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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Abbott Liberals - dead Men walking - All set to lose next election. Andrew Bolt explains

Andrew Bolt explains how the Abbott Liberals are on the fast track to electoral defeat in 2 years time - to a completely unworthy ALP - see here

THE Abbott Government must change or die. Newspoll now shows it trailing Labor by a disastrous 45 per cent to 55.

How has Abbott managed this feat? - by simply destroying his own voting base - hard to win when you beat yourself up

Abbott hasn't needed an Opposition - in fact Abbott has done everything he could to support the ALP Opposition - praising their leader Shorten, totally endorsing the sharia law agenda of the AL-Party embracing their global warming BS,maintaining high immigration - and generally refusing to attack or criticise the ALP and their ragtag supporters

Bolt says in his article

 Abbott is a Christian who believes.. in.......

oh....sharia law implementation(Islam), open borders, dissolving Australia's sovereignty with BS Free Trade Agreements with anyone he can find (Except Christian democratic Russia - Abbott prefers Communists, racists, and sharia decapitation squads from the Middle East)

Bolt also falsely notes that

The Left will always loathe a Catholic conservative like Abbott.

Abbott is no Conservative

Abbott is also arguably not an orthodox Catholic (the ALP WAS once the home to Orthodox Catholic Pollies influence - before being hijacked by their stanic opposite)

On both counts he fails - positions which typically demand some sort of ability to express oneself clearly are beyond Abbott's mindset

Abbott could be described as a Neo-Con and fraud however

And with his efforts targeting Christians around the world , a tyrant

His efforts with Russia can only be described as warmongering (Remember Abbott declared war on Russia multiple times BEFORE MH17 - particularly in relation to Russia defending Syrian Christians from Al Qaeda slaughter)

Abbott has also openly backed the declared neo-nazi Catholic mass murder genocide agenda of millions of Ukrainians , on the basis of being ethnic Russians (Orthodox Christians) - also supported by the Vatican and Pope Francis

Abbott also wants to change the Australian Constitution in order to implement aboriginal apartheid - and also as a pretext to establishing sharia law in Australia (something the ALP is desperate for) - that is more than we already are

Abbott wants Australian universities to be made unreachable for Aussie kids - and only service high fee paying foreigners (Abbott himself got a free education courtesy of Whitlam) - as did Pyne

and on and on it goes

Despite News Corp doing its bast to paint the Abbott Liberals policies as fantastic - its like putting lipstick on a pig and saying its Marylin Monroe

And then of course there is Abbott's personal great love for sharia law - and the sharia mafia in Australia who run the organised crime front of Islam  - protected by the Australian Government as a loving kind 'religious charity'. Abbott has declared to the sharia mafia that he is the 'sworn enemy' of anyone who opposes sharia law implementation (ISlam) - and openly funds mosques (islamic gang clubhouses) throughout Australia (along with foreign cash)(Despite Islamic terrorism being a known reality - the government has banned ANY surveillance of ANY mosques by ANY police or intelligence authorities - and the ADF (Military) are pursuing an islamic jihad recruitment program - and all Aussie recruits MUST declare respect (as in allegiance and submission) to sharia law - it is truly a disgrace)

Abbott has made it illegal for ANY Aussie to defend themselves from sharia law - banning free speech and even banning the use of the word 'Islamic ' when describing the self proclaimed murderous 'Islamic State' - declaring that it is an offence to Islam...Ayatollah Abbott

Abbott (along with ASIO ad the AFP) have declared that muslims are not terrorists - and any act of islamic terrorism committed by a muslim in relation to implementing sharia law, has nothing to do with sharia law, Islam or muslims - apparently it is the fault of the coffee and crepes fan club - and anyone who says otherwise is a racist - despite Islam not being a race (it is however the ideology of the racist Arab Nazi supremacists)

The halal extortion racket run by the muslim mob is protected by Abbott as a loving kind charitable act of extortion - where billions are ripped off from Aussies with an illegal Islamic tax ( and our trading partners), to fund islamic terrorism - in Australia and worldwide (ALL sharia law activities are terrorism - they violate the UN Declaration of Human Rights)

Abbott claimed he needed to bomb IS because they are an evil death cult who decapitate people - meanwhile Abbott welcomes with opens arms the Saudis who decapitate people in public all the time - under....sharia law!!! Abbott himself has been threatened by muslim - and Abbbott says they are not muslims...go figure....and 2+2=5 in Abbott's world

Abbott and the Libs, support Sharia law and in fact fund its implementation - the polygamy, the cutting off of girls genitals (medicare), the (multiple) child brides, the pedofilia, the honour killings, the extortions, the gang rules etc

There is nothing about Abbott which is Conservative

There is nothing about Abbott which would suggest that he has any Orthodox Catholic beliefs either (medicare still funds abortions of millions of Aussie kids) - while taxpayers fund a mass immigration program - from places where eating meat is banned - or can only been done after vicious slaughter etc> Meanwhile Abbott promotes Multiculturalism - where Aussie culture is destroyed, along with our freedoms and liberties in order to accommodate foreign cultures and people - who hate us, and our way of life...that's Abbott's version of Team Australia.

He does however support the Vaticans' call for all Catholics to become Islamic terrorists and implement sharia law (Pope Francis has demanded Europe dissolve its borders and open the floodgates to millions of illegally invading muslims)

There is simply no reason to vote for Abbott or the Libs - even stopping the boats has been matched by an increase in refuges flying through the front door (and then of course there is the genocidal mass colonisation program of Australia by racist third world hordes - each one costing a million dollars a pop)

And then Abbott and Hockey claim there is no money - for Aussie pensioners, Aussie student education or medicare

But unlimited funding for sharia implementation - and an open door for foreigners to enslave us all

Just beyond a disgrace

And then we've got the police surveillance state introduced by Abbott to fight all non-specific 'terrorism' , except Islamic terrorism, which according to the Abbott Liberals and ASIO and AFP  does not exist (maybe they should speak to Israel) - even though the Abbott Liberals have presided over the provision of the highest pro-rata number of islamic terrorists in the world fighting with Al Qaeda/ISIS (on Aussie passports of course - and usually AUssie welfare. The families of all these terrorists are funded and protected by the Austrlaian Government - even to the extent of repatriating dead muslim bodies back here!! - and of course unlimited consular assistance))

And then there is the Abbott agenda to bring in the Liberals version of Obamacare - where the public health system, once the envy of the world is owned by big private multinational insurers - which simply steal our incomes for profits (by forced health insurance)

And on and on it goes - the Abbott Liberals backing mafia after mafia - and the small Aussie business is shafted every which way (the Liberals main voter base of course - which they claim to support by destroying the conditions of low paid wage eaners!!)) - while foreign multinationals pay no tax!

And so the Aussie voter is left with the ALP - the party which supports islamic terrorism, open borders, more refugees and insanely high taxation (including the carbon tax for breathing and being alive)


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

While the Abbott Liberals force (illegal) sharia compliance onto Australia, Pauline Hanson reappears. Pickering explains

The  Abbott Liberals are touted in the media as a 'Conservative party' - which of course they are not

They may not be as left wing as the Greens or the ALP - but not standing for anything doesn't make you Conservative (climate change is real, mass third world colonisation. mass welfare for Muslims, mosque infrastructure, halal extortion by sharia mafia, joining neo-cons and making Russia an enemy etc)

In fact the Liberals strongest stance on anything has been to enforce the implementation of sharia law (ISlam) in Australia and protect the thousands of illegal racist Arab Nazi supremacists groups freely operating in Australia - and terrorising the place - including the illegal multibillion dollar halal food extortion racket run by the Sharia Mafia (to fund islamic terrorism) - which the Abbott Liberals totally enforce (along with the islamic terrorist loving ALP)

Abbott himself has declared that he is the 'sworn enemy' of anyone who resists or attempts to defend themselves from sharia law - and his government provides billions to build mosques - and an open door from the decapitation HQ Saudi Arabia - as well as a flood of other Arab islamic blood money. The Catholci Church has openly demanded Catholics submit to sharia law and the muslim masters

Christian democratic Russia has however been banned from Australia and trade with us - for defending Christians against islamic slaughter in places like Syria (oh and being blamed for MH17 which was shot down by Abbott's Neo-Nazi Catholic mates in Kiev)

Larry Pickering analyses the Abbott Liberals occupying no mans land -as they attempt to destroy their own voting base - and take Australia with it - see here

Why is Abbott doing so poorly in the polls despite the electorate’s distaste for Labor’s recent and current history? Labor’s incompetence and criminality is still fresh in swinging voters’ minds, but their options are few.

The Libs are bleeding like halal slaughtered goats and they don’t understand why. Well here’s why... the conservative voter has no preferential alternative. There is nowhere to go other than informal, depriving themselves of the critical preference vote.

Will the far Right groups co-align? It’s doubtful; established power bases jealously guard personal ambitions. Egos self destruct. But if a coalition were possible it would present a leviathan of political clout not seen for a century.
But there is one common thread that does unite each fledgling Party... and that’s the scourge of Islam. The world is suffering a pandemic of ideological Islamic madness and governments are not only refusing to act, they are appeasing it.
Islam is a minority hell-bent on becoming a majority with catastrophic intentions and politicians refuse to combat it for fear of a racial, or electoral backlash.
Islamic leaders already have a firm grip on politicians’ testicles in marginal seats, so don’t expect any sudden movement from the two major Parties.
You would have to be blind not to detect an electoral shift to the Right. The formerly unelectable Right wing UKIP is sweeping Britain and Scandinavia, along with much of Europe, is lurching Right. All with the same message... unrestricted Islamic immigration has to stop, and now.
Islamic clerics promoting terrorism are secreted in mushrooming mosques that need to be curtailed, new anti radical Islam legislation is being enacted everywhere, welfare budgets are being swamped with Islamic dependents 

So now Pauline Hnson reappears - to no doubt be shot down in flames by the maisntream media - who prefer the bipartisan conspiracy we know as democracy in Australia

Talk about a con

Friday, 14 November 2014

G20 in Brisbane - a Total Waste of Time and Money. Abbott becomes a mosquito to the Russian Bear. G5 have their own meeting

The G20 in Brisbane has basically served as Tony Abbott's backdrop to openly insult President Putin, leader of the most powerful (based on nuclear arms) country on the planet - and Christian and democratic to boot

Abbott has hidden under the skirt of the UK's Duplicitous faux Conservative David Cameron, who has openly instructed all Britons to submit to the gangsta rule of the Sharia mafia operating freely in the UK under the guise of a 'religious charity' - of Islam - which isn't a 'religion'and isn't charitable (according to David Cameron however Islam is apparently the biggest charity in Britain (in fraud maybe- ridiculous). Cameron also refuses to call islamic terrorists 'islamic' - but then tells the UN that anybody ELSE who doesn't agree with the Government at any point in time should be considered a 'terrorist'!!!

Abbott worships Cameron and has a similar penchant for embracing the Arab Nazi racist Supremacists who run the organised crime front of islam in this country - with the protection of Government (again as a tax free Charity - (including halal extortion) and the courts and the police forces, military and security agencies. The AFP recently announced that a whole platoon of ( islamic) terrorists (not islamic though  mind - according to AFP sages) had just left Australia, but they couldn't be stopped - according to the dumbasses at the AFP they became radicalised 'too quickly' to be stopped - WTF is this BS? - they are ALL already radicalised! - seriously!))

While Abbott and Bishop have been trying to ban Putin from Australia (for protecting Christians from ISlamic slaughter - or in the case of MH17 (something Abbott's neo-nazi Kiev mates actually did ) - as they tried to ban Geert Wilders (a Christian democratic politician from the Netherlands who wanted to warn Australia about the threat of sharia law activities (which are regardless a total violation of the human Rights of ALL Australians and illegal universally), Abbott has happily welcomed his racist decapitation squad from Saudi Arabia (and their Malaysian proxies) - and their blood money into this country - and as part of the G20 (aside from the other billions funding sharia implementation). Meanwhile Abbott backs the Neo-Nazis in Kiev and their agenda to simply slaughter millions of ethinc Russian Christians in East Ukraine - while the Saudi/Nato/ Western funded ISIS (rebadgedAl Qaeda) conitnues its murderous rampage in the Middle East - and the Saudis are warmly welcomed in Brisbaen - it is sick)

Meanwhile Assad and Syria remain under attack from the West (via proxies IS/Al Qaeda) and Putin is attacked by the West and the Vatican  -for defending Christians! (and law and order). The Abbott (and West)sanctions on Russia are a violation of internaitonal law - not that that bothers the lawless Abbott. Meanwhile the Ukraine under Kiev contol is mercilessly raped by the West and corporate carpetbaggers - and no-one says anything!!!

Hockey has declared that the objective for the G20 is to create economic growth and jobs - yet is happily destroying economic growth in Australia and local jobs (and conditions) through an unmandated mass colonisation program by racist third world hordes - as part of the bipartisan Liberal/ALP genocide of Australia (which is expected to have a white minority in less than 10 years) - with every migrant costing at least One million dollars - and 'refugees' - this much every year - and Hockey says there is no money...gee wonder why

Then there is the FREE TRADE Agenda (except with Russia of course - who have probably the worlds largest gold and oil reserves!) , to be topped off by the sovereignty destroying TPP (Trans pacific partnership) - which Will destroy Aussies jobs and local industry and force us into globalist corporate servitude - at low wages (oh and allow all our land to be sold off to foreigners (that's on top of our gas, our lobsters and anything else we may want - and hear the mainstream media cheer!)

Then there are the open borders

And of course the NWO one World Government agenda - where no-one has any freedom under a surveillance state tyranny (while Putin is demonised as ex-KGB (and so having a clue), the Western Governments introduce a tyranny the KGB could only dream of)

Whichever way you slice it the G20 has anything and everything BUT the interests of the Australian people and Australia

There is no Team Australia, because the bipartisan conspiracy masquerading as some sort of democracy, has implemented  multiculturalism - the worst element of which is the government protection of the sharia mafia - as well as pimping Australia out to all takers in some international gang bang

The 24/7 mainstream media coverage of the G20 is utterly absurd - given that the meeting should not even be happening - apparently the clowns attending have never heard of a phone call or Skype - and instead have to implement martial law in Brisbane to have a meeting

The Media of course promotes all this as exciting and good

It is idiotic

Hockey has maintained its about getting corporates to pay tax on income earned here in Australia - so why doesn't he either enforce the law or adjust it - why spend half a billion dollars having a gabfest about  it - especially when that gabfest is explicitly aimed at continuing the problem with BS Trade partnerships!!

Just a disgrace

Meanwhile Putin who runs self sufficient Russia and doesn't embrace the NWO agenda, putting his own country first - is painted as a pariah - and Abbott, with no defence force to speak of ( just a big mouth) continues to buzz around  the Bear trying to annoy him - most recently accusing Putin of bullying and trying to be a Czar  - I mean it is beyond parody.  This is the same Abbott who has attempted to strongarm Putin, mafia style, to get cash from Putin for MH17 which Putin didn't do!!

It is incredible

Meanwhile the G5, the real economic powerhouses, have their own private get together at the G20 - and Abbott (and Australia) weren't invited

Probably because Abbott has declared War on Russia (on multiple tiresome occasions) - and by extension everyone in the G5 - good move mate (that's aside from Abbott complete destroying (as in banning) the multibillion dollar trade deals with Russia - for no reason!!)

Meanwhile China applauds the Obama Decision to shut down electricity supply for Americans (closing clean coal power stations) and give China even more (dirty) power stations and jobs

Gee wonder why

Meanwhile Obamacare serves as a model of how corporates can gangrape a country with Government protection - a mafia style racket - under the name of 'freedom and democracy' - where there is no freedom and no democracy

Meanwhile the West is mounting a mutiple pronged attack on Russia as WW3 builds momentum...in the name of 'freedom and democracy' of course  - it's a disgrace

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Abbott Liberals now fully support Halal sharia mafia - Pickering Post explains

Now even the Australian court system is supporting and endorsing the sharia mafia organised crime operations that is Islam in Australia as well as the Abbott Liberals

This is a wholesale takeover of Australian ethics, turning the country into a cesspit ruled by the muftioso - and their armed gansta enforcers

With full support from the Abbott liberals (Abbott tried to extort money from Russia's Putin for something Putin didn't even do (MH17) - THAT is how deranged and debased this country has become

See here

The court document goes on to say:
“Quality Kebabs has obtained the benefit of operating its business on the basis that it has been certified by the applicant when, in fact, it has not. There are no great difficulties in assessing the expense Quality Kebabs has avoided having to pay by falsely asserting it was certified by the applicant. Mr El-Mouelhy’s documentary evidence was that his fee (without GST) to wholesalers was $27,090 in 2012, $33,580 in 2013 and $34,510 in 2014. I accept that Mr El-Mouelhy’s prices are likely to be at the upper end of the market (he is, after all, a Rolls-Royce and not a Mini) but it was Mr Kose who chose to steal a Rolls-Royce.”
So the two small retail outlets were charged just nominal damages of $10.00
But note this; “Quality Kebabs” had to pay what was equivalent to the 2012 fee of  $27,090.00 plus a 50% uplift which equates to $13,545.00. On top of that they had to pay the 2013 halal certification fee of $33,580.00, plus 50% uplift, which equals $16,790.00!
That makes a total of $91,015.00. Now that doesn’t include what “Quality Kebabs” would have had to pay for 2014 which would have been $34,510.
What these court documents don’t address (because they don’t need to) is the fact that for “Quality Kebabs” to be halal certified they would have to source their meat or chicken from a halal certified abattoir or chicken processor, in this case Steggles.
We know some abattoirs pay up to $27,000 a month to be halal certified. That is $324,000 a year. We have also seen a receipt where one chicken processor is paying $40,000 per year!


Islam is simply the implementation of Sharia law - which is illegal (by definition) in Australia

The Abbott Liberals protect this sharia implementation and the organised crime that defines it - as a lovng kind 'religious charity' - where all the proceeds are TAX FREE!

 This is so shocking it should be making the place ungovernable - oh, wait..it is...

We need someone like Putin to clean the place up.....

Putin responds to Abbott threat - sends in the military. Ukraine aslo now currently being retaken

Not surprisingly President Putin, leader of the worlds most powerful country, with a strong focus on Christianity and Sovereignty, has had enough of Western insults - not least of all from Australia's wannabe hero Tony Abbott, who has a bad habit of declaring War on Russia for anything - usually for protecting Christians from Islamic slaughter (or in the case of Ukraine, from Catholic Neo-Nazi slaughter (Abbott's mates)

While Abbott bignotes himself attacking some random Death Cult in the Middle East (recently again redefined  as some other bizarre name for what is just a Western backed and armed Al Qaeda front slaughtering everyone especially Christians) - back home Abbott can't do enough to facilitate the implementation of Sharia law by the Arab Nazi Supremacists gangsters who run Islam (Abbott is particularly fond of the decapitating dictators who run Saudi Arabia - with an open border for all things Saudi Arabian - including their culture of sharia law - polygamy, child brides, child genital mutilation, honour killings, public deapitations, death to Christians, sharia finance, halal food etc etc)

Abbott has banned the use of the word Islamic when talking about the 'ISlamic State' - Abbott has criminalised anyone who attempts to defend themselves against sharia law (Islam (the implementation of sharia law is in total violation of the Racial Discrimination Act and illegal universally in Australia); Abbott and 'Cry poor' Hockey fund to the tune of billions each year islamic infrastructure thoughout Australia and the world - mosques, schools, madrassas, community centres on top of the illegal islamic tax from the halal certification extortion racket (all tax free for this loving religious charity act of kindness known as sharia law)

Then with Free trade Agreements even more corruption and ultimately with the TPP the dissolving of Australia's sovereignty to globalists and  multinationals

For all intents and purposes Abbott (With ALP support) is dissolving Australia

Abbott, Shorten and the Australian media have been bizarrely anti- Putin in relation to the G20 farce (which has been a good excuse to implement martial law in Brisbane - when the only threat to anyone has come from self declared Lone Wolf terrorist wannabe Tony Abbott who has declared to the world he intends to physically attack Putin when he arrives at the meeting - which Australia is the host (some Host eh)

Putin gave Abbott the cold shoulder at APEC - and prior to his arrival has also mobilised part of the Russia Fleet - and sent it towards Australia

Once upon a time Australia had a bizarre fear of being invaded by Russia - but given the wholesale level of endemic corruption and the various mafias freely operating in this country, it's doubtful anyone would notice any difference - it might eve improve the place - by stopping mass third world colonisation by racist hordes and the current government backed implementation of sharia law by Abbott's (and Shorten's) sharia mafia mates (with the wholesale illegal facilitation by our corporates - including the Big Banks). The scale of criminality is simply breathtaking and the Christian Churches are up to their necks in it as well

Since Australian politicians seem to be determined to colonise us by foreigners - how about they put it to a democratic vote while there is some semblance of a democracy - Christian European Russia - or racist third world non-Christian hordes who hate us? What sort of Australia do we want?

Meanwhile Putin has also had enough of watching the Western backed neo-nazis slaughter his own kind and is mobilising troops in what has always been Russian territory in Ukraine (in response to an illegal and aggressive NATO buildup on Russian borders everywhere else)(NATO was responsible for destroying Libya and handing it to Al Qaeda)

This will be a further escalation of the current economic war which is part of WW3 which is currently underway

Expect Putin to be demonised again - for wanting peace and sovereign safety and protecting his own kind - unlike Western politicians who consistently do the opposite (multiculturalism for example and open borders)

WW3 is underway - and it is being driven by the West - yet again

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Abbott given cold shoulder by Putin - told to put up or shut up. Abbott furious at being a fool

PM Tony 'Blowhard' Abbott has consistently made world headlines by declaring war on President Putin, head of democratic Christian Russia, and the most militarily powerful country on the planet

Abbott has publicly declared he is the Lone Wold Terrorist who has targeted Putin

Most normal people think Abbott is behaving like a deranged madman - the Australian media however, are bizarrely supporting Abbott's behaviour (backed by a military might of a blind man, and his three legged castrated dog military) - which are becoming irrelevant in the light of Austrlaia being dissolved by Abbott's Free Trade Agreements. The ABC however is mocking Abbott's behaviour

Abbott has been declaring to all who will listen, virtually everynight on the news, that he will attack Putin - yet no-one is too sure what for

Abbott claims he is acting on behalf of dead Aussies shot down in MH17 - which Malaysian and German and US authorities have all declared was an air to air missile fired from a Ukrainian jet, followed by machine gunfire, under orders from Abbott's Neo-Nazi Catholic mates in Kiev (who took power in an armed coup from a democratically elected government - and then declared they would simply murder all Russian Christians in East Ukraine. Russia is currently in the process of taking over Eastern Ukraine due to this criminality)

Abbott claimed that he had intelligence - that Russia provided the weapon and facilitated the shooting down of the MH17

Putin no doubt  was aware that Abbott had no intelligence  - and told him to submit his evidence to the ongoing inquiry

That's the inquiry which Abbott and Bishop are believed to have made a deal with the neo- nazis running Kiev, NOT to release the information or its findings!!

The truth of this information will no doubt be borne out by whether any official findings are released

Mr Free Trade Abbott has even cancelled all trade with Russia - wiping out numerous Aussie industries in the process - tyrant anyone?

Abbott also successfully put offside Russia's closest ally, China, ( Australia's major trading partner)

China has told Abbott to back off - and Abbott has told them go suck eggs and upped the ante

Now Abbott is also using extortion tactics (like his beloved islamic mafia mates in Australia and their illegal halal extortion racket (protected as a tax free charity)) and demanding Putin pay for something he didn't do, and which Abbott cant prove he did

It is bizarre

But Abbott also declared on Putin BEFORE the MH17 tragedy

When Putin backed the Egyptian military, and the democratically elected Syrian government protecting Christians in Syria from Al Qaeda slaughter - Abbott declared war on Russia and backed Al Qaeda (now known as ISIS - who Abbott now claims to be bombing in Iraq! Egypt is now at peace, and so is Syria. Iraq on the other hand is a basket case - and as for Libya (where Australia's previous PM Rudd openly backed the annihiliation of Gaddafi and the handing of the coutnry over to ...Al Qaeda!!)

If it wasn't actually happening you would find it hard to believe such bizarre lunacy on the loose

Meanwhile with over 20% of Australia's arable land now in foreign hands, Australian politicians are trying to decide whether there should be some protection for the country Australians live in. Mind you the FTA's and the nightmare TPP should fix that problem once and for all - there will be no country Australians can call home

Putin on the other hand believes in patriotism and nationalism and Christianity - no wonder Abbott hates his guts

2GB and Chris Smith support Islamic terrorism - supports Muslim mafia jihad on Aussies. Pickering explains halal extortion

Now even 2GB has joined the dhimmi forces in Australia backing the sharia mafia and supporting the Muslim mobsters war on Aussies and Australia - (as well as the Abbott Liberals and the AL-P headed by Shorten who demand full submission ot islamic terorrists)

The halal certification extortion racket raises money for islamic terrorism in Australia and overseas

ANY sharia law activities are in fact terrorism - Abbott protects these as tax free charitable operations (supported by the ALP and the Catholic Church)

Sharia law violates the UN Declaration of Human Rights

Islam is simply the implementation of Sharia law - which EVERY muslim is committed to

Which makes Islam an organised crime and terrorist front - and muslims criminals under Australian law

Not that this bothers 2GB - who appear to have now joined the Sharia Mafia payroll - along with our politicians and security agencies and police forces (all of whom demand submission to sharia law - Abbott has made it an offence to defend yourself against sharia law)

Abbott and Hockey force Aussies to pay an illegal islamic tax to the muslim mob on nearly everything, and protect those billions in payments as 'tax free' charity money! - for islamic terrorism

See Pickering's article here

He (Chris Smith) intends giving a halal certifier the microphone tomorrow to explain how the extortion racket works. Kirralie Smith of halalchoices.com.au rang Mr Smith’s producer, Ian Dodd, to ask if she could present the alternative case. Mr Dodd called her an “idiot” and suggested that she should call in like everyone else if she had something to say.
Media have taken an interest in the recent uproar over halal certification but unfortunately have turned a blind eye to the widespread extortion racket that is inflating prices. 
They have labelled concerned citizens as “bullies” who are harming our export markets.
Ian Dodd and Chris Smith should do a little research before making such outlandish comments. In fact, the opposite is true.