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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Scipione follows up islamic terror death in Sydney - with news of his wife's coffee

NSW Police Commissioner Scipione, who recently appointed an Islamic Ayatollah to oversee sharia law observance in the NSW Police Farce, has followed up his total inaction on the islamic terrorist siege at a Sydney coffee shop - by going on the mainstream media (like radio) and announcing  that following the so far unexplained death of an innocent Aussie mother, that his wife also had coffee at the Lindt cafe

We were then presented with closeup pictures of Scipione's wife bawling her eyes out at a service at St Mary's Cathedral,  (presumably the one led by Cardinal Fisher) the recently appointed Vatican lackey who represents Vatican demands that all submit to Sharia law in Australia (you know being the "religion of peace' - oh and the Vatican also recently declared Chrisitanity is dead)

For the benefit of Scipione and Fisher, sharia law is illegal in Australia - universally

Islam is simply the term use to describe the implementation of sharia law

ISlam is a multiheaded Hydra, there is no central authority (except maybe Iran and Saudi Arabia - who hate each other)

Islam is by definition an organised crime front in Australia - laughably protected as a loving kind tax free 'religious charity'

The idea promoted by Scipione and Abbott etc that the islamic terrorist was a Lone Wolf madman doesn't look right, when it is revealed this guy had 14000 facebook supporters, and all his rantings were entirely consistent with all the other sharia demands the islamic front have been demanding for years (like  how we all should be decapitated - like in Saudi Arabia - who Abbott is a huge fan of)

Scipione responded to the 2012 islamic decapitation riots by offering the muslim mob the opportunity to do their protest again - only this time with police protection (for the muslims!! (somehow forgetting that many of his officers ended up in hospital, police property was destroyed and locals and tourists had to run for their lives!) Abbott chimed in with a 'muslims have rights too you know' effort

Nope none of this is a problem for Scipione - who seemed proud to announce that his wife had actually had a coffee at Lindt Cafe - only an hour before the Islamic terrorist arrived (the terrosts was out on bail on charges ranging from accessory to murder (of one of his wives,, countless sexual assaults etc)
It has been accepted that the Islamic terrorist shot the manager (why remains unclear) - but no word on who shot the innocent mother of three Aussie kids

The only other guns were in the hands of a crowd of armed NSW Police who charged into the doorway of the cafe altogether like it was a Boxing Day sale - it was bizarre

The islamic terrorist was shot dead...and so was an Aussie mum...and several other Aussies ended up in hospital with gun shot wounds

This mad sale time rush followed 17 hours of doing precisely nothing - including refusing to take a sniper shot through glass windows

The excuse subsequently given was the window MAY have been reinforced because the building was ONCE upon a time a bank - and if they were , well a snipers bullet MAY have been inaccurate (apparently these guys don't have armour piercing rounds or very powerful guns)

But Scipione assured us that it wasn't his call when they went in , or when or if the snipers fired - in fact, Scipione did his best to copy Abbott's Pontius Pilate effort and absolve himself from any responsibility whatsoever - but he did declare he had complete trust in whoever was in charge!! WTF?

With the back exit door being opened by escaping staff, and the islamic terrorist even falling asleep at one stage, and being exposed in front of windows any number of occasions, one wonders who was actually co-ordinating this farce - since no number of invitations were accepted to end this event

The bottom line is that while authorities  now bicker over who is the most deliberately incompetent, and whether a known muslim activist had anything to do with Islam, two innocent Aussies are now dead -  - and the only thing the mainstream media is interested in doing is helping with the cover up  and misdirections

Meanwhile all Government departments and even police stations are turned into islamic mosques - and no-one sees a problem  - and of course the authorites persist in the nonsense that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism and any muslim who claims to be or acts as an islamic terrorist is apparently lying - and at this stage the entire islamic community maintains that line as well......

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Abbott response to Islamic terror in Sydney: Attack NSW Police, Attack ASIO, and attack Wolves - no mention of Islam (sharia law)

It is incredible to watch the mainstream media, the ABC, Fairfax, News etc all unite as one behind the fraud PM Tony Abbott is foisting on the Australian people

Abbott washed his hands of the hostage crisis in Sydney by lunchtime that day - declaring it was  NSW problem

Hours later Aussies were dead - at the hands of a well known islamic activist (all muslims demand the implementation of sharia law - and this guy was no different)

Abboit was paying this guys legal bills to attack our laws and providng unlimited welfare to him.

Abbott then appeared to the death scene and layed flowers

As did NSW Premier Mike Baird - who is a huge fan of sharia law (despite claiming to be a devout Christian)

Abbott too claims to be a devout Catholic - and consistent with his Vatican and Pope, has declared that he is the sworn enemy of anyone who opposes sharia law (after all Pope Francis has declared that Sharia la IS THE 'religion of Peace' - you know the FMG, the honour killing, the polygamy, the pedofilia, the child brides etc etc

ISlam is the implementation of sharia law - the ideology of racist Arab nazi supremacists who want to enslave, and even kill all non-muslims

Abbott protects these people as loving kind religious charity workers (as does Scott Morrison), and their activities , run by the sharia mafia, are protected as acts of charity, like halal extortion and standover blackmail, and given tax free status - as well as billions from the Abbott Liberals every year - to fortify Saudi Australia with illegal mosques (gang clubhouses)

Anyway, Abbott gets up and demands (rhetorically) to know why this islamic terrorist had a gun - oddly enough Abbott consistently refused to make any link between the act of terrorism and Islam - despite the perp being a known Islamic preacher, a known ISlamc activist and somebody who supported ISlamic State and denies the holocaust etc - all the standard giveaways of a muslim (and 14000 facebook friends)

But that wasn't enough for Abbott - or indeed ASIO, the AFP, Baird, the NSW Police (under Scipione) and of course the mainstream media - who apparently are all completely unaware of the ties the terrorist has with the organised crime front which is Islam in Australia - like ideology for starters

Instead Abbott and all the other authorities started attacking wolves! the 'lone wolf' specifically - and kept insisting that this guy was in fact a wolf - (like Little red Riding Hood perhaps?) - even though there are no wolves in Australia (lots of wolves in sheeps clothing however)

No-one questioned this narrative

Abbott then declared an 'inqiry'

Abbott wanted to know why this terrorist had a gun licence - the NSW Police said he didn't

It turns out Andrew Colvin's AFP was telling porkies and making it up as they go. The AFP told Abbott the islamic terrorist had a gun licence thanks to the NSW Police. This is Colvin's idea of competency - the same guy who wants to monitor everyone in the galaxy and keep their Internet meta data forever just in case he want's to use it (to combat terrorism of course!) - yet he can't even make a 9 digit phone call to the NSW Police to check a simple licencing issue. If the AFP can't use a phone, then meta data would be completely useless.

Abbott wanted to know why this known islamist had dropped of the ASIO watchlist - despite being up for accessory to murder, and countless sexual assaults and threatening our military and their families, supporting Islamic State etc - ASIO declared there was no watchlist

Then of course we have the immigration department's role in granting this illegal immigrant  various visas and eventually citizenship - under the likes of Kevin Andrews, Amanda Vanstone, Evans, Burke, Ruddock and now Morrison. All have Aussie blood on their hands because of the incompetent fraud they run called the Australian immigration program. The dirver for visas for this terrorist would have come from the Muslim mobsters and their fan club on both sides of politics. The fact that this terrorist was a muslim would have opened countless doors which should have and would have remined shut for everyone else

The AFP Boss Colvin, got up at a Senate hearing and demanded access to everyones metadata - presumably acting on the belief that maybe porn links could help him do his job - or even better a police state. No identifiable link has been established between Internet usage and the crime (except maybe facebook - which Colvin apparently isn't interested in)

Colvins AFP enjoys their yearly Arab Nazi Supremacist Dinner where the racist Grand Mufti Nazi (Australia's Government funded Ayatollah) gives them a pep talk about how to do their job - who boycotted it this year and then issued a universal death threat to Aussies

Scipione has recently appointed an Islamic terrorist Ayatollah to guide the NSW Police as to how to perform their duties and be sharia compliant (don't shoot an islamic terrorist if you can avoid it maybe?)

Abbott is currently negotiating with IS operatives in Australia , and with police agencies, to allow known Islamic terrorists to return to Australia without prosecution and to not lose any welfare

Scipione also wasted no time in arresting any Aussies who had anything critical to say about islam or to muslims (after sitting around contemplating his naval and refusing to tell police snipers to take out the islamic terrorist - for 17 hours!). It remains to be seen whether the NSW Polcie still managed to actually kill one of the hostages!

Meanwhile the islamic immigration program continues full pelt - and any number of known islamic terrorists in Australia still receive unlimited government benefits housing etc - just like the hostage taker (Who Abbott rand Morrison refused to deport (just like known islamic pedofiles) - having stayed here illegally under Howard's rule and allowed to stay by Ruddock)

Abbott's Saudi Australia agenda is well on track - and Abbott has banned free speech in order to prevent Aussies from defending themselves from sharia law

Abbott even has banned the use of the term Islamic in 'Islamic state', on the basis that it is an offence to Islam!!! Even National Security takes a backseat to Islam , as Abbott has authorised muslims wearing clothes which hide their identity in Parliament House (but no-one else is allowed to do this)

And on and on it goes

Abbott has announced an inquiry which will no doubt exonerate everybody who IS responsible, ban Aussies from having guns more than Howard (while muslim woman are known to be obtaining gun licences and guns from a certain gunshop in South West Sydney), and will further fund the implementation of illegal sharia law in Australia

Abbott himself defended the 2012 Muslim riots through Sydney where muslims demanded we all get decapitated - declaring Muslim's have rights too you know - it's a free country!

But if any Aussie attempts to defend themselves form sharia law criminality - Abbott will have you arrested for racism - or even terrorism! Scipione has made that clear already hours after Aussies were shot dead, Scipione is arresting Aussies who criticise Islam!!

The whole thing is so sick and such a circus it is hard to believe

Everyone is lying including

Sharia law is universally illegal in Australia - and yet not one government or law enforcement agency has any interest in applying our laws - instead sponsoring criminality!!

Meanwhile two Aussie families have lost their loved ones to islamic crime - and the government is more concerned with providing concierge funeral service to the terrorist, in order to honour Islam (just like all the other dead muslims lying around Sydney streets - remember them! - while modies of non-muslims will sit in the morgue for days) - and of course protecting the sharia mafia agenda of hijacking this country completely

UPDATE: This just gets better. It turns out the Australian Government has been this islamic terrorists best friend - since 1996 (that would be the Keating/Howard era) - where they and the Australian police refused to return a known criminal to Iran - preferring to protect and fund thim on welfare until he started to kill Aussies

That's an indication of the clowns and the deceit of the people running this place - but don't expect an Abbott inquiry to blame his mate Howard

See BBS stroy here

Iran says it requested 14 years ago the extradition of Man Haron Monis - the gunman behind the Sydney siege - but Australia refused to hand him over.
The head of Iran's police, Gen Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam, told reporters that Monis was wanted for fraud at the time.
He said Monis had fled to Australia via Malaysia in the late 1990s.
Monis and two hostages were shot dead on Tuesday morning, when commandos stormed the Sydney cafe where he had been holding captives for 16 hours.
Gen Moghaddam said Monis was known in Iran as "Manteqi".
"In 1996, he was the manager of a travel agency and committed fraud," the general told reporters. "He then fled to Malaysia and from there, to Australia under a fake name."
He added that "since we did not have an agreement on the extradition of criminals with Australia, the Australian police refused to extradite him".

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Cardinal Fisher sheds crocodile tears for Aussies slaughtered by Islamic terrorism in Sydney: at Mass at St Mary's Cathedral Mosque

Sydney has witnessed the inevitable result of importing hundreds of thousands of muslims - whose sole purpose is to implement sharia law - and the politicians who did it, including Abbott, Howard, Keating, Rudd, Gillard etc, have Aussie blood on their hands

The only purpose any muslim has is to submit to sharia law - and force that submission onto everyone else

Sharia law is the definition of terrorism

But that doesn't deter the current Catholic Church - with Pope Francis being the world cheerleader for Islam, and demanding that everyone submit to sharia law - as THE religion of Peace. Meanwhile the Vatican has declared Christianity is dead!

Someone forgot to tell the Pope that Islam is a multi headed hydra - which has no central authority (other than the stronget mafi - be it Iranian or Saudi - who of course hate each other) - except the authority to destroy and force submission through tyranny

Cardinal Fisher said  mass today and shed a few crocodile tears for the innocent Aussie victims of the sharia law which he (as a paid Vatican lackey) is required to endorse , promote and instruct all his followers to submit to - and ..they DO!!!

Fisher said Mass in St Mary's Cathedral, which Fisher's predecessor Cardinal Pell, took great pride in boasting he had turned into an Islamic mosque - regularly celebrating the racist supremacy of Arab Nazis and the sharia mafia

Under Australian law, sharia law is universally illegal - that makes Islam in Australia an organised crime front - an organised crime front which is protected by the Abbott liberals, promoted by the Catholic Church and implemented throughout the Government, police forces and security agencies - and military.

The Scipione NSW Police have even appointed their very own Ayaytollah to guide the Force on how to behave

Organised crime protected (laughably) as a loving kind 'religious charity' - and given tax Free status to pursue their nefarious financial activities (like the halal extortion racket used to fund Islamic terrorism in Australia and overseas) - and ALL TAX FREE (and of course the drugs, the guns, the illegal immigration, the child trafficking etc etc

Kevin Andrews and sought to protect the thousands of Islamic fronts masquerading as religious charities, by refusing to audit the 70000 and growing numbers of charity in Australia (a $100 billion a year rort which Hockey refuses to touch - and then claims he has no money! - except for more immigrants at $1 million a pop cost - at nearly a million per year (for the last 10 years)

Governor General Peter Cosgrove oversaw the implementation of sharia compliance throughout the military

PM Tony Abbott has declared he is the sworn enemy of anyone who opposes Islam (the implementation of Sharia Law) - and declared his allegienace to the Sharia mafia at a Muslim Mobster Convention in Western Sydney - organised by former Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock - who with Howard oversaw and explosion of immigration to Australia - including a ballooning number of Muslims (Howard also tried to set up a shadow sharia government while in power)

Interestingly along with Cardinal Fisher, many of the above named are part of the Catholic mafia, which has volunteered itself to spearhead the islamisation of Australia - without any democratic mandate

Fisher, Cosgrove, Abbott, Andrews, Hockey are all Catholics - and footsoldiers for Islam (Hockey refuses to prosecute polygamy under Howard)

It is outrageous

Then on the AL-Party side - we have notorious Catholic and former immigration Minister Burke who openly endorses Islamic terrorism - and of course Bill Shorten is a Catholic

Cardinal Fisher in his refusal to condemn Islam demonstrates the intellectual vacuousness of a marshmallow, and his words of Sympathy have as much integrity as a cardboard cutout

Meanwhile the media cant find the words , Islamic, muslim, sharia law, halal in any dictionary or thesaurus - and Abbott , ASIO and the AFP maintain their head in the sand position that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism - and anyone who claims to be a muslim who commits crime, is apparently lying - and anyone else who points out the obvious, will be charged with a criminal ogfence, like , oh, racism - even though Islam is not a race - but it is extremely racist (just one its illegal features)

Not that any of these facts bother the Catholic Brotherhood or the mainstream media

Let's get all teary with faux sympathy, avoid the obvious (and declared threat - Muslims have rampaged through Sydney demanding we all be decapitated - Abbott's response at the time was that Muslims have rights too you know!) - and forget about the little kids who are now motherless - thanks to our treacherous politician, the duplicitous Catholic Church, and the lying maimstream media

And as for the NSW Police response - seriously, what a fiasco - a needlessly drawn out saga, ending in a bloodbath with dead Aussies everywhere, and many Aussies shot and in hospital. Needless to say Scipione delcared they did a great job (these guys put council workers to shame - hanging aorund for 17 hours before they did anything! - excpet sabotage the hostages safety by refusing to listen to simple requestst!!)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Sydney islamic terrorist Siege: Howard and Abbott and Morrison have blood on their hands - Andrew Bolt explains the shameful history

The Islamic terror attack in Sydney is over - with the islamic terrorist gunman (well known to NSW Police and the Government) having been shot dead along with two other  Aussies. The Abbott Liberals had been providing unlimited welfare benefits to a known criminal and refusing to deport him

Given that the lone gunman had one gun, the fact that multiple Aussies were wounded in the rescue fiasco, would indicate that NSW Police can't shoot straight

NSW Police might like to explain why having had  clear shot through multiple windows for 17 hours they refused to take out the islamic terrorist

In the meantime, the fruits of the Howard Liberals immigration fraud on Aussies, perpetuated by Gillard Rudd and now Abbott, with a mass immigration of muslims (especially as free loading refugees - the gunman was getting unlimited welfare from Abbott) has been realised having been pursued without any democratic mandate

Andrew Bolt explains some of the history here

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said police entered the cafe following gunfire from within the building…

“They believed that if at that time (police) didn’t move then there would be many more lives lost.”
Mr Scipione said there had been 17 hostages in all, including the five who escaped yesterday.

He said no explosive devises had been found ...
To nobody’s surprise he’s a Muslim - and a nutter:
Self-described cleric, Man Maron Monis, 50, first came to attention of police when he penned poisonous letters to the family of dead Australian soldiers.
Last year he was charged with being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife and mother of two.

And most recently, he was charged with more than 50 allegations of indecent and sexual assault relating to time allegedly spent as a self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” who dealt with black magic at a premises in western Sydney more than a decade ago.
Monis, who has also gone by the names of Sheikh Haron and Mohammad Hassan Manteghi, was born in Iran and most recently has been living at Bexley North in Sydney’s south.
What that record and those allegations, he was a bail?
He couldn’t have done more to declare he hated Australia:

Monis, who arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1996...
Who let him in? Why?
Who let him in? Why? In 2001 the ABC interviewed Monis (then still known as Manteghi Boroujerdi) and found he was calling himself an Ayatollah:

He is Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi, a liberal cleric who fled Iran four years ago after being very critical of the Iranian regime. Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s wife and two daughters are now under house arrest in Iran, and he’s hoping the Howard government will put pressure on the regime there to let his family join him here in Australia.
David Rutledge spoke to him this week.
David Rutledge: Ayatollah, can you tell me how long have you been resident in Australia?
Manteghi Boroujerdi: I have been in Australia more than four years.
David Rutledge: And why did you leave Iran?
Manteghi Boroujerdi: Because my life was in danger, and if I would leave Iran maybe few weeks late, maybe I couldn’t leave Iran.

The NSW Police have recently appointed an Islamic terrorist as their very own Ayatollah, to guide the NSW Police force as to how they do their work (sharia law is terrorism)

This follows NSW Police negotiating with Islamic terrorists in Sydney as to which laws should be applied to them

Also at the moment the Abbott Liberals are negotiating with Islamic State operatives in Australia (protected as loving religious charity workers) and overseas to bring back Islamic terrorists , free from prosecution (with full welfare benefits mainstained)

According to Abbott, Scipione, AFP, and ASIO, there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist or Islamic terrorism, and anyone who claims to be an islamic terrorist is lying apparently (and shouldn't be taken seriously - hey like the gunman in Sydney)- and anyone who believes there actually is islamic terrorism is a criminal !!!!

As David Cameron, the UK's faux Conservative PM, declared at the UN recently, he wants anyone who disagrees with the Government narrative to be deemed a terrorist!!! - the government narrative being that there is no such thing as islamic terrorism!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Islamic terror hits Sydney: Abbott remains committed to sharia law submission of Aussies - Shorten supports Abbott

An Islamic terrorist incident in Sydney today with an armed man taking hostages at a chocolate shop - and forcing people to hold up an Al Qaeda/ ISIS flag(s)

PM Abbott remains resolute in his determination to implement sharia law throughout Australia - having previously declared he is the sworn enemy of anyone who resists the implementation of sharia law (Islam) - which his government protects as a tax free religious Charity - and billions of dollars of funding for mosques etc

Leader of the Opposition, AL-Party, Bill SHorten had sympathy for the hostages but he too supported the Abbott agenda of sharia implementation - after all all preselections are now determined by Australia's self appointed Ayatollah, the Grand Mufti Atab Nazi supremacist - who receives Government funding

NSW police were called to the siege, and having recently appointed their very own islamic terrorist Ayatollah to guide their actions are no doubt seeing to ensure that no harm comes to any muslims involved

NSW Police have adopted the Abbott position, supported by the AFP and ASIO, that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism - and anyone who claims to be an islamic terrorist is apparently lying

The Catholic Church has established its position that all Catholics are required to submit to the supremacy of sharia law, as their Catholic duty, and while their Pope Francis the Fraud applauds Islam (Sharia Law )as THE religion of peace - the Vatican has declared that Christianity is dead!

Meanwhile the mainstream media finds ever new inventive ways of avoiding any mention of the words Islam, muslim, sharia law - or halal  (an extortion racket run by the muslim sharia mafia as a tax free Charity - and supported by all levels of Government - raising money for Islamic terrorism worldwide)

Sharia law IS terrorism - and anyone who advocates it is by definition a terrorist

Meanwhile Abbott continues to ensure that all government offices are turned into mosques, as are all sporting fields - and anyone who attempts to defend themselves from sharia law tyranny faces criminal prosecution

It's a total circus - and it involves the Government illegally mandating the organised criminal racket that is Islam in Australia

But don;t hold your breath expecting anyone to do anything - too many of these people are paid stooges, including journos

Meanwhile Abbott, ASIO and co are secretly working behind the scenes with Islamic State operatives in Australia and overseas to facilitate the return of islamic terrorists to Australia - without any prosecutions

It is beyond a disgrace, and illegal.

UPDATE: 2:30 NSW Police Commissioner Scipione admits that over 4 hours into the siege and the NSW Police haven't bothered to get in touch with the terrorist - and Scipione claims to have no clue as to what the motivation is (as usual). Presumably he is also consulting his personal Ayatollah terrorist he recently appinted to oversee the NSW Police

NSW Premier Baird, who supposedly runs the state and is a self proclaimed holier than thou Christian, but actively promotes the sharia law agenda in NSW, claims he is praying for the hostages

PM Abbott has done a Pontius Pilate and washed his hands of the entire incident, declaring that it is a NSW problem (Abbott's electorate is in NSW). Abbott, a self proclaimed devout Catholic, (and sharia law enthusiast) also claims to be praying for the hostages

Gee, it'd be helpful if some of these clowns either had a clue and/or stopped praying and actually resolved the problem - which has so far been an excuse to basically shut down Sydney

Muslims have previously rampaged through Sydney streets with Abbott's support, demanding all Aussies be decapitatd. Abbott's defense was that Muslims have rights too!!

It is unfathomable

UPDATE:16 Dec 2014

Two Aussies dead, multiple Aussies injured - as police reluctantly shoot dead Islamic refugee (well known to police as a criminal - but defended by Abbott, Morrison, Rudd, Gillard -etc as part of the bipartisan genocidal mass colonisation immigration program from the third world)

Self proclaimed Christian  Commisioner Scipione predictably refused to criticise his beloved Islam, as did NSW Premier Baird - both of whom advised we should remember the hostages and victims

PM Abbott, who has promised Australia tens of thousands of new islamic refugees, and had washed his hands of the incident by lunchtime, basically telloing hostages they were on their own (as indeed in turned out they were and having to escape themselves), mumbled something about more praying

However good news, the NSW Police having dragged the entire incident out for around an obscene 17 hours (rather than just entering by a back door and shooting the islamic terrorist) managed to avoid breaking any windows of the chocolate shop

How many of the hostages were actually killed by the NSW Police remains to be determined - and given the number of hostages shot, the NSW Police have some explaining to do

Scipione declared the NSw Police did not want to shoot the Islamic terrorist gunman, if they could avoid it (after all they have just appointed their very own Ayatollah to guide them at work) - hence the long siege (despite clear window shots for hours on end)

Meanwhile all Government and media operations are working hard to defend Islam and the agenda of implementing sharia law throughout Australia - and destroying the liberties of Aussies - in the new Saudi Australia

Even when Aussies are taken hostage andat least one killed having a hot chocolate these police and politician's are more interested in defending sharia law (which of course is universally illegal in Australia)

Abbott, Morrison, Scipione, Baird, Howard, Rudd and Gillard all have the blood of Aussies on their hands - in their defence and promoion of sharia law

Abbott and Kockey Hockey - a Lost cause for Conservatives. Liberals now worse than ALP and Greens. Abbott worse than Fraser

Joe 'windbag' 'everyone hates me' 'eat the poor ' Hockey has been consistently whinging about how he can't do a budget, hasn't got any money, and says we've had it

Bad Abbott has made it clear that he will die in ditch with Hockey - and has declared everyone his enemy - from Conservative commentators, to army vets, to Christians around the world , and of course Putin and Russia - arguably the most powerful country  and leader on earth - and christian and democratic. Abbott prefers the criminal mafia's like the the ones who run the organised crime front of Islam or Ukrainian genocidal mobsters like Poroshenko

Hockey and Abbott are in lock step about how they should shaft Aussies - and fund foreigners

Abbott is on record as declaring he is the sworn enemy of anyone who opposes the implementation of sharia law (Islam) - in Australia and throughout the world - and backs this up with funding and support for Al Qaeda, , Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State (Abbott is currently negotiation with Islamic State operatives in Australia (charity workers you understand) to bring back Islamic terrorists who have Aussie citizenship - without arrest). Abbott , supported by AFP and ASIO, has declared that there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist - just bigoted Aussies

Abbott and Hockey continue to protect the organised crime front that is Islam in Australia - since sharia law is universally illegal in Australia

Hockey and Abbott support the unfettered explosion of government funded islamic fronts throughout Australia and even provide tax free status - and billions to build mosques (islamic fortesses) and schools

Abbott and hockey continue to fund the nearly 70000 registered charities in Australia - and the associated $100 billion yearly rort that rips off Aussies every year - including Scientology, Mormoss, mainstream Christian Churches - and of course thousands of racist groups - masquerading as 'religiious charities' - like proponents of racial supremacy, the caste system etc

Then there is the multibillion dollar islamic welfare program - which yet another Catholic, Kevin Andrews has declared will not audit existing recipients- hundreds of thousands of them - an astonishing number of muslims get the Disability Pension - for reason like...can't think straight....

Then there is the billions in foreign aid Abbott and Hockey simply give organised islamic crime syndicates around the world - from Malaysia, to Indonesia - to Somalia Iraq, Palestinians etc etc

Then there is the mass colonisation program of Australia through mass third world migration - with heavy focus on muslims - in order to pursue Aussie Euro Christian genocide. Each migrant costs Australia $1 million (and refugees cost that each year). There were nearly 0ne million migrants (permannet and temporary) last year and in the previous 10 years - and Hockey wonders why there is no money. needless to say no politician or media outlet will even mention immigrant costs on Aussies - instead we're constantly told how great it will be to have a population of 70 million in 50 years!!!!

Then there is the insane number of unis (around 40) which are publicly funded to educate - foreign students - and which Abbott Hockey and Pyne want to charge Aussie kids up to $1 million for a qualification - just to get a job

Then there is the multi- level funding of international corporates (many now state owned!!) - especially though the fraudulent Free Trade Agreements - which dissolve our sovereignty and our personal freedoms with it - and the TPP is on its way...the motherlode of evil

Then there is Abbott's aboriginal apartheid agenda - funded to the tune of more billions to divide us by race - and also to include sharia law in the Constitution

The ALP and Greens are bad - for sure....but no-one is as bad as the Liberals - who masquerade as Conservatives - as an excuse to hide the fact they stand for nothing - except Australia's demise

The Aussie voter is between a rock and a hard place - and currently being screwed senseless...and Hockey is up there claiming to be responsible - as is Abbott...it is sickening

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Abbott embraces Poroshenko - Ukrainian mobster and Neo-Nazi supporter

PM Tony Abbott has embarrassed Australia by literally hugging known Ukrainian mobster Poroshenko- who has also declared he wants millions of Russian Christians simply slaughtered - for speaking Russian and being Orthodox Christian's!!

How does Abbott respond to a wannabe genocidist , murderer and gangster

What a sick joke - at a Christian (Catholic) Church service mind you!

Mind you Abbott is also a wannabe genocidist, pursuing the genocide of Euro/Christian Aussies, with a mass colonisation program from racist third world mass migration - along with Abbott's billion dollar funding of sharia law implementation (Islam) throughout Australia and the halal sharia mafia extortion racket on Aussies which Abbott and the Libs (and Shorten's AL-P)  endorse

Apparently Abbott loves Poroshenko - because Abbott believes Putin shot down MH17 - when it was in fact Poroshenkos' airforce operating out of Kiev

Meanwhile Poroshenko is destroying the livelihoods of his own Catholic countrymen and women and handing over the nations assetts to Western cronies - and slashing elderly Ukrainian pensions (hey no wonder Abbott loves him). Abbott offered Ukraine yellowcake (to eat maybe?)

The whole thing is surreal

Here is some background on Poroshenko which Abbott , the Libs and the ALP and the Australian media don't want to talk about

 See here

Being hailed by the propaganda Western media as the “Chocolate King” for his ownership of candy companies, this report continues, Poroshenko (Forbes #1335 richest man in world) is most importantly known to Russian intelligence agencies as being one of the global leaders of the feared Red Mafiya (aka The Russian Mob) , a position once held by his father Alexei Valtsman from the Odessa region and who in 1956 took on the last name of his wife, Yevgenya Poroshenko.
Poroshenko, this report says, started his weapons, gambling and prostitution business by laundering the money of Soviet times’ administrators. He has never been an entrepreneur to start a business of his own, that story was invented by Western media propagandists.
Poroshenko business was dirty and it started with plundering Ukraine state property by armed gangs. The Poroshenko family had plans to expand the activities beyond Ukraine and Tatyana Mikoyan, a well-known Kiev-based lawyer, remembers what the family did in Transnistria, “It was horrible back in the 1990s: illegal arms, prostitutes, drugs – all bringing profits to father and son.”
Poroshenko Sr. was awarded for his merits and in 2009 he received the Hero of Ukraine decoration bought for him by his son who paid to then President Yushenko, the Godfather to Petro Poroshenko’s children. The now President-elect is also well known for misappropriating budget funds and has the reputation of someone who knows how to make money out of thin air.
Many times Poroshenko has been accused of being involved in large scale corruption schemes, open lobbying, embezzlement of budget allocations, tax evasion, illegal operations to acquire shares and physically threatening political opponents and competitors and has been described as one of the most odious figures in Ukrainian politics and heads the list of the country’s corrupted persons.

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