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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Abbott vs Putin - and Al Qaeda in Sydney. And Andrew Bolt loses the plot on Russia!

A quick comment  - no links

Yesterday Sydney experienced more outpouring of hate and anger from muslims - campaigning for the Palestinian state (despite no historical basis for doing so, nor the realities of Jordan and Syria in terms of 'Arab muslims cum Palestinians' in the Middle East'

This has happened twice within a week - and yesterday Sydney streets were shut down - for an Islamic pro-terror rally

 While Tony Abbott sat a stones throw away in St Mary's Cathedral along with our Governor General, vowing vengeance on Russia - for someone else shooting down MH17, Al Qaeda flags were freely parading though Sydney - along with Hezbollah - another islamic terrorist mob

NSW Police were there - of course - arresting any one with  Jewish /Israeli flag. As usual the NSW Police protected - the islamic terrorists (despite sharia law being illegal in Australia on multiple fronts)

While Abbott and many other politicians openly entertain the idea of banning one of the worlds most powerful leaders  - a European and Christian (Putin), from Australia from the G20 waste of time - for something he hasn't actually done, Abbott and ASIO warmly welcome back known ISIS islamic terrorists into Australia , no questions asked- on welfare - and support Al Qaeda marches through the city streets - regardless of the safety of ANY Aussies - or tourists. It is also worth noting that Abbott and his government support the Muslim Brotherhood against Eygpts El Sisi and the ISIS /Al Qaeda terrorists against ASSAD in Syria (who Russia also supports and is protecting Christians in Syria - who are being slaughtered elsewhere. Abbott also declared war on Putin and Russia over their protecting Christians in Syria)

Abbott gets up in Parliament and admonishes Russia and Putin for bullying smaller nations (that would be the Ukraine, which was invaded by the West when the Ukraine agreed to a trade deal with Russia (and not the EU)- and is now run by Catholic Neo-Nazis - who have sworn to exterminate ethnic Russian Orthodox Christians (ie the rebels in Eastern Ukraine which Russia is helping and protecting thousands of Ukrainian refugees - yeah THAT bullying) - while the Abbott Liberals and previous Australian Governments have openly bullied and intimidated East Timor , Fiji and PNG amongst others - oh and Nauru

China is now moving into East Timor - because Australia refused to help them

Abbot and the Australian Government are an embarrassment along with other Western Nation fascists who bizarrely assume the high moral ground on the basis of claimed Western 'Freedom and democracy' - the freedom and democracy which sees the EU (also heavily involving the Vatican) simply appoint leaders to European countries - and then ransack them financially - yes THAT freedom and democracy (ask Greece and Cyprus (not the Turkish/islamic part) how they are enjoying 'freedom and democracy' western style while their countries are pilfered and their communities are impoverished - just like Ukraine is now)

While Germany remains occupied - no not by Russia , but by Americans (and up until recently the British) - around 70 odd years after World War 2 actually ended (we won't get into the nefarious British involvement in that or WW1 either)

While its obviously dreadful that anyone  was killed on that MH17 flight - including many Aussies, there are a swath of issues which need to be explained - including why it was flying directly over the war zone - virtually by itself

For Abbott to be chest beating and yelping and barking like some insane mutt about attacking Russia and Putin is laughable (and dangerous - WW3 could be the result) - while Abbott has an effective military of a blind man and his three legged castrated dog (for diversity), Abbott's big mouth - ..oh and Julie Bishop, Putin has a standing army of millions, REAL weapons (like ICBM's), nuclear weapons, control of space/satellites etc - and some real intelligence

Russia should be close ally and trading partner - Australia should be pursuing trade agreements with them (not racist sharia recalcitrants(according to Keating) like Malaysia), since we have a lot in common - instead Abbott has implemented trade sanctions (Russia is spared our halal beef rubbish - unlike japan) - and declared war - on multiple occasions. It is bizarre

Meanwhile Abbott declares he is the sworn enemy of anyone who opposes sharia law activity (islam) (as a 'religious charity' - mind you) and its implementation in Australia, Al Qaeda marches through Sydney streets, and Abbott and ASIO welcome back known ISIS islamic terrorists fresh from the slaughterfest terrorist activities in the Middle East - and continue paying them welfare (the ones who haven't become suicide bombers can still collect). Yes muslims in Australia's name are now becoming suicide bombers - and taking out other muslims in Iraq and elsewhere (during their so-called 'holy' month of Ramadan - also when Gaza launched its latest Israeli bombardment - yest THAT sort of holiness

Australia has lost the plot

Meanwhile Abbott with bipartisan support continues the Aussie cultural genocide by our own government being realised through mass third world immigration - with no political/electoral mandate - and a legal system designed to persecute anyone who complains - that's freedom for you

That's bullying - of Aussies

Then of course there is Abbott's record of being responsible for persecuting Australia's first political prisoner - Pauline Hanson - a former member of Abbott's own party - and whose charges were subsequently dismissed

Meanwhile claimed Conservative journo Andrew Bolt loses the plot - sounding more like a neo-con warmongering shill than a credible rational journo in relation to his Russian conspiracy theories - see here

The West is to blame for creating monster of Vladimir Putin

Friday, 18 July 2014

Abbott's Muslim's leading the Islamic Suicide bombing Olympics for Australia - teen takes out muslims in Iraq - and himself

Australian muslims lead Medal Tally at the Muslim Suicide Bombing Olympics somewhere in the Middle East see here

AN Australian suicide bomber has reportedly detonated a bomb in the Iraq capital of Baghdad, killing three people.
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) claims a man named Abu Bakr al-Australi set off an explosive vest at a Shiite mosque in the city, with more than 90 people injured.
‘Al-Australi’ is a known alias for jihadists from Australia.

While Tony Abbott has variously declared war on Christian Russia on multiple occasions in recant times, like in relation Australia supporting the ISIS terrorists trying to take over Syria (and Iraq) (with Russia supporting Assad and Christians) and Australia supporting the Muslim Brotherhood Al Qaeda front to takeover Egypt , while Russia supports Egyptian El Sisi and Christians),, Abbott is having a lot more success with his Muslim sharia warriors - of whom he has declared that he is the 'sworn enemy' of anyone who opposes them and sharia law implementation (as a religious charity of course

Abbott is having quite a lot of success supplying islamic terrorists (on Aussie passports) to fight with the islamic terrorists in Syria/ Iraq (who the Abbott Liberals support - as well as the Palestinians  ) and also in achieving a couple of gold medals for schoolkids blowing themselves up as suicide bombers - and getting a bit of collateral damage on the side - you know - other muslims

This is the sort of lunacy Abbott and the Liberals (with bipartisan ALP Shorten support) endorse operating freely in Australia - specifically the Sydney region (where muslims back in 2012 rioted through Sydney streets demanding everyone be decapitated)

Sharia law is illegal in Australia on multiple fronts, being in violation of the Crimes Act, the Marriage act, the Racial Discrimination Act, the Sexual Discrimination Act the Constitution, various statues on child abuses and animal cruelty (halal) etc etc

Despite this the Australian Government protects sharia activities (islam) as 'religious charities' and provides them with a tax free status - including the illegal halal food certification blackmail/extortion racket - which raises billions for islamic terrorism in Australia and overseas - tax free (Hockey claims to be poor - yet supports this illegal islamic tax)

Australians are forced to swallow halal food despite its known cruelty - and pay the Islamic tax

Australia expects all its trading partners, like non- sharia Japan, to buy our beef as halal certified - and so also support the islamic big business of terror and tyranny - and Caliphate establishment

Despite these two recent teen suicide success stories, the sharia mobsters who run Sydney's sharia tyranny, claim that they don't support the suicide bombers

No of course not

Just like they dont' support destroying our Constitution and all our laws and freedom - to replace with sharia law

So while Abbott pursues delusions of grandeur constantly declaring war on Christian European Russia (they of the million standing army, nuclear weapons, control of space etc - up against Abbott's military of a blind man and his three legged castrated dog (for diversity) - Abbott can take some comfort in knowing that his beloved sharia warriors are blowing themselves and other muslims up - in Australia's proud name - for the sake of charity ....of course (funded by Australian welfare benefits)

Abbott's Catholic Church has instructed all Catholics to submit to this sharia tyranny - and clearly Abbott is following his faith

Meanwhile ASIO (a la David Irvine - with bipartisan political support)) wants to destroy more Aussie civil liberties, like monitoring Internet usage - while allowing dozens of known ISIS muslim terrorists back freely into Australia - without arrest - and then declares that we face a threat (no mention of the words islam or muslim though)....no sh*t Sherlock....from multiple sources apparently

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Abbott Axes Gillard Tax - Shorten vows to remember Gillard forever and reintroduce the Carbon Tax - on behalf of Aussie workers - oh and union/industry super

Kudos to Tony Abbott and the Liberals - for finally doing something constructive - getting rid of the Gillard Green's Carbon Tax

Condolences to Bill Shorten , whose love of Gillard and her tax memory is so great, he has vowed to reintroduce a Carbon Tax if any Aussies are stupid enough to vote him (and the ALP) back into office

Go figure

Shortens commitment to ignominy and irrelevance is bizarre - but possibly explainable in the context of the corrupt union superannuation movement, where industry funds have invested (divested?) workers funds in a plethora of green carpetbagging schemes - on the basis of bankrolling by the Government - ie Gillard and co

Those investments are now looking very shaky - as well as the union mafioso who get paid a fortune to to oversee the scam - Remember Paul Howes - his only qualifications are as a big mouth - yet he was a major player in Australian super - now he is employed by KPMG

Green carpetbagging is a government extortion racket - run by certain political parties

Abbott has stepped away in part from this - but the issue of RET's and an ETS threat are still real - and unresolved

Kudos to The Daily Telegraph for its front page today - summing up the situation perfectly/

Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash - False Flag?

Given the current conflict in the Ukraine, caused by the Western Backed Neo-Nazi genocide of ethnic Russians (supported by Australia - Australia also supports the Muslim Brotherhood ), along with the BRICS new financial model threatening the the Western Bretton-Woods financial cabal progressively dissolving national sovereignty (and personal freedoms), and the demands by various US politicians, the usual suspects like McCain, demanding again that Russia be attacked - you have to wonder whether the tragic loss of Aussies and other lives on this jet was in fact collateral damage in a bigger war

Paul Watson looks at the scenario here - see here

Or it could be another muslim jihadist pilot deciding to take out another Malaysian Airlines plane and its passengers - after all Malaysia is a hardcore sharia law country - and this is a government run airline

One thing is for certain, there would be no basis for Russia or Putin to shoot down the plane - especially given Putin's peacemaking in relation to Syria  - which the West wanted to bomb into oblivion like Iraq and Libya (remember NATO's 40000 sorties/bombing raids - 'most successful ever' campaign ever according to NATO - Libya is now run by Al Qaeda). Watson's video includes the report that the West was trying to shoot down Putin's plane!!

Needless to say the Western media is salivating at blaming Putin for the tragedy

But yet again, another incident eroding our civil liberties - while government agencies demand more and more control over our lives

It's pretty hard to not conclude there is a conspiracy and an agenda at work

But you can make up your own minds - in the meantime dozens of families lives have been ruined by this tragedy

In the meantime , stand back - for the propaganda wars to be unleashed - revealing to some extent the nefarious political games being played out on our planet.

UPDATE: Abbott again declares war on Russia (groan) - -with Australia's military of a blind man and his castrated three legged dog (for diversity purposes) up against the nuclear armed Russia , who have a standing army of millions, actual weapons - oh and control space

Abbott has got....Julie Bishop - and.... a big mouth (oh and our military have a major focus on transgender recruits - like our police forces)

Despite calling for an enquiry - Abbott made it clear he regards Putin as responsible and was incensed when the Russians said it wasn't them

That's rational thinking for you - because Abbott would know....(.while our own ASIO lets ISIS terrorists back into the country (deliberately) - and then Irvine says that we must lose our freedoms because of a terror threat....that's all AOK apparently)

Not even Obama has declared war on Russia (unlike some other US pollies - the usual suspects) - yet Abbott is leading the charge of the Light Brigade like Don Quixote

UPDATE2 : Ludicrous analysis by the so-called Conservative media - blaming Russia (when it was the West who hijacked Kiev and are currently stealing all its natural assets (Biden's son on Ukraine company board for example) - and turning Ukrainians into refugees (in their own country)- and fleeing to Russia. The West is up to its neck in this tragedy - regardless of how it actually did occur) - since the West backs the genocide and slaughter of ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine - who the Neo- Nazi Western stooges in Kiev have declared they will slaughter! Unreal

See Andrew Bolts summation here

Bolt leads with the ludicrous

We have paid a terrible price for Vladimir Putin’s aggression


Monday, 14 July 2014

AFL Multicultural Round: Promotes Aussie genocide, race hate and islamic terrorism; Time to boycott the AFL and Gillon McLachlan

The AFL is this week promoting its insidious Multicultural Round - to take the 'Australian' out of Australian Football. The new slogan is effectively -" Let's take the 'Aussie' out of Aussie Rules " because as far as the AFL, and indeed the Australian Government - Aussies no longer rule - in Australia. We're now run by the Government Funded Victimology Bureaucracy - where everyone - except actual Aussies have unlimited rights - and Aussies have none. The parasites now rule the host

In the and, if you take away all Aussies rights - then no-one has any , anyway

Aussies no longer rule - according to the AFL and our governments

Following their Nazi like child abuse of an unaccompanied minor at an Adam Goodes game, it is clear the AFL has been hijacked by the political tyrants of PC , multi-culti separatism and destruction of Australian society

How many more people do our treacherous politicians intend to simply dump into Melbourne and Sydney?

While the Abbott Liberals implement the bi-partisan mass migration colonisation policy of importing third world racist hordes  to commit Australian genocide - without any democratic mandate - MOFO bodies like the AFL embrace the fraud and demand and force the sheeple to follow their Aussie culture/society to the gallows

The head of the AFL was on TV this morning (CH 7) boasting his support for Islamic terrorism/sharia law (illegal in Australia) (ramadan), racist cults (from India - protected as social 'religions' )- and basically anything which destroys Aussie culture

There is no such thing as multiculturalism -  Gillon McLachlan and your mofo cronies -  take note

It is a fraud to destroy a dominant (in this case Australian) culture by promoting separatism, racism, divisiveness and ethnic hate which is multiculturalism. It is a total abuse of the Human Rights of Australians

It beggars belief that this insanity is not only being pursued and implemented by the AFL - but also actively funded by the Abbott Government (and whichever government is in Canberra on a bipartisan basis - with ZERO democratic mandate)

Curiously it is only a policy being pursued in ethnically European societies with a Christian cultural background

Oddly enough while euro/Christian Aussies are outlawed from having their own culture (and Aussies are outlawed from having their own culture btw) - they must submit to some foreigners culture - from Africa, India, Asia or the Middle east. Even more curious, there is no such arrangement in the countries of these imported foreigners / immigrants /refugees - countries so bad that they had to be left behind by these migrants (legal and illegal). Yet the Australian Government demands and funds that those crappy societies be recreated in Australia at the expense of Aussies - often protecting this insanity and racism  - as a 'religious charity' no less!!. It is criminal

Despite making up less than 10 per cent of the worlds people, these people (white Euro/Christian cultural) and their societies have been targeted for genocide - Pol Pot style - by globalist masters - like the EU slavemasters in Brussels have hijacked the citizenry of Europeans. Western 'freedom and democracy' is a demonstrable fraudulent myth.

There is an international conspiracy to simply colonise all these societies, usually successful, with third world racist hordes - especially, as we all know , the Arab racist Nazis of sharia law (muslims) and their brand of tyranny, islam - the rule of the gangsta muftioso lynchmob (out in Sydney on Sunday supporting Palestinian terrorists)

The Catholic Church is the primary cheerleader for the implementation of sharia law - a murderous hate filled racist ideology - protected by Western Governments including the Australian government - as a 'relgiious charity'. All Christian churches support the Catholics in this fraud

Not even muslims think sharia law is a religion - yet the Catholic Church demands submission - and the Multiculturalists demand acceptance - the tolerance of the intolerant (aka suicidal genocide)

The AFL is actively abusing the Aussie social dynamic which has made the AFL successful -team footy - by embracing the evil and criminality of multiculturalism - and turning the game into a political football

The AFL should be boycotted as a disgrace. Clubs should set up an alternative competition - free from political PC BS

Multiculturalism is in violation of the Racial Discrimination Act - as it deliberately promotes racist hatred and ethnic separatism - under the guise of redefining Australian society - by destroying Australian society

It is morally repugnant and legally criminal

Yet here it is being shoved down our throats  - year after year see here

If you are in Australia you are Australian - love it or leave

The 'One Game Many Cultures' is as idiotic as it is offensive

The promotion of racial disharmony with the agenda of disenfranchising Australians from our own society and our country in the name of some PC centrally run globalist village BS by mofo cronies is beyond  a disgrace

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hockey and Abbott cry poor - while protecting tax free charity scams, religious scams and extortion scams(eg halal) $100 billion up for grabs - Hockey refuses - blames Senate

This blog estimates that Joe Hockey is deliberately refusing to collect up to $100 billion in taxes from the sacred cows of 'charities' - so called - ranging from so-called religions (like third world racist cults), to ethnic race hate groups, to illegal immigrant /refugee activists. to sharia/islamic money laundering fronts, the illegal halal extortion racket, and just plain old commercial operations (like Weet-bix)  - amongst many others. There should be ZERO charity 'tax free' exemptions. Hockey blames.....the SENATE...naturally!

It is incredible to watch not only the amazing dishonesty of the Abbott Liberals and Joe Hockey, crying poor over a lack of money (and so needing to supposedly raise taxes), as well as all the other politicians in Parliament, purportedly representing actual Australians in our so-called democracy, who are all stone silent on the charity  scams making billions of tax free windfall profits for dodgy organisations - and in the process enabling them to disenfranchise masses of Aussies from their civil liberties (Aussies who are forced to pay land tax while charities get off scot free (funded by the mug Aussie!)!)

With the exception of Xenophon who at least raises the issue

Why does Hockey protect Scientology as a tax free religious charity?

On what basis are Mormons protected as a tax free religious charity?

Why does Hockey and Abbott protect the halal food certification extortion racket as a tax free charity raising billions for islamic terrorism in Australia and overseas? What is islam? - islam (sharia law) is simply big business - and the Abbott Liberals are its great protectors

Then you have the Christian Churches - flogging off their real estate portfolios (accrued tax free over generations courtesy of Aussies ) to Chinese buyers -with proceeds  TAX FREE!

Why are any commercial enterprises run by supposedly charity organisations exempt from paying any tax? - like sanitarium (weet-bix) Seventh Day Adventists. Time to boycott weetbix

Why do sharia law militants (muslims) have their Australian activities (namely the implementation of sharia law) protected as a tax free religious practice? - which includes the halal extortion racket? This is an overt threatening criminal operation of the worst order. All AOK according to the Australian Government - nothing to see here, move along

Why are third world cults which are self evidently racist and ethnically exclusive, protected as charities - when they are obviously breaking the law - re Racial Discrimination

Why is funding islamic terrorism supported by the Australian tax payer - as a charitable exercise

Why do Hockey and Abbott cry poor and then keep on approving Charity organisations to be tax free - currently approaching a mind boggling 70000 in Australia - and the religious ones are approaching 20000!! The bottom line is there shouldn't be any - EVERYONE should pay their fair share of tax - namely their community contribution from their activities - this protected species BS has got to end - NOW

Who would have thought that there were 20000 religions in the world?

The Australian Government actively bankrolls them all - after finding them (apparently all you have to do is claim to have an invisible friend - and hey presto you are in business - rather than being locked up in a mental asylum)

It is a miracle Australia could well do without

Yet the mainstream media as a rule (with the exception of Ch9's A Current Affair), ignore the the criminality and rorts

The politicians refuse to discuss it - and the media refuses to hold them to account

It is this level of hypocrisy, deceit, criminality and straight out fraud and civil disenfranchisement which are an integral part of the the Australian Government operations - and no-one is prepared to address it - if you do , you are name called - ranging from racist to bigot to ignoramus to whatever

If simple criminality is so untouchable (and actively encouraged and protected (and funded) by our law enforcers) - there is little hope for the rest of us

Monday, 7 July 2014

Australian High Court Sri Lankan ruling reveals itself as globalist anti-democracy stooge now indulging in speculative decisions - on anything including Men from Mars presumably

The High Court has again revealed itself to be a stooge apparatus of the anti-sovereignty globalist cabal with its latest bizarre effort in relation to the injunction on Sri Lankan illegals - or so it is claimed

In fact the premise for the High Court actively undermining the Australian Government, and in the process our Constitution and democracy (or what's left) is entirely speculative - even admitted as such by the clown Justice Crennan

A boat load of unknown citizens seeking to enter Australia illegally is apparently intercepted and returned from where they came - and the High Court acting under instructions from Australia's new self proclaimed Dictator /Jesus wannabe George Newhouse say's these unknown people must be allowed to enter Australia illegally - because they are on a boat apparently. The bigger question is how does Newhouse know, and who in Australai is illegally co-ordinating this exercise of invasion

See story here

The High Court has intervened in the Federal Government’s attempts to hand a boatload of 153 asylum seekers over to the Sri Lankan navy at sea, issuing an injunction to temporarily stop the transfer.
The order was issued about the same time Sri Lankan police said 41 asylum seekers in a second boat, handed over by Australia on Sunday, had been arrested and faced “rigorous imprisonment”.
The High Court will sit in Sydney today to hear an application from refugee advocates seeking to permanently halt the handover.
Human rights lawyer George Newhouse, acting for 48 Tamils on board, said those on the boat were sure to be charged when they returned.
“People die in Sri Lankan jails and people are tortured in Sri Lankan jails and I would have thought an Australian minister would have thought long and hard about sending people to a place where they could die,” he said of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

The exact whereabouts of the boat with the 153 passengers on board is not known, and Mr Morrison has refused to provide any details, citing security provisions associated with the military-style Operation Sovereign Borders.
The boat set sail from southern India about three weeks ago and its passengers have not been heard from since it was intercepted by Australian authorities 250km from Christmas Island about 10 days ago.
Justice Susan Crennan granted the temporary injunction in a late sitting yesterday.

 “This will be a test for the Government and the legality of their actions on the high seas,” she said.

What jurisdiction does the High Court have on the High Seas - zero - yet the Abbot Liberals are funding this challenge against itself!!

Now if the Abbott Government could actually grant a little democracy to the people and allow us to determine the size of the immigrant intake (as contrasting to the current million per year mass migration colonisation of Australia to commit social genocide) - then maybe we might have a bit more democracy