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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Abbott and Lost Australian Gold courtesy of the illegal RBA

Australia apparently recently requested an audit of its Gold Reserves - oddly enough stored in London

The privately owned and illegal RBA generously sold off most of Australia's gold reserves in the '90's see here

On the 27th of November 1996 the RBA issued a confidential paper to the Government outlining its position for selling Australia’s gold reserves (conditional on the proceeds staying on the RBA balance sheet) to invest in various international currencies that were performing better than gold. It stated “All this suggests that it would be optimistic to expect sizable increases in the price of gold in the near term. As such, there is likely to continue to be a significant opportunity cost in holding gold.”

On the 3rd of July 1997 the RBA announced it had reduced Australia’s gold reserves from 247 tonnes to 80 tonnes (it sold 167 tonnes or 67% of Australia's gold reserves). The RBA gold holding has remained constant at 80 tonnes to this day (source - page 30 RBA 2013 Annual Report).

Gee thanks RBA

To this day the RBA has refused to replace the gold it stupidly (and illegally) sold off, and Abbott as PM has refused to demand Australia's gold be returned from London - and importantly NOT be given to the illegal and privately owned RBA (which Abbott gave $8 billion to as soon as he won the election)

In 1997 when the RBA sold the majority of Australia’s gold reserves it stated… “The principal reason for this conclusion was that a country in Australia's position, with large gold reserves in the ground and high annual production, derives negligible diversification benefits from holding a significant proportion of its international reserves in the form of gold.” (RBA press release 3rd July 1997).

Since 1997, this has been the reason for not increasing Australia’s gold reserves…that basically it could dig it up if it needed it. Although Australia is currently the world's second largest gold producer (~250t in 2012) this production is set to reduce dramatically over the medium term as Australia's gold production profile has changed dramatically.

The result of the RBA audit, were not released, not surprisingly because apparently the London Gold Exchange doesn't have any physical  gold anymore either see here

Given that the RBA has followed the lead of other countries to release reserve location details, perform audits and release (some) bar list details, it will be interesting to see whether they go further and follow the lead of the many countries now deciding to repatriate some or all of their Gold reserves...

And here

Clearly, the GLD is still being used to provide much-needed supply for Asian demand. However, as Ken Hoffman said, "there is no gold left (for Western demand)". Thus, even with prices rallying in 2014, no new gold has found its way into the GLD "inventory".
I've often said that it is unwise to ever give date and price in the same sentence. Therefore, I only do it when I feel extraordinarily confident that I am seeing things clearly. I'm willing to do so now, however, but it's a little different this time. Rather than price, it's a general market condition.
I now believe that we are truly witnessing the end of the era. We've all been waiting for the day when the fractional reserve bullion banking system would fail. I believe now that that day is very close. Maybe not next week or even next month but NOT 2017, either. Sometime very soon, likely before the end of 2014.


The Dec14 Comex gold contract expires on Wednesday and it trades First Notice on Friday. As of last Friday, there were still 149,255 contracts open of a total OI of 468,748. That's 31.84%. Last year, with the same amount of time remaining before expiration, the Dec13 OI was 104,270 versus a total of 402,194. That's 25.92%. Last December, 10,157 stood on First Notice Day. (In the end, however, just 6,493 deliveries were made as 3,664 contracts were simply sold for cash.) Given the current OI numbers listed above there's every reason to think that 12,000-13,000 will stand this week, at a minimum. If all of these holders demand delivery and don't simply close via trading over the course of the month, that's 1,300,000 ounces of gold. Look closely again at the Gold Stocks numbers above. The total Comex registered Vault is just 869,309 ounces.
Look, I'm NOT trying to say that Comex default is imminent. I'd be stunned and flabbergasted if it happened. However:
  • I have no doubt that readily-deliverable, physical gold is in short supply in both London and New York
  • The Comex, The Bullion Banks and CME actively attempt to deceive market participants by inflating or simply fabricating their vault and delivery numbers

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Joe "Search & Destroy' Hockey explodes Australian economy with promise of increased taxation across the board. Hockey Searching to Destroy

Joe 'Ho' Hockey has made it abundantly clear, that he is an economic illiterate - despite having an Economics Degree from Sydney University. That, or he is just a sock puppet.

Hockey has just released a 66 point report into the Australia tax system - surprising, because this report appeared out of nowhere, and 66 is a number that comes after 6, for someone like Hockey who cant count to 10.

While Hockey and Abbott have still yet to pass their first Budget, trying to Shanghai Aussies with a whole host of unelected agenda (a la Workchoices), and then attacking the Senate for not passing rules that the Libs have no mandate for, Hockey has been paying some of his mates in the bankster industry (probably his wife) to dream up some new taxation regime which puts Communism to shame

The Hockey Report can be summed up as Hockey and the Libs saying that Australians have no right to earn money, or to have private ownership or wealth. Abbott has previously declared that Aussies have no right to live in Australia!!(they have to pay for it!!)(BTW - The Abbott Libs have also just released yet another report, this time about the incredible benefits of removing all and any barriers to any foreign products whatsoever, and wiping out all and any Aussie industry that may still be left (or just giving it away to foreigners to run - like iron ore to the Chinese, Dairy to the Koreans, etc). According to the report the economic benefits will be amazing. Abut amazing as how truly traitorous our political class is, and how corrupted the MSM is with their slavish, relentless propaganda - and that includes the ABC)

Needless to say the ABC ran dead on the Story, while the Commercial MSM, thought Hockey's report was great, declaring that Australia's tax / financial system hadn't changed since the 1950!! (gee that make is really old and cruddy - presumably like the Bible or even the wheel - wonder if muslim lover Hockey plans on getting rid of both them as well). Note  - ZERO analysis from anyone - just glowing endorsements of idiocy across the board: the usual suspects McCrann, Westacott,CH9 etc. I mean who remembers financial deregulation, the GST, income tax to the Feds, the illegal RBA appearance under Menzies Libs etc - Nah never happened!!)

Hockey essentially wants - higher incomes tax, higher superannuation taxes, higher taxes on saving, tax on property, GST on everything, - etc - why? because he has no money!! (Presumably the illegal, and privately owned RBA stole it all on top of the $8 billion Hockey and Abbott gave it as soon as they were elected) Oh and then there is the little problem of the illegal ATO.....

Oh, that's right, Hockey needs at least $100 billion per year to fund the mass immigration program being pursued on a bipartisan bass by the Australian Government to effect a genocide on Aussies through mass third world immigration - which no-one wants and no-one voted for  (as usual). This has Pol Pot overtones to it. According to the mainstream media, this mass genocide of Aussies and Aussie culture is a wonderful thing, because it means, no Aussie culture, replaced by multiculture (white genocide), no-one can move in traffic, and no-one can afford to buy property, and no-one speaks English)

Hockey is currently suing Fairfax for claiming he is dishonest. No that is not an April Fools Joke

Hockey came from the Middle East - with his parents because their ancestors had destroyed the place. Now Hockey is doing the same to Australia. Abbott was born in the UK, and has made it clear Aussies are convict scum in his eyes.

Here is what multi, multi millionaire Hockey wants  to do to Australia's standard of living and wealth

Here is Joe 'Blowhard ' Hockey's theme songs to Aussies (apologies to Iggy & the Stooges)

Abbott declares Australians happy to be enlsaved under Sharia Law and Halal Extortion

In an incredible new low for Liberal PM Tony Abbott, he has now openly declared that Aussies (the people who voted for him) are more than comfortable with being slaves of the muslim mafia and funding them with halal extortion

See here

Tony Abbott is comfortable Australian companies are paying Islamic groups for halal certification, putting him at odds with two government MPs who want to curb the practice.
The prime minister believes Australians want to see certified agricultural businesses thrive by being able to export produce to Muslim countries.

The lying and deceit and simply outright criminality by Abbott and the Liberals beggars belief. The argument that  Halal extortion allows Australia to trade with islamic countries, is an absolute lie as anyone who knows anything about halal food and exports to muslim countries would  know

So the issue is, why is Abbott backing an extortion racket run by the muslim mafia against the official 98% non-muslims population (probably more like 90% with recent Australian Government sponsorship of a muslim army of invaders)?

Why is Abbott who openly boasts about removing Australian Government taxes like the Carbon tax, the Mining Tax etc, now, with Hockey and Barnaby 'Barnyard' Joyce endorsement support, openly demanding and endorsing Aussies pay an even more expensive and illegal halal food (and everything else) tax to the  criminal muslim mafia to hijack our country and to fund islamic terrorism throughout Australia and worldwide!!

Why is Abbott forcing ALL our trading partners to pay the illegal halal extortion tax and forcing them to fund the islamic worldwide terrorist network which Abbott has made Australia an integral part of?

Halal certification taxation is illegal in Australia (and it would appear all muslim countries) Abbott approves it. Halal extortion in Australia is approved by Abbott on the basis that it is part of sharia law (it isn't). Aside from that Sharia law is illegal in Australia, But Abbott approves of that as well. Abbott is a Catholic and his Pope Francis has stated that all Catholics are now muslims because they worship the same 'God' - what ? the muslim mafia!!??WTF?

Then Abbott turns around and says Islamic State is not 'islamic' : and to call it islamic is an insult to Islam (the criminal muslim mafias franchise of organised crime)?!! Again WTF?

The Australian Government run by the Abbott Liberals are now drowning in a sea of outright corruption, criminality and ineptitude.

According to Abbott and co, Aussies are the real terrorists in Australia for wanting to live under Australian law, enjoy Aussie culture and the freedoms and liberties we cherish.

Lucky for us Abbott has promised to keep us all safe from the (Islamic - ahem) terrorism that the Liberals and the ALP are openly embracing and funding, with Christian Church backing. How? By implementing a Police Sate!! Phew, it really is good to know that Abbott and Shorten will keep us all safe by monitoring and storing all our phone calls, our bank accounts, our emails, our internet usage and every other move we make, via the un-elected stasi spy grid of ASIO, the AFP and ASIS and the ACC - all of whom are committed to sharia law!!! (just ask 'em) ;because if all uon-muslims weren't now being monitored 24/7 in free and democratic Australia who knows how dangerous the islamic terrorism threat could be??!! O-M-G. Thank you linesmen and thank you ball boys. Oh and Abbott has banned any monitoring of islamic gangclub houses: aka mosques. Yep , sounds fair and reasonable. And did I mention that Abbott is the process of placing our entire military under the guidance of an Abbott Ayatollah!! Double WTF!

Meanwhile Joe  'I like blowing Cubans' Hockey wants to destroy the Australian tax system and Australia with it, with taxation on everything and anything that moves, along with the illegal islamic mafia Halal Extortion tax which he also supports.Oh and as to the the taxfree regimes being implemented for mulitnational/transnational corporations and banks via fraudulent Free Trade Agreements (remember Chinese pooberries we all used to love) and the TPP (which no-one is even allowed to talk about in our transparent and fair democratic system) - well what about 'em - TOO hard says Joe Blowhard once the G20 finished!

These Liberals are on the way out - and this country is sinking ever faster

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Reclaim Australia Rally: April 4 2015 - A pointless waste of time as Abbott establishes sharia law

There is a Reclaim Australia Rally coming up on April 4 - essentially an anti-muslim/sharia law rally, demanding Australia  preserve its culture and its laws.

While it is commendable, sadly the time has long past when a rally will make any difference - there is now only one unavoidable way of fighting the islamic problem - which is protected and sponsored by the Abbott Liberals on a bipartisan basis with the ALP,  but also includes support from the Greens and the independents (the situation on other Western countries is even more horrific than in Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, Sweden - essentially basket cases and drowning under sharia law)

Sharia law IS islam. Islam simply refers to the State run under sharia law. The only reasons Muslims like killing each other so much, is because they can't decide what sharia law is and who the head honcho/ muftioso should be. The rules of engagement are based on the Koran, which has the Holy Blessing of the Vatican, but also happens to demand unfettered violence in addressing any issue - like stoning to death a rape victim or decapitating non-believers (which can be a bit tricky if you don't happen to know what the reigning muftiosso happens to believe - and they ask you to tell them - chop!)

Reclaim Australia, s a bit misleading, when you have ALL the Christian Churches in Australia demanding everyone support (as in submit to) sharia law. None, and I mean none of the leaders of the these Christian Churches can or will explain how following the anti-Christ ideology of sharia law, is somehow Christian

Not only that but if any Christian leader (such as Danny Naliah) speaks out against the dangers of Sharia law (like self evident facts) the government will direct the police to arrest them!

The Government, run by YOUR locally elected democratic Representatives have directed that muslims now be recruited to run all government agencies, run the military and run the security, intelligence and police services. The AFP holds an annual dinner with Arab Nazis celebrating Arab Nazi supremacy at Ramadan ( the slaughterfest of animals)

Australia Post is already run by a muslim, who mysteriously gets paid10 times more than the PM - for being a public servant! No other Public servant comes close to this - now why is that?

The military has recently announced it will be guided by its own ADF Islamic Ayatollah. The NSW Police have done the same, as I suspect all other police forces around Australia have done. In the USA in Dearborn they recruit muslims into the police force - and they have now started attacking non-muslims!!

The Abbott Liberals (under Morrison and now Dutton) are literally importing thousands of Islamic jihadis every week : from illegal refugees, to students (who rape kids) to temporary visa holders (who take Aussie jobs and undercut the local wages) to dodgy sponsorships from islamic businesses: to dozens of islamic hate preachers - who freely come and go

If someone like Geert Wilders , who opposes sharia law, tries to come to Australia, every obstacle is placed in his path, and he was even banned from Western Australia by Liberal Premier Barnett.

The ALP are funded by the muslim mafia, and its politicians have to receive approval from an Islamic authority before they can run (Howes was refused for supporting Israel). Burke has declared the ALP supports islamic terrorism - naturally he's a Catholic

The Abbott Liberals illegally protect sharia law as a tax free 'religious' charity - despite people like Islamic State (aka ISIS, Al Qaeda, Death Cult,Daesh etc) clearly demonstrating what sharia law means

Abbott's response to these self evident facts being screamed in his face is to welcome back Islamic State terrorists into Australia (despite promising to arrest them), continue to allow Islamic State to recruit within Australia (an Aussie teen was recently blown up in Iraq via this), and provide Government funding to their charity fronts, under the guise of helping islam (because according to Abbott, Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, and Islam is somehow THE 'Religion of Peace'. Australia now provides on a per capita basis the highest number of Islamic State terrorists (Publicly declared moderate sharia law operator, Rifi, just happens to know most of them). And then Abbott appoints an Ayatollah to run the military

It is beyond insane and dishonest - it is deranged

Abbott is operating in plain view, on a bipartisan basis, with his mass migration polices (over a million per year - and mainly muslims) to pursue the genocide on Australia and the Australians who built it

This is Pol Pot territory - and we get hit with rubbish like 'Diversity is our Strength' - when the reality is "Diversity is our Death sentence for Aussies'

Reclaim Australia Rallys currently have a missing ingredient to make the point. Currently such rally's are illegal in Australia, but then so is sharia law - and the police protect muslims rioting through our streets demanding we all get decapitated,a s required by sharia law

The Australian Government's absolute endorsement of sharia law (Islam) throughout Australia has meant that there is now no law - because sharia law is illegal under Australian law. And if there is no law, then obviously a time will come when people will, as they say, take the law into their own hands. Muslims have already got the message from our pollies , police and military, that they now run Australia - so it would appear the battlelines have been drawn, and the inevitable will follow

Curiously Abbott wrote a book called 'Battlelines ' - I wonder if it was code for the agenda he has followed since he won office

Reclaiming Australia is going to be messy, - especially when all Christian Australians currently have their Churches supporting its takeover by sharia law terrorists - and sharia law is terrorism.

Just look at the halal extortion by the muslim mafia - in total violation of the Human Rights of Australians as well as countless violations in relation to the Fair Trading Laws, ACCC and the Crime of extorting money with menaces (blackmail) - as well as the cash being used to fund Islamic terrorism, as well as it's irrelevance to (illegal) sharia law!!

The Abbott Government response? it is an exercise in 'religious freedom'. Statism is a 'religion' . According to Abbott logic people like Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao are innocents, since their mass murders were exercises in 'religious freedom' And what was Abbott's response to the Kiev Neo-Nazis illegal coup government declared intention of simply slaughtering millions of ethnic Russian Christians in East Ukraine'?- 'kill 'em all' was Abbott's attitude - with an open embrace of Poroshenko when Abbott invited him to Australia to share a Catholic mass. !!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Abbott protects Islamic State in Australia

PM Tony Abbott is the most fervent defender of Islamic State operations , in Australia

How you may ask?

Well, aside from banning ANY Australian from fighting against or defending themselves from Islamic State (now a criminal offence incurring longer times in jail than murderers! - while Abbott welcomes back Islamic State terrorists based in Australia without arrests, full welfare, and millions of dollars!!), a very simple strategy Abbott uses (with Shorten support) and that is to simply deny that Islamic State even exists. (Yes, all incoherent, mutually contradictory positions by Abbott - literally no-one knows where they stand).

How does Abbott do this, he simply refuses to even say the name of the Islamic terrorist group, which call themselves 'Islamic State' - preferring some Star Trek style name like, 'Death Cult'; or 'Daesh' or whatever (which we  are presumably meant to link to islamic State in our own minds - but who knows?)

Abbott has even gone one step beyond this and bizarrely claims that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam and is instead an offence to Islam - despite a long documented history of Islam being a vehicle for unspeakable violence , atrocities and slaughter - not only of Christians, but also of each other.

And to top it off Abbott even refers to the State Tyranny and non-religion of Islam as THE 'Religion of Peace"(along with his Pope Francis) - Islam is no more a religion than Communism - something which Abbott as a Catholic has been conditioned to despise - because of its 'godlessness'

There is no God in Islam either - except the Arab Ummah. It is the worse Communistic tyranny ever developed by mankind in history. Despite its historical enemy status with Islam, the Roman Catholic Vatican has now  declared the Arab Communism of Islam is instead not only the Religion of Peace - but also worships at the same altar as Catholics - to the same God no less!

This is the same Catholic Church which had a vendetta against Russia for nearly 100 years - because it had a Communist state system - so what?

Abbott also has a problem with Russia - despite Russia no longer being Communist, instead being nationalist, Christian and democratic - none of which could be said about Abbott's Australia - or its bizarre enthusiastic endorsement of the sharia law of islam and the islamic state operatives freely operating in Australia as Government protected tax free charities

Islam in Australia is an organised crime front run by the muslim mafia - and Abbott is its greatest defender - even giving it tax free status!

Abbott passed laws , needlessly, but specifically to arrest islamic state terrorists who return to Australia - Abbott instead set them free - and then claimed that someone else was running the country and his hands were tied. The Grand Mufti had told Abbott to set them free - and give him millions of dollars to retrain them - or , he'd have us all killed. Yes , he is till in Australia - and refuses to speak anything but Arabic

An Aussie teenager was recently used as a suicide bomber in Iraq, having been basically recruited by Islamic State in Australia.

Abbott's response - nothing. couldn't care less if Aussies kids are used as human bombs for sharia law terrorism. And the Islamic State recruiters - well according to Abbott there aren't any - because as, noted at the start of this article, there is no such thing as Islamic State in Abbott's midget mind - so any muslim organisation operating with Government funding recruiting for Islamic State is obviously pushing a religious peaceful social message and sending humanitarian aid to overseas needy .

The Australian Government is operating at a level of High Farce - where the PM defends Islamic State, the AFP worships Sharia law and celebrates Ramadan, ASIO openly demands muslims run their organisation, the ADF has strict affirmative action Islamic recruitment guidelines and the Government and State Governments around Australia are deliberately employing muslims ahead of Australians - and then there are the thousands of foreign muslims who arrive ,every week - of every year = as part of the Australian Governments mass immigration program of Aussie genocide!!!

As noted previously on this blog - sharia law is illegal in Australia under Australian law. Sharia law is terrorism, Sharia law is Islam. Islam is terrorism and a violation of the Human rights of Aussies under the UN Declaration of Human Rights - the Liberals and the ALP don't care - they are clearly receiving payoffs

Islam / sharia law violates Australian law on a universal basis - underpinned by the fact that it doesn't even recognise the validity of Australian law - then there are the violation against the Crimes Act, the Sexual Discrimjnation Act, the Racial Discrimination Act, the Marriage Act,the Tax Act, the Anti- Terrorism acts, various statutes on Child abuse, statues on animal abuse  etc etc

Abbott defends the operations of the sharia law barbarians throughout Australia - and all politicians support Abbott, in a rare case of unanimity

Australia is heading to hell in a handbasket - and Abbott is steering the the ship of state to its Titanic destiny - oh but he has offered to implement a police state of tyranny and monitoring in order to keep us all 'safe' from' extremists'! - what  - like him? WTF is this circus

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hockey claims he is an 'Honest Joe', in Fairfax defamation case

Joe Hockey is suing Fairfax over claims it made that implied that he was 'corrupt'/ 'for sale' what ever

See here
Treasurer Joe Hockey has launched defamation proceedings against Fairfax Media over front-page articles headlined "Treasurer For Sale".
Mr Hockey's lawyers filed an application on Tuesday afternoon against The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Canberra Times with the NSW registry of the Federal Court. The case will be first mentioned in court on June 12.
By 6pm on Tuesday, Fairfax Media, publisher of smh.com.au, was yet to be served with the writ.
"The Treasurer has filed statements of claim in the federal court in relation to defamation proceedings against The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Canberra Times and their online services," a spokeswoman for the Treasurer said.
"The Treasurer's determination to seek to prosecute this matter against the relevant publications should not be underestimated."

Now, here is Honest Joe's North Sydney forum site - see here

By joining the North Sydney Forum you will have the opportunity to participate in a regular program of events including boardroom lunches with Joe Hockey, focused on key policy areas that are nominated by Forum members

Now, how do you join the NSF? - no prizes for guessing cold hard cash - no cash, no Joe, I mean no go
Hockey is shamelessly selling access to himself. Try accessing him (or indeed any other Liberal local member - and probably ALP member) -good luck

The funny thing about this is Hockey's defence efforts so far, amounting to
- his dad crying
- his young daughter wanting to know if someone was trying to buy him
- his annoyance at the story

There is only one issue here and that is does Hockey accept cash as at least one line of providing access to himself - if so, on what basis

There is no basis for doing so - it's an abuse of privilege (privilege which he has acquired through being appointed Treasurer (not voted to be Treasurer NOTE) - regardless of his obvious shortcomings in performing such duties (first budget still not passed and the 2nd  one now due).

Hockey claims to be an Honest Joe - yet upon arriving into power, immediately handed over $8 billion dollars of taxpayers cash, to the privately owned and run Reserve Bank of Australia (a foreign owned tax free entity, which owns and prints our money, and lends it to us - for a fee)A Criminal rort brought in by Liberal Statesman, Menzies, despite protestations from Doc Evatt

If Hockey was really honest he would immediately dissolve the RBA - since it is the basis for the debt based economy which Australia needlessly struggles under

Instead he gives it money

Then there are a whole bunch of issues which Hockey needs to explain in order to justify his claims that he is 'honest'

In Joe 'anymore cubans' Hockey's mind, honesty appears to be a relative thing - if he says so, then it must be true

Joe's family migrated from the Middle East - for what reason? Honesty perhaps. The Middle East is famous for its honesty. Joe also is partial to sharia law rights (sharia law is illegal in Australia)

Fairfax should win this case defending against Hockey's defamation claims  as a laydown misere (but will probably then have mercy on him for political reasons)

Hockey knows if he wins he will get a lot of tax Free cash - unlike Aussies who work who pay amongst the highest income tax rates in the world - to Hockey

Hockey has opened the snake pit and jumped in,  - good luck Chuck, I mean Joe

And to think he thought he was going to be PM!!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Mark Ferguson and Ch7 reveal Beverly Hills Girls High (NSW) is run under Sharia Law terrorism

Mark Ferguson made one of his school visits as reported on last nights news - but he seems to have ended up in Taliban run Afghanistan, only a few miles from Ch7 studios. Ferguson claimed he was visiting Beverly Hills Girls High - which resembled a girls school in Afghanistan, run under strict sharia law, and the Taliban in the background

This is along the vein of another Ch7 newsreader, Bath, who visited her own old, school, which to has become an islamic hot bed - and refugee camp and promoter of illegal immigration

Here are some shots from Ferguson's visit into the jihadi zone that apparently is sponsored by the NSW Govt  despite sharia law being completely illegal in NSW and Australia - and a complete violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in relation to the poor one or two Aussie students who are not even free to have an education free from islamic terrorism - in their own country at their local school - and no-one cares - certainly not the Baird Govt or Ch7, Ferguson or the Abbott Libs

See here

And here's a picture of schoolgirls in Afghanistan - basically no difference

While sharia law (islam) openly embraces female genital mutilation, bestiality, paedophilia, hanging gays, honour kills and a host of other uncivilised unsavoury ideas, our Baird NSW Govt and Abbott Liberal Government continue to (illegally) fund it, and indeed continue to protect islamic state operatives in Australia (witness those two teenagers the other day being stopped at Sydney Airport)) This follows the advice from Qld Police that Islamic State terrorists had been set free by Abbott upon their return to Australia - rather than arrested under Abbott's own laws - by the AFP, ASIO or some other so-called security agency not doing their job (in fact they even recruit people who demand sharia law (muslims)

Dumbo Dutton (the new immigration Minister), claimed he was a saint for protecting Islamic state operatives from not leaving Australia. No other authorities have made any arrests or enquiries as to the illegal operations of islamic operatives in this country - operating in plain view (in fact operating as a sharia law agitator will win you 'tax free' status from our idiot government)

The media, people like Ch7, Ferguson and Bath, Overton etc all avoid the issue - including the halal extortion racket run by the Muslim mafia , an illegal tax, permitted by the Australian Government. In fact 'Truth Avoidance' appears to be the art form masquerading as our 'News'. In yesterday's Daily Telegraph there was a story mocking the residents of Strathfield who want to kill the Indian mynah birds which have infested their suburb (Indian mynahs are an introduced exotic bird which is the cane toad of the skies - a pest, and a bird which destroys native Australian fauna by the truckload - Our government response - do NOTHING - our Media response - do NOTHING and mock anyone who even thinks about doing something - all sound familiar??!!). Australia has its own delightful mynah bird - but in the Telegraph story the word 'Indian' was (deliberately) omitted in describing the Indian mynah pest - thereby endangering Australia's own lovely mynah bird!! - Again , sound familiar??!! -

NSW is now effectively is sharia state. Foley has promised to bring back the big cheques for victims of crime, to renignite the islamic crime spree that was milking this system (as they (muslims) went around shooting each other (usually in the leg) Baird openly boasts of observing ramadan, while animals are cruelly slaughtered under sharia law, while being conscious

The criminality across the spectrum is breathtaking - and every one is following the Three Wise Monkeys - while Beverly Hills and the rest of Australia where sharia law is being illegally allowed to operate, like Bendigo, go down the toilet.

This is Australia's approach to sharia law and islamic terror

And what advice did PM Abbott have for people (specifically young teens) in Australia towards the Islamic State message so freely propagated throughout Australia, at Government funded mosques, on Government funded SBS (through al Jazeera (Al Qaeda front) - for free) youtube, facebook etc and, through government tax exemptions for Islamic state Operatives,  - Abbott said, be like the three wise monkeys, and 'block it out'!!!! Presumably, just like he does, when people warn of the dangers, let alone the self evident criminality of sharia law - most obviously in multiple violations of the Crimes Act - both NSW and Federal.