the West currently faces are tyrannical politicians implementing police states - and Islam

Needless to say Western politicians also support Islam and the implementation of sharia law as a loving kind religious Charity - which of course is tax free - and government funded

Abbott has made it a criminal offence to defend yourself against sharia law (apparently that's racist - to defend yourself from racist Arab Nazi supremacists who run the organised crime racket that is Islam)

The media and the Christian Churches - can't hide fast enough -

Talk about pathetic

The only winner in all this is Islam and its jihadists - and people who don't like Andrew Bolt

Abbott anounces new Cabinet for Australian Police State: Bambi downloads now national security threat. Islam is safe however

PM Tony Abbott has been pushing hard for the implementation of a police surveillance State on all Aussies - supposedly in order to protect us from 'terrrorism'

What sort of 'terrorism' you may ask?

Well no-one knows...EXCEPT, ASIO and Abbott have declared that there is absolutely ZERO threat of ANY security issues arising in relation to Islam and muslims - because as the previous head of ASIO David Irvine declared,' Muslims are not terrorists' - and Abbott has declared he is the sworn enemy of anyone who attempts to defend themselves from sharia law implementation (Islam)

Just to make the point doubly clear, the AFP and ASIO have banned ANY surveillance of ANY mosques  despite the fact that islamic mosques are self declared hot beds of terrorist demands and threats to all Australians and the gang clubhouses of known threatening islamist militants

None of this is of any concern to Abbott, the Libs OR indeed any of our security agencies

No instead ASIO declares it wants to be run by Muslims

The AFP openly celebrates and endorses the racist Arab Nazi supremacists who run the sharia mafia organised crime groups in Australia - and the Abbott Liberals openly protect the islamists halal extortion racket as a loving kind 'exercise in 'religious charity' and allow all proceeds to be tax free (while Hockey cries poor - and yells 'Eat the Poor!')

And of course the Catholic Pope has declared that Islam (the implementation of sharia law ) is in fact the 'religion of Peace'- and Christianity is dead

However if you are an Aussie, relying on the protection of your liberties and freedoms on the basis of laws built on our Constitution - well the Abbott Liberals have declared that somehow YOU are the enemy - and peaceful law abiding Aussies are the real terrorists

To address this, if someone downloads a copy of Bambi and violates copyright - then the Abbott Liberals will be hunting you down as a threat to national security - and forcing you to fund the Internet providers to monitor you. Illegal downloads are now deemed an act of terrorism

Malcolm Turnbull has been appointed the Internet Porn Nazi by Abbott and will monitor all the internet sites people visit.

Journalists have noted that any deemed association with 'terrrorism' , which is so loosely defined, aside from watching Bambi - could simply be disagreeing with the government, over something, anything have now been threatened with 10 years jail - quite arbitrarily (for say reporting the news..say about Islamist militants of Islamic State (Abbott banned the use of the term 'Islamic' in Islamic State - declaring it an offence to...yes you guessed it...Islam!!!)

AG Brains Brandis has declared himself God of the Internet - and said that he alone (superman style) will determine whether a journo should be jailed for 10 years for activities which are deemed 'terrorism'!

Brandis recently also reaffirmed legislation which makes it illegal to defend yourself against Islam and the implementation of sharia law - in fact under Brandis' rule, objecting to sharia law could now be deemed an act of terrorism - that's despite the fact that all Islamic terrorism is based on implementing sharia law

Even PM Abbott has been threatened with decapitation by sharia jihadist muslims - and his response is that the people concerned (that would be actual terrorists) arent' really Muslims!! - apparently they are just random members of some 'evil death cult' - and shouldn't be taken seriusly!!!. Sharia law is terrorism

Meanwhile Abbott and Hockey and the Liberals continue to fund the sharia movement in Australia with billions of taxpayer handouts - despite a tidal wave of proof that the sharia cultists are in fact the source of the terrorist threats in Australia (like them declaring they want ot decapitate everyone!)(but according to Abbott and ASIO it could in fact be the Wine and Cheese Lovers Appreciation Society!! or maybe the Aged Scrabble Collective)

And to top it off Abbott is now bypassing democratic parliamentary procedures in order to force illegal taxes onto the public - and also wants to change the Constitution - to create multiracial apartheid. Abbott even claimed that if a new petrol tax was implemented, consumers of petrol wouldn't pay for it??!!!!

Even the media , whose employees are now all effectively being threatened with working in a North Korea Gulag hell hole can't seem to get too excited about their own freedom to be journos about to be destroyed by the Abbott Liberals and the Shorten AL-Party (in the name of freedom and democracy of course).

Probably no need to add that Abbott has also declared war on Christian and democratic Russia for defending Christians in Syria (from Al Qaeda/ISIS) and supporting the ethnic Russian Christians in Ukraine from mass genocide by Kiev Catholics.

And then there is the TPP - which guarantees sovereignty over Austrlaia - by globalist multinationals (in the name of freedom and democracy of course)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tony Abbott's allegiance to Islam ahead of Australia - Larry Pickering explains

While right wing commentators typically pan the Left for supporting islamic terrorism (such as Shortens AL-Party), the reality is that the Abbott Liberals , led by sharia warrior Abbott, Dhimmi Bishop and wannabe Islamic convert Morrison, are as bad , if not in fact worse that the AL-Party

Abbott had declared before he was elected that he was the sworn enemy of anyone who opposed the implementation of sharia law (Islam) under the guise of a tax free religious Charity (funded in the billions by Abbott's Government)

Abbott once in power declared, along with ASIO, that muslims are not terrorists - and that any Islamic terrorist was not in fact a muslim - go figure (in Australia today, anyone who criticises Islam is now deemed by the Abbott government as THE terrrorist!!

On the basis of Abbott's free speech pledge, Abbott has now also made it a criminal offence to criticise Islam in anyway (including now threatening to jail his most loyal supporter in journalism, Andrew bolt for 10 years! - should Bolt criticise Islam in anyway)

Abbott also banned anyone from calling the Islamic State terrorist group, murderously implementing the rules of the Koran, as being referred to as Islamic - Abbott preferring something bizarre like 'Evil Death Cult' - etc (The Abbott Liberals are now in mourning over various muslims with Australian passports being killed in the IS campaign - begging IS supporters to not leave Australia and pleading with them not to die)

Abbott with brains Brandis has just passed new laws that threaten to jail ANY journo who comments of islam or the acts of terror it promotes

Under Abbott Journos and Aussies have NOW been declared terrorists - while  Islam is funded feted and protected as THE 'religion of peace' - while it's jihad supporters are openly calling for Abbott's decapitation

According to Abbott , Muslims who demand he be decapitated are not really muslims - they are, as previously described 'extremists' - or members of an 'evil death cult'

So now Twilight Zone Abbott and the Liberals and Shorten's AL-Party implement a police state (to supposedly protect us from unspecified 'extremists'), where the only people protected are in fact the organised criminal group of racist Arab Nazi supremacists who demand Sharia law implementation (Islam)and the decapitation of all Australians - Abbott's Team Australia has been reduced to one member - Team Tony - because now everyone is offside

It is truly bizarre

See Larry Pickering's comments on Abbott's fraud here

Abbott and the Opposition have been at pains to suggest Islamic youths risk radicalisation by travelling to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State and that they will require a humane de-radicalisation program to convince them of their folly.
Of course, they have already been radicalised right here and the thought of gunning people down, beheading victims alive and raping children excites their most basic instincts, and it follows their prophet's teachings.

They want to play out their sick teenage fantasies unimpeded and free from legal restrictions. It’s a chance of a lifetime they won’t pass up.
Abbott has drawn Islamic leaders to his bosom pleading that they de-radicalise their constituents and prevent them using hate speech against Australians.
How bloody naive of Mr Abbott. Is that Canberran tower he rules from really that far divorced from reality?
Abbott has a responsibility to Australia... not to Islam. 

Meanwhile Abbott and co continue to protect the Islamic mobs halal extortion racket on all our food - And other stuff) all funding islamic terrorism

Sharia law is terrorism - and Islam is simply the term used to describe the implementation of sharia law (which is illegal in Australia - by definition)

Under Abbott's rule, Saudi Arabia can decapitate as many people as they like - but if Islamic State does it, then Abbott goes to war - Abbott also embraces Saudi Arabia as close friend and has an open door for their money to buy us out of house and home (and implement sharia law - in Abbott's Saudi Australia)

It is truly breathtaking how Abbott and co have implemented a police state, and virtual martial law, in order to protect and promote the non-existent rights of muslims to establish sharia law!!

Australian's and our freedoms and liberties can apparently 'go to hell' as far as Abbott and co are concerned. - So much for democracy (even taxes are now being introduced, bypassing Parliament and our democracy)

Monday, 27 October 2014

Abbott and Robb hijack Australian Freedom and Democracy with the TPP (with ABC approval - as well as the ALP);

Yesterday on The Drum on ABC they at least raised the Spectre of the TPP (the Trans Pacific Partnership)

All other media outlets, except Wikileaks have ignored it

Under Australian 'freedom and democracy' principles, both the ALP and the Liberals have engaged in a completely supra sovereign secretive agenda aimed at destroying the sovereignty of Australia - without any Democratic mandate to do so (much like the mass immigration program from the third world)

In short the TPP appears to reveal that in Australia we don't actually have any freedom and democracy - the whole thing is a charade

On the Drum normally hardcore leftist Seccombe, was essentially  silent as a stoned mullet when it came to raising any issues about the TPP - other than to vaguely wonder why so secretive!!!


If the ABC can't find it in itself to attack Abbott and the Libs (led by Robb)(and indeed the ALP) over something as outrageous as handing over sovereign rights to corporate mutinationals to rape and pillage freely - well then all hope is gone

But consistent with the nonsense that Islamic terrorism committed by muslims has nothing to do with...Islam (the implementation of sharia law).according to ALL Western Governments singing from the same hymn sheet...Hallelujah (or should that be...Hail sharia)..instead it has something to do with OUR freedoms and liberties which apparently must be taken away to fight Islamic extremism....including making it illegal to defend yourself against...oh yeah....Islam/Sharia law!!!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Abbott's Police State:The Ludlam Rap

A sad but in many ways true comment on the outrageous state of affairs in 'freedom and democratic' Australia - where there is increasingly little freedom, and effectively no democracy - with our bipartisan conspiracy between the AL-Party and the Con (servative) Liberals

What a choice - between a rock and a hard place

The only threat's of violence at the G20 have come from Australia's Prime Minister Abbott who has declared he will physically assault the worlds most powerful leader, Putin...go figure

Meanwhile here's a link to Abbott's Number One enemy, Vlad Putin giving a speech  see here

Vladimir Putin Is The Leader Of the Moral World
Paul Craig Roberts
Dear Friends,
Vladimir Putin’s remarks at the 11th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club are worth more than a link in my latest column. These are the remarks of a humanitarian political leader, the like of which the world has not seen in my lifetime. Compare Putin to the corrupt war criminal in the White House or to his puppets in office in Germany, UK, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, and you will see the difference between a criminal clique and a leader striving for a humane and livable world in which the interests of all peoples are respected.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Andrew Bolt's Bizarre attack on Senator Jacquie Lambie - calling her unAustralian for not submitting to Islam (sharia law)

You gotta wonder about Andrew Bolt and his take on Islam

Regularly he notes the obvious islamic threat - but then always seem to back off -

But this morning on his Bolt Report on Channel 10, Bolt came screaming back in support of Sharia law in Australia (which is illegal by the way), having opened the show with a diatribe critical of Islamic 'terrorism' (Islam is simply the implementation of sharia law - Islam by definition is terrorism - see previous post)

Bolt launched a full scale broadside on Jacquie Lambie for her refusing to submit to Sharia law and embrace a mosque with another MP (the mosque was Sydney's Citadel of Hate, Lakemba Mosque)

In response to a TV interviewer she replied She was Catholic and she was not interested in Islam.

Which is fair enough

But not according to ex-Catholic Bolt - who accused the Senator of Bad Manners for not openly embracing the murderous organised crime thugs who run the sharia mafia in Australia at one of their many gang clubhouses -with government protection as a tax free charity - including the halal extortion racket - which Bolt is cold silent on (along with Bernardi)

Bizarrely Bolt claimed that Lambie was unAustralian to not submit to the Sharia mafia thugs and their sharia law!

That's despite Sharia law being illegal in Australia on multiple counts - and the sharia mafia's demand that we all be decapitated (as worthless infidels as per their Koran guidebook of behaviour))

Sharia law is terrorism,

Islam is nothing more than the implementation of sharia law

The mosques are illegal gang clubhouses - which are sponsored by government and overseas blood money

Senator Lambie was spot on in refusing to acknowledge any worth in the Sharia mafia who openly declare their desire to decapitate us all - after all being a Muslim is only ever about one thing - submission - submission to Sharia law - which just happens to be run by the muslim mob organised crime network - of racist Arab Nazis and their supporters

If anyone is unAustralian it is Bolt - with this disgraceful and offensive attack on Senator Lambie - who has also correctly identified the self evident threat of the burqa and sharia law generally

Andrew Bolt needs to get off the fence post and declare his allegiance (if News Ltd allows him of course)- either to Australia, or his new found sharia mafia mates who he apparently now regards as true Australians - along with Abbott, Morrison, Bishop  and the left.

Just outrageous