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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Joe Hockey's assault on Australians - to pay for their own genocide. Spectator article

Joe Hockey, the Liberal and known windbag and IMF stooge has delivered one of the most bizarre and duplicitous lectures, as reported by Spectator, in relation to managing Australia

Hockey can't manage the Truth, so Australia has no hope

And if you are Australian, well, according to Hockey, you can now pay for your own genocide

See speech here (in the name of Conservatism mind you)

On unemployment benefits, government should provide assistance that helps the jobless move into employment, rather than a system that traps them.
As the Prime Minister has said: “The best form of welfare is work”.

We are also increasing personal responsibility by restoring Work for the Dole for people on unemployment benefits.
This is a start, but more has to be done.
The difficult decisions that will underpin our movement to a new age of responsibility must also include the corporate sector.
Too many taxpayers’ dollars have been spent on corporate welfare and too often previous governments have been drawn into areas that are better left to the private sector. 

 Our decisions on the auto industry, Qantas and SPC Ardmona have not been easy but the truth is no country has ever subsidised its way to prosperity.
The Coalition Government has inherited a complex set of fiscal and economic policy challenges.
The task of getting the Budget back on track is a national priority and will require every sector of the community to make a contribution.
There will be difficult decisions, but all Australians must help to do the heavy lifting. 

These are a few excerpts of  an intellect free paper

here are few salient facts that Hockey, the Liberals, the ALP and the mainstream media won mention

1. Our exploding welfare bill is directly a consequence of exploding immigration (third world)
2. There is no place for a refugee industry in this (supposedly rich)country - an Aussie taxpayer funded welfare system for the world - run by crooks and charlatans and terrorists (Julie Bishop, has followed Julia Gillards lead in touring the world giving away OUR money to Islamist terrorists!! - and then there are all the onea we have allowed in illegally - and the ones Morrison plans to import from Syria!!!
3. All these immigrants get old - and one day they will want OUR pension. We already have a ludicrous Aged Person visa - for OLD people!!!
4. Worse still in the meantime, all these refugees, illegals, and mass immigrants want every drop of welfare blood they can steal from us - and the Government has countless agencies , and NGO's often run by Christian organisations, which advise how to rip off the Aussie taxpayer
5. SBS costs a fortune, but provides a free terrorist islamic news service for jihadists operating in Australia - Al Jazeera
5. There are over 60000 organisations in Australia claiming tax exemptions and financial invisibility as 'charity organsaion' (there shouldn't be ANY)- including countless illegal sharia law activists - all are to be protected according to Hockey and Andrews.
6. Kevin Andrews has come out and pointblank refused to do an audit on the disability pension rort - for fear of having to target the estimated hundreds of thousands of muslims currently receiving it in some form (including those with criminal records)
7.Government funding for third world racist ethnic cults masquerading as 'religions' will continue unabated - as well as funding for mosques and temples
8. Medicare frauds by corporates will not be touched - and free healthcare will continue to be available for the countless immigrants which flood our country - with effectively ZERO health checks - since ANY illness is treated as eligible for Aussie treatment, rather than as an excuse to refuse entry (unless you are white and Christian - in which case ANY excuse will do)
9. The corporate welfare fraud of Public Private partnerships will continue unabated, as governments simply hand taxpayers money over to crony capitalists to enslave the populace (at the populaces expense)
10.the Aboriginal landrights fraud , a multibillion industry of fraud will continue full throttle to divide land up amongst aborigines, regardless of any basis of proof of ownership (there are already countless competing land rights claims)
11. The natural resource of Australia will continue to be open for corporate exploitation - like oil and gas, where Aussies are forced to compete with international buyers for our OWN gas for example - and soon food
12 Mass immigration of third world hordes has soaked up entry and lower paid jobs so now we have a disgraceful youth unemployment problem (and that's before we get into the professional classes issues and the BS skilled entry program) - the Abbott Liberals solution - to increase third world colonisation even more - and then target penalty rates paid to Aussies!!!!!

And on and on it goes

The deceit, the fraud, the genocide of Australians, the destruction of our industry (competing against state sponsored organisations), the selling of our private farms to foreign governments and corporates and our infrastructure, the idea to corporatise the corporate watchdog ASIC, making it a toothless tiger instead

The whole fraud is so astonishing, bare faced and insidious, ti is truly extraordinary,how someone like Hockey who wears his Christianity on his shirt sleeve, could be acting with such malice and idiocy

And the vacuum of ANY sort of intelligent debate in Australia about this rubbish, is also breathtaking

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Abbott and Morrison defeated by illegal islamic jihadists ,moved out of Manus to Holiday resort!

Just when you thought Abbott and Morrison were actually going to get tough on illegal muslim immigrants and just send them back to where they came from (usually Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan) - it turns out that the sharia warrior Abbot has now allowed the Manus Island terrorists to be moved to a Holiday resort (no doubt being provided with halal chef style meals 24/.7 - like Muslim prisoners in Australia)

See here

ASYLUM seekers involved in the Manus Island riots were moved to a resort hotel in Port Moresby paid for by Australian taxpayers.
Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has launched an internal probe into the use of the Gateway Hotel which could leave the public with a bill of tens of thousands of dollars.

This is a total circus and a national disgrace

Putin makes wrong Chess move with Tatars Islamic jihadsts in Crimea

Putin for some reason, has decided to recognise the essentailly Turkish Tatar muslims in Crimea - who were previously targeted under Stalin

See here

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree officially rehabilitating the Crimean Tatars and other ethnic minorities on the peninsula, who were deported en masse in 1944 by Joseph Stalin because many of them collaborated with Nazi invaders.
“We must make sure that as part of Crimea’s integration into Russia, Crimean Tatars are rehabilitated and their historic rights restored,” the Russian leader said during an official meeting in Moscow.
Tatars in Crimea number about 250,000 – one eighth of the peninsula’s population. Since gradually returning to the peninsula following their banishment, many have been locked in land disputes, and have struggled with a lack of political representation.

Given that Turks were Christian before submitting to the Arab Nazi supremacists - one can only speculate as to why the Tatars (and indeed the Turks generally) remain committed to their Arab Slavemasters of centuries past

For Putin to legitimise the the Arab Nazi enslavement agenda, by recognising mosques in Crimea, is unfathomable - since they serve no-one except the Arab Nazi Jihad of islam

From wiki

The Turco-Mongol dominance in Central Asia was absolute during the 14th and 15th century. Muscovy. The Crimean-Nogai raids into Russia, especially for the capture of slaves, most of whom were exported to the Ottoman Empire.

It certainly doesn't serve the tatars or Russia. Their ethnicity is not muslim - since they are not Arabs

Putin surely must know he hold all the aces on numerous fronts, so why he would fold  now is bizarre - especially given Russia';s long history of problems with ANY group which seeks sharia law implementation

Surely he can't be obeying directives from the Vatican and Western stooge governments?

Bill Shorten in Union bashing : blames Unions for idiotic ALP polices like carbon tax scams, and mass immigration.

Bill Shorten the current leader of the unions political wing, the ALP, has called for an end to trade unions having any political voice in Australia

The reason?

Because Tony Abbott doesn't like unions, and being associated with unions is apparently costing the ALP votes

What sort of votes?

Presumably the votes of voters who don't want carbon tax scams paying off Nigerians, mass illegal immigrant invasion of muslim and tamil terrorists, idiotic greens schemes which kill people, and mass immigration which destroys job opportunities for Aussies, lowers wages, increases the pension age, increases housing costs and destroys our society

Apparently genius Shorten has concluded that it couldn't possibly be that the ALP actually agrees with the globalist disenfranchisement agenda of the Liberal Party, like privatisng public assets for crony capitalists to make lots of money - or the ALP's support for Aussie genocide through mass third world colonisation, might cause people to not vote for them

In fact the ALP seems to be trying to outdo the Liberals on the incompetence stakes

People might think that carbon taxes are used to cut carbon emissions and reduce pollution - but the reality is they are used to buy worthless pieces of paper from third world countries which allow us to us energy - but bans them ! - to save the world of course

Oh yeah, and make people like Al Gore and Blair and Obama , really wealthy. I mean seriously

Shorten, who prides himself with his billionaire mates, appears to be even more of a fan of crony capitalism than the Abbott Liberals - it is literally as race to the bottom to see who can destroy Australia the fastest

Yet the media applauds it all!

The Globalists want union movements destroyed, in order to destroy wages - and Shorten is their stooge - and only too happy to comply

If the ALP REALLY wants to improve its electoral chances, then protecting Aussie jobs, removing corrupt union leaders, and maybe just acting with a smidgeon of commonsense, might do wonders - defending traditional Australia maybe - like ending immigration, the very reason which got the union movement going int he first place. Currently unions seem more interested in promoting useless females, and immigrants rights,

But given the levels of treachery operating in the ALP, especially the closet capitalist cronies (in the past people like Emerson, Crean, Button, Dawkins, Rudd etc), who knows what will happen - But destroying Aussie unions should make the ALP irrelevant a lot faster, and Australia an even more unfair country

Monday, 21 April 2014

No Airport for Badgery's Creek. Abbott's commitment more pie in the sky - like his discovery of MH370 while touring Asia!

Badgery's Creek Airport is a bugger of an idea - just look at the conga line of clowns who support it

Sure it was proposed decades ago, before Sydney really expanded out that way - but now, the west is full of houses

So here's a few obvious reasons why Badgery's should not be built - instead incorporated into the Sydney Western Parkland's

1. Sydney basin is for residential and industrial sites - and is already overbuilt leading to ridiculous congestion on our roads and public transport.

2. There is no rail link to Badgery's Creek

3. This area is regularly in a fog over the winter months

4. Any flight paths will be over Warragamba Dam, dumping tonnes of pollutants into our drinking water EVERY day!

5. The airport is said to be economical only if it runs 24/7 - there is no justification to run Sydney airport 24/7  - let alone  a second one at Badgery's Creek

6. If a second airport is needed, and at the moment it isn't - and wont be for several more decades, then the Port kembla steel works site would be the obvious point - being closer to Sydney than Badgery's with the same access as Mascot (yet this has not even been considered)

7 Flight paths in and out of Badgery's will unavoidably affect EVERY suburb in the Sydney basin - on top of those already affect by Mascot. This is pure madness

8 Richmond RAAF Airbase would be more sensible than Badgery's given its existing partial usefulness - and an actual train line

And on and on it goes

Say No to Badgery's now and forever more

Alison Langdon & 60 Minutes sink to new low with Propaganda on Pope Francis the Fraud. Another sharia law snowjob

Alison Langdon continued on her low road to perdition with more Journalist propaganda, this time on Pope Francis the Fascist and Fraud

Alison appeared to be virtually bursting with joy over any positive feedback she got in relation to the Fraudster

As U2's Desire pumped in the background, we saw hysterical crows , in the Vatican Precinct (which was pretty safe territory for the Pope) displaying their predictable enthusiasm - for ...power

The Vatican Ostensibly exists to promote Christianity in the World - the Universal Catholicism

But since Vatican 2 it has gone AWOL - big time

We still don't REALLY know why Benedict resigned (the former Joseph Ratzinger who led a corrupt cabal of Liberal theologians at Vatican 2 to hijack and destroy the Orthodox Catholic Christian mission of the Church and , as it came out last week, to destroy Christianity)

Alison made no mention of the fact that a Vatican committee under the auspices of the corrupt Benedict declared that Christianity is dead - along with Judaism (maybe her puff piece was put together before this fairly remarkable event)

So Pope Francis the Fraud who purports to be more generous and less stuffy apparently has no problem with the Vatican declaring Christianity is dead - so what is his raison d'etre?

And neither do, apparently ANY intellectuals in the Catholic Church - or indeed ANY other Christians

In fact no-one in the whole world seemed to care too much (certainly not the mainstream media) - except a few Jews  who objected to their historical link with Israel not being recognised (while the Vatican perpetuated the Fraud of a 'Palestinian' state - occupied by ...muslims of course!)

But with Pope Francis the Fraud recently declaring that Islam is in fact THE religion of Peace - well the end of Christianity is hardly surprising (The sheer magnitude of the deceit by Francis is breathtaking, since even muslims don't regard Islam as a 'religion' - they regard it as the STATE and everything in it - you know an Arab Nazi Communist cult)

Remember how the Vatican claimed to have a big problem with Russian Communism, for decades - yet now they embrace the Arab Nazi version - meanwhile since Russia is now a Christian Democracy, the Vatican has supported all attacks on Russia ( specifically the Russian Orthodox Church - in much the same way as the Vatican has set about destroying the Eastern Orthodox Church, variously located in  Constantinople and Alexandria - and simply handing them to the Arab Nazis of islam

The Vatican was behind these Christian Centres being handed over to islam - and now they are doing it to Europeans

Once upon a time the Pope would defend Christendom - but the track record of the Vatican is to do the opposite - and now last week, it has declared Christendom is Dead - apparently ALL people form ALL countries are equal in the eyes of God - regardless of what they believe - and so Christianity has no special mandate or enlightenment to offer - oh and neither have the Jews according to the Vatican

In Syria, the Pope has backed the islamist Al Qaeda rebels, raping and killing Christian nuns and even slaughtering Jesuits priests  - not a word from the Satan , Francis

And while Neo-nazis seize power in Ukraine - the Vatican supports them all the way, against Russia

It's pretty hard to conclude anything other than Catholics around the world, many of whom have devoted their life to a service to society, are being played by the powermongers in the Vatican - with the onslaught and flagrant assault on the Public in relation to Francis, of which 60 minutes is the latest chapter - following Time, Rollin Stone etc etc

The Vatican Has declared Christianity dead - no longer having ANY mandate - and so has made itself redundant

Francis has demanded that ALL European nations open their borders to a flood of blood thirsty barbaric Muslims, who want to set up sharia law (and indeed are already doing so , at taxpayers expense in most of Europe) - and then start the mass killings, consistent with the death cult of islam

But its not enough

As Italy is invaded by islamic Africans, the Pope visited an invaded Island and encouraged them to invade Italy (all in the name of Passion and tolerance of course) - and to hell with the Italians. Libya got the same support - now Al Qaeda runs the African paradise (now ruined)

Our own Abbott Government is led by  Catholic - and supports the Al Qaeda rebels destroying Syria and killing Christians - Julie Bishop has recently anounced more money will be given to Al Qaeda operatives in Syria and refugee camps, and more islamic refugees will be shipped to Australia  on multimillion dollar welfare pensions - according to Scott Morrison. This follows Julie Bishops donation to islamic somalian warlords recently and more money for Palestinian terrorists. This while Abbott declares war on Christian Russia,  - that's our military of a blind man and his three legged dog (and maybe they could get Fort Denison up and running again - that was built to attack Russians as well), up against the world wealthiest country (in terms of resources) and a nuclear power to boot. Yes, these people are running Australia - a country where the halal certification extortion and blackmail racket run my sharia mafia muslim mobsters is protected by ALL our Government officials  and funded, and also protected as a charitable operation!! It is illegal and should be prosecuted. ALL sharia activities in Australia are a violation of the human rights of Aussies. Sharia law is in total contravention of the UN Declaration of Human Rights

Human rights violations of sharia law (islam) don't bother the Australian Government - and certainly don't bother Pope Francis or the Vatican

The High Moral Road is the road to Perdition - something people like Langdon, the Abbott Liberals and the media generally dont seem to understand

As for Pope Francis....an utterly dangerous individual, and worthless to boot

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Andrew Bolt Defends Catholics - While Catholics defend Arab Nazi muslims and demand sharia law submission - Abbott and Brandis culpable

Andrew Bolt writes a somewhat predictable piece, warning if Catholics are under threat, well, then so will everyone be, under the left authoritarians See here

FIRST they came for the Catholics and climate sceptics. Beware: the true bigots will next reach for your throat, too.
Attorney-General George Brandis, raised a Catholic, was right last week: “The Left has embraced a new authoritarianism.”

While Bolt's argument would have been perfectly valid in years past - when the Catholic Church actually preached Catholic orthodoxy - a la GK Chesterton -things have changed in a big way for the worse

The Catholic Church is run by the Vatican  - and the Vatican has been hijacked by liberals (like Ratzinger) committed to destroying Catholic Orthodoxy, Christianity and all liberties - and the promotion of Sharia law (the ideology of racist supremacist Arab Nazis - islam)

The Vatican currently led by Pope Francis the Fraud and Fascist, is drowning in evil

Only last week, a Vatican Committee, run under the auspices of Benedict, declared that Christianity was dead - and Jews had no special calling to Israel - Barely a mention in the media

Previously Pope Francis the Fraud declared that Islam is THE religion of peace - despite islam simply being Sharia law - which is a state (as in Communistic) based ideology. Even muslims don't think islam is a'religion' - so why does the Pope  - and ALL Western Governments??

And at the time this raised the question, what did that make Christianity?

Well now we know - according to the Catholic Church, Christianity is dead - and so is Judaism

Meanwhile in Australia the Jesuits through their Eureka outlet, openly promote sharia law, islamic jihadists - and terrorism generally

Let's be clear the Catholic Church has become an islamic terrorist organisation

You don't get much more authoritarian than that

Pope Francis ha s insulted Europeans, telling them they have no right to their own country - and they are to be condemned for not opening their borders to colonisation by hate filled murderous islamist illegal immigrant jihadists committed to the implementation of sharia law (and the total annihilation of European societies)

If it wasn't actually happening , you wouldn't have thought it could

In the USA Catholic Bishops are threatening their own congregations if anyone dares challenge the Vatican's bizarre rulings on islam - rulings which are absolute heresy and an absolutely disgusting violation of human rights

Sharia law violates every tenet of the UN Declaration of Human Rights

Yet PM Tony Abbott, a declared Catholic, has declared that he is the sworn enemy of ANYONE who opposes sharia law and its agenda (as a 'reliigous charity)!!

Abbott has openly declared himself an enemy of the Australian people, Australian democracy and the Australian Constitution - how is he still PM? (Well ALL our polticians , except Bernardi, fully support the Arab Nazi agenda in Australia (all government is sharia compliant -desptie sharia being illegal - by definition)), and the halal certification extortion racket on our food industry run by the sharia mafia mobsters - which forces Aussies and Asian trading partners to fund islamic terror)

Needless to say neither Abbott nor Brandis (also a Catholic) have any problem with he Australia Government illegally protecting the multibillion Halal extortion racket run by the sharia mafia mobsters  (to whom Abbott declared his allegiance) to fund islamic terrorism in Australia and  overseas

The Australian Government is an activist participant in the islamic terrorist machinery worldwide - providing passports for terrorists to travel  (and then come back here!!), providing unlimited welfare for illegal Islamic invaders, unlimited government funding for islamic gang clubhouses (mosques ) throughout Australia etc. The Australian Government also supports the ludicrous Palestinian state (as does the Vatican), and Al Qaeda in Syria and Libya - the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt etc - it really is mindboggling)

Let's be clear, the mere presence of ANY sharia law activities in Australia is a gross violation of the human rights of all Australians

Muslims don't and never will see themselves as Australians - it isn't sharia

The Catholic Church has completely abused its historical hegemony in Australian society and embraced Islamic terrorism and demanded Catholics and everyone  else embrace and submit to the terrors of sharia law (you know tolerate the intolerant Arab Nazis  -  in the name of diversity support a tyrannical monoculture)

It is all quite unbelievable

And while the Left might be attacking Catholics for their own pernicious reasons, the irony is that it is actually justified - since Catholicism has made itself an overt threat to Australians interests by its support and funding of the Islamic sharia terrorist agenda

And Pope Francis the Fraud is leading the way

One of the most extraordinary things, is that despite the Catholic Church having a proud intellectual history, not one intellectual worldwide has challenged the outright heresy and destruction of human liberties currently being pursued in a world wide jihad by the Vatican

Look at Ukraine - a Vatican supported neo-nazi coup (devoid of ANY hint of democracy), where Eastern Ukraine Orthodox Christian Russians are being targeted by the Vatican (again - groan) and the West, and expected to be holed up in a new NATO run Russian Gulag!! Yep, all good screams the Western media!!Meanwhile Russian President Putin, who backed the democratic Crimea Vote, and supports the Russian Orthodox Christian Church, and is opposed to the Koran, is labelled by the West as the problem! Unreal!

This is what the Vatican supports, This is what Catholics are told they MUST support (but just don't use a condom ...OK)

Catholicism is the new Authoritarianism - and it deserves any criticism leveled at it