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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tony Abbott wades into 'Battlefield Ukraine' and drowns - in a cesspit of international subterfuge, spies and billionaires

PM Tony Abbott has been very keen on getting in Putin's face and effectively declaring war on Russia on numerous occasions since becoming PM less than 12 months ago - like Syria, Crimea - and now of course Ukraine and MH17

But the Ukraine is a cesspit of international subterfuge and nastiness, a sort of front line of the battle between Western Clans - and Russian Clans

You could write books about the historical issues here - and that's before we get into Russia and Napoleon, WW1 and WW2

However this article is a very interesting breakdown of the Ukrainian situation in an international context , from a Russian perspective - but still fairly balanced (and highly critical of Western favourites Yeltsin and Gorbachev). Remember Reagan's 'Tear down this Wall' speech - now there is is only one country occupying Germany - and its not Russia (or Germany)

See article here

Only a fool would march into Ukraine (armed) and start ordering people about how things will now be done (re MH17). Australia's PM Tony Abbott has been this fool

Article excerpts below (and Australia even gets a mention - and could learn some lessons as well - and you can't help thinking what machinations are playing out here  - CSG appears to be one )

Article excerpts below

Today we're talking about the Ukraine situation from a number of angles. It's a multi-faceted situation, like all big situations. Many different aspects have led to what happened. Concerning not only the clash between Russia and the West. There's a lot else going on too.
Firstly, it all began with a conflict within the Ukrainian oligarchic class. A great analyst is Vladimir Matveev. I very much recommend you look him up. A number of his analyses are out on the net. Moreover you don't need to be erudite to read his books. Anyone with higher education can read them. He's been very active on the subject of Mossad in Ukraine. He gets continuously threatened. Now he needs to get out of Ukraine and is having problems with that.
  • We are talking about the oligarchs.
  • Later we'll talk about the interests of the West - The Europeans and the Americans have different interests.
  • Next, the interests of Israel.
  • Then we'll run through the key events originating from the Banderite-American coup in Kiev, which continue to unfold.
Let's look at how the situation came about that preceded the current situation, namely: It's 1991. The USSR has collapsed. After 10 years of robbery the Americans are wondering "should we go for more?" Evidently they decided not to, as it would have fallen to the Chinese. Besides, Yeltsin's team seemed to be running the country into the ground. Then suddenly in 2001 came the attacks in New York. The Americans' political vector shifted to the Middle East. They became occupied with the Middle East. i.e. they got distracted from the goals.
Then we had Iraq, Afghanistan. During this time the Russian Federation got room to breathe, rise onto its feet again. Then there was the war of 08.08.08, which showed the West they had somewhat let go of Russia.
After that the Medvedev episode, when we didn't react on Libya. Evidently, 08.08.08, Putin's coming to power, and our position on Syria, in spite of the West's pressure, changed the approach toward Russia of those who brought Obama to power.
Two points to note:
  1. Obama established his military doctrine during his address to the Australian parliament on 17 Nov 2011, and
  2. And a new military doctrine of the US, established by Obama on 05 Jan 2012.
In the new doctrine of 05 Jan 2012 is established that the US can wage one war and some other indirect actions in other parts of the world. Previously it said two wars - meaning they're not up to that any more. More interesting statements made by Obama in the Australian parliament 17 Nov 2011: This was said in Obama's vague style. But if we call a spade a spade, it means:
Firstly: in this doctrine: political-economic encirclement of China. Control over the flow of energy into China. That's why we have seen their naval power being moved to the straits between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. This is why land-based energy supply routes are so important for China. Sea-based supply routes can be easily interrupted by the Americans.

Plan "Minimum": the West establishes a Slavic, neo-Nazi, Banderite Reich. Constant pressure on Russia, provocations by various means. If Russia reacts - tell everyone that "the huge totalitarian Russia is harassing the free Ukraine" The same template was used on Yugoslavia: "Those poor Albanians - victims of the evil Serbs."
Plan "Maximum": same as when the German Nazi Reich was established in the 1930s. Set up the forces, which, if necessary for the West, will take on the decisive part of the war against Russia. Some will say: "What a nightmare! How are you supposed to go to war against Russia?" There are different situations. Who in Europe could wage war against Russia? Romanians, you think, could conduct a war? Poles - not themselves. What's needed is a kind of "pit bull terrier" state, which would be prepared to start at least a local conflict, to show the weakened Russia how events could develop.
If you think that's laying it on thick, refer to the history of relations between the West and Russia. Every aggression which Russia has endured in the last 200-300 years always came from the West. There was no aggression by Russia in the West. Only two points: the liberation campaign against Napoleon, which, by the way, as Kutuzov said, should have been ended in 1813. without going beyond our own borders. "Leave France and England there to love each other perversely and engage with each other". That was one campaign. The second was in 1849, Nikolai I. In my view this was a mistake, although he was a great Czar. It was assistance to suppress the Hungarian uprising in Austro-Hungary. That was unnecessary. Let the Hungarians beat up the Austrians. Let them have their own little theater of chaos in Central Europe. It will be easier for us. Apart from those, Russia never took any action in the West. That was the 19th century.
As for sending forces into Czechoslovakia, that was done in accordance with the rules, written in the Warsaw Pact. NATO has the same rules.

The Ukraine crisis has demonstrated the unity of the people and authorities of Russia when it comes to such an important issue as bringing together the Russian world. But this crisis makes it necessary and urgent to resolve a number of issues in this country. In my view, the following issues.
  • Firstly. Suppression of the fifth column by political-legal measures, cut them off from the media and sources of finance, principally from the West.
  • Secondly. Switch over to a mobilization economy, and switch to a mobilized social system, an element of which will be the mobilization economy.
  • Thirdly. Re-format the legal sphere. Eliminate the precedence of international law over national law.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Joe Hockey publishes Biography - declaring he is clueless

Joe Hockey Liberal blowhard Treasurer, has just published his own biography - declaring that he is in fact as stupid as we all thought he was

'Not your average joe' - is a testament revealing that Joe Hockey is in fact , not even average

The fact that anyone would publish their own biography, especially a politician while still in office, declaring they are not the full quid, says it all about Hockey

As Social Security Minister under Howard, the Australian Taxpayer funded Islamic polygamy - despite being completely illegal - Hockey's response was to do nothing (Catholic Kevin Andrews perpetuated the fraud)

In Opposition Hockey wanted to be leader - but so did Turnbull

The two having agreed apparently on a course of action, then proceeded to stand against each other

The result was that Abbott won by one vote - and the other two became irrelevant

At least Abbott opposed the Carbon Tax and ETS scam (but he still supports the RET fraud)

Hockey thinks he is pretty funny - and given his claimed objective to be PM - most would have to agree the guy really is a laughing stock

As Treasurer he is claiming that Abbott forced him to water down his otherwise strong proposals to end 'the Age of Entitlement' - except presumably to his polygamist muslim mates (and his own personal parliamentary pension sitting in the back pocket)

This Hockey Budget was billed as being tough etc - and then it was revealed to be utterly incoherent, pointless, and just plain old nasty when it came to helping Aussies look after themselves

More funding for the immigration/colonisation program taking Aussie jobs

More money for the unlimited funding of illegal immigrants and refugees - without any political mandate

More money for millionaires who want time off from high paying jobs to have babies

Less money for the unemployed

Additional Medicare payments - which don't actually fund Medicare

Forcing Doctors to be panhandlers for Hockey's pie in the sky research fund

Not increasing superannuation incentives for self funded retirement (and not lowering the access age to whatever time they want)

Taxing the bejesus out of people over 65 who still want to work and not retire

Forcing people to work until they are 70 to qualify for the pension - and then telling them have to sell their house if migrants have forced the price up above some BS threshold - let them Eat Bricks... apparently

Increased funding for ethnic separatist hate groups

Maintaining the ludicrous tax loophole of tax free status for the nearly 70000 organisations in this country which claim to be charities (there shouldn't be any) - estimated to be costing taxpayers $100 billion per year - including the commercial operations of churches (like Weetbix) and countless ethnic hate groups, terrorist groups and illegal refugee lobby groups (oh and the halak certification muslim mobsters collecting billions tax free)

Increasing the already high marginal tax rate - even higher

And on and on it goes

Hockey's treasurer efforts inevitably lead to the conclusion that Joe Hockey believes 2+2=5

Regardless of what portfolio he has run - he has proven to be incompetent (he can't even organise a vote in his own party room)

Having been caught up in his electoral office receivng illegal funds from AWH (along with many Liberals) Hockey rather than explaining himself - proceeded to sue everyone. The Abbott Liberals are currently pursuing union corruption through a Royal Commission - the obvious target - the Industry superannuation scam - is not even on the agenda)

This guy wanted to be PM - and indeed still wants to be

But by his own admission, he's not even 'your average Joe' - that 'H'  is lower than an 'F'

Like we didn't already know it

Abbott blocks himself from MH17 crash site - by backing Ukrainian genocide of Russian Christians. Pickering explains the insanity

Big mouth PM Tony Abbott and clueless Foreign Minister Julie  (please take me (very) seriously) Bishop have successfully embarrassed Australia over their response to the MH17 crash - and have now caught themselves in their own web of deceit

With Abbott immediately declaring war on nuclear power Russia (and being openly condemned by our major trading partner China for doing so), and attacking Putin, (presumably on the basis of the strength of our military of a blind man with his three legged castrated dog) vs nuclear armed superpower Russia, and Bishop hijacking the UN - Abbott and Bishop have been negotiating with the Neo- Nazi stooge government in Kiev to get access to the MH 17 crash site (even sending our own armed forces there to take on everyone)

This of course was despite the fact that Russian backed so-called 'rebels' actually controlled the area

Rather than declaring war on Russia - if Abbott had been serious about accessing the crash site - he would have had a sensible discussion with Putin - and organised a cooperation effort with the Russians (who are based only a few miles away)

But not Abbott or Bishop

No, they'd rather start WW3 and instead back the Neo-Nazi Catholics operating out of Kiev (under Vatican orders) and we now see the result - thousands of innocent Ukrainian (Orthodox) Christians of Russian decent simply being butchered by the maniacs in Kiev - mass slaughter on a grand scale of unarmed civilians

Abbott and Bishop have not only disgracefully glorified themselves in the blood of dead Aussies - now they have the blood of dead Ukrainian Christians on their hands as well. Meanwhile access to the site is now non-existent

Good work Australia - Good work Abbott Good work Bishop

What heroes

In fact the only way Abbott's bizarre strategy can now work, is if he backs a Pol Pot style extermination of all Ukrainians in the East - which as everybody should know by now , is precisely what the NEO-Nazis in Kiev have been wanting to do all along (and why of course the ethnic Russians MUST be allowed to rejoin Russia  - like the Crimea - fortuitously spared the fate of Donetsk ( despite Abbott's demanding that place be obliterated as well - oh and he also declared war on Putin for sparing  us that potential conflict)

See Larry Pickering's take on the fiasco here


... as Ukraine atrocities become clear

Meanwhile Little Bill Shorten's ALP is campaigning for a new carbon tax and for a foreign invasion from the third world - to destroy incomes of working class Aussies - and then their jobs as well, to low wage slaves (to the cheers of the BCA)

And the mainstream media is clueless

Monday, 28 July 2014

Abbott Liberals support Gillard/Rudd Carbon Tax fraud - with RET's. Andrew Bolt attacks

The Abbott Liberals have pulled a massive con job on the Australian public and protected the nasty legacy of Gillard and Rudd and their carbon tax extortion

This has been done through retaining the outrageous RET's ( Renewable Energy Targets) which no-one really talks about - and which the political parties, in concert with crony capitalist in big business have been told not to talk about. Shorten and the ALP has also promised an ETS to compound the scam - in the name of the Aussie battler no less

This government sanctioned daylight robbery of the worst order - and the Abbot liberals are as complicit as the ALP and the Greens in ripping Aussies off

See here

The going rate of $40 a megawatt hour means the total income per megawatt for wind farms is three to five times that of conventional power, and unless the government changes the scheme that return is only going to get better. 

Since the target was set, the energy generation forecast for 2020 has fallen substantially, meaning the locked-in renewable target is now more like 28 per cent.
That will send conventional producers scrambling for certificates, pushing up their price beyond $100. It’s a mouth-watering prospect for the merchant bankers and venture capitalists who were smart enough to jump on board, ... but of little or any benefit to the planet.

The cost of this speculative ­financial picnic will be about $17 billion by 2030 or thereabouts, ­according to Deloitte, which produced a report on the messy business last week.

As a rule, anything that is good for merchant bankers can be assumed to be bad for everyone else

Both political parties make all their policies to suit merchant bankers (and big business - witness today's propaganda from new Telstra head carping on about how bad Aussies are, lack of productivity (in protected industries - unlike the unprotected ones where there has been wholesale slaughter of conditions by the BCA mob.

Democracy has been hijacked sometime ago - and the mainstream media, with one or two exceptions is complicit in the rigged game

Russia accepts that Europe wants World War 3. PM Abbott gets his wish. Now its just a matter of when

It has been reported that Russia has accepted, that despite its diplomatic efforts, Europe (and the West) is determined to have World War 3 - with it. This blog predicts sometime within the next 2 months

The Western media continues to exist in a twilight zone

See here

As The FT reports confirming our earlier comments:
The award is a landmark not just for its size – 20 times the previous record for an arbitration ruling. The tribunal also found definitively that Russia’s pursuit of Yukos and its independently-minded main shareholder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a decade ago was politically motivated.


Though Russia cannot appeal against the award, Moscow said it would pursue all legal avenues for trying to get it “set aside”.

Even if the ruling stands, shareholders face a tortuous battle trying to enforce it. If Moscow refuses to pay, they must pursue Russian sovereign commercial assets in the 150 countries that are party to the so-called 1958 New York Convention on enforcing arbitration awards.
But perhaps this explains why Putin is not coming out swinging, as The FT concludes,
One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.

“There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”
Source: The FT

As former Reagan advisor Paul Craig Roberts  notes (see here

The West has ganged up on Russia, because the West is totally corrupt. The wealth of the elites is based not only on looting weaker countries whose leaders can be purchased (read John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man for instruction on how the looting works), but also on looting their own citizens. The American elites excel at looting their fellow citizens and have wiped out most of the US middle class in the new 21st century.
In contrast, Russia has emerged from tyranny and from a government based on lies, while the US and UK submerge into tyranny shielded by lies. Western elites desire to loot Russia, a juicy prize, and there stands Putin in the way. The solution is to get rid of him like they got rid of President Yanukovich in Ukraine. 

The Western elites and governments are not merely totally corrupt, they are insane. As I have previously written, don’t expect to live much longer. In this video one of Putin’s advisors and Russian journalists speak openly of US plans for a first strike on Russia: http://financearmageddon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/official-warning-u-s-to-hit-russia-with.html   

Meanwhile the irrelevant Australian PM Tony Abbott looks like he will get his wish, having declared war on Russia on multiple occasions in recent times - for reasons ranging from, Russian protecting Syrian Christians (from Al Qaeda slaughter - supported by Abbott), to Russians protecting ethnic Russian Christians from Neo- Nazi genocide (supported by Abbott), to blaming Russia for an airliner crash, with no proof

Meanwhile the West maintains that sharia law (islam) is a religious charity) and protects it to any degree - including providing unlimited welfare for known islamic terrorists - aside from the support of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, training ISIS etc etc

The whole thing is just incredible


Abbott and Newman Liberals to turn Queensland Gold Coast into Islamic Gaza Strip Hellhole - Japanese and Chinese tourists not wanted

IN the latest bout of insanity possessing Australian politicians, the Abbott Liberals Representative in Queensland, Premier Newman has given the Green Light to turn the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast into Australia's very own Gaza strip (home for islamic terrorists) - and bring it under islamic law - despite sharia law being completely illegal in Australia

For the information of Abbott, Newman and Tate, sharia law is in violation of
- the Crimes Act
- the Racial Discrimination Act
- the Sexual Discrimination Act
- the Marriage Act
 the UN Declaration of Human rights
- the Australian Constitution
- various statues covering child protection ( pedofilia, child rape, honour killings, child marriage, torture and mutilation of female genitals etc
- various statues relating to animal cruelty (halal slaughter)
-the Tax act
etc etc

Oh and of course the illegal halal food certification extoriton racket - an illegal islamicl tax levied on all Aussies and any foreigners dumb enough to buy our sharia compliant food (all ilelgally protected by the Government and the military)

Japanese tourists have enjoyed coming to Queensland - now Abbott and Newman and Tate and co have effectively told them and all other non-muslims they are not welcome - this is now a sharia state

In fact even Aussies are not welcome in their own country anymore - according to our criminal politicians

The Christian Churches have instructed all their followers to submit to the illegal non-religion of sharia law

All Government agencies run illegal affirmative action programs promoting sharia law and recruitment of islamic jihadists

A petition is currently being organised to protest this latest insanity - but it is bound to fall on deaf ears - after all Australian security forces and Government warmly welcome back known ISIS islamic terrorists back from terrorists activity overseas - you know behheadings etc - no questions asked - and no interruption to social welfare courtesy of the Aussie taxpayer

Meanwhile Abbott is targeting the over 50's who find themselves out of work due to mass third world colonisation of Australia - and enslaving them - just like the old convict days

It is only a matter of time before Abbott and Hockey forces 80 year old pensioners onto road gangs in order to earn their measly pension

After all the Age of Entitlement is over - unless you are Joe Hockey, Newman or Abbott - or a muslim sharia law terrorist

See here

and here

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mike Baird, Christian NSW Premier demands strict sharia compliance - while celebrating Arab Nazi supremacy - illegally

Mike Baird claims to be a devout Christian

Mike Baird also entertains and celebrates the racist Arab Nazi supremacism of sharia law - this week he engaged in an Iftar dinner with Sharia Nazis during the supremacist festival of Ramadan which ends in a slaughterfest

The meat eaten by Baird was halal  which means the animals are subjected to strict protocols of cruelty and torture before a slow death

Baird , the Christian not only protects this sharia activity, but under the NSW State sovereign laws, protects it  - and indeed demands all NSW citizens submit to sharia law. The Prison system arranges special chef prepared halal meals for all islamic inmates - everyone else get slop. Most of the time though  the NSW Government just lets crims go free - to supposedly save taxpayers money. To bad about public safety

The Community Relations Chairman has effectively been sacked for failing to submit to and obey sharia nazi rules. Baird refused to defend the Jewish Commissioner from Arab Nazi attacks

Meanwhile Mike Baird's NSW police force arrested any Jewish supporters of the state of Israel as sharia law terrorists hijacked Sydney streets for the 3rd of Fourth time in two weeks - with NSW Police protection

Al Qaeda was marching down George street demanding sharia law, death to Israel and promoting the terrorist state of mythical 'Palestinian' supporters (rejected muslim extremists from Jordan and Syria)

The safety and the community spirit of the law abiding citizenry of NSW is of no concern to terrorist supporter Baird, despite his claims to follow Jesus

Muslims are slaughtering Christians everywhere they find them in the middle east - and have declared they want to do the same here

No matter - Baird's NSW Police are organising separate laws for islamic terrorists who want to travel on Aussie taxpayer welfare to islamic war zones and decapitate a few people - usually other muslims - before flying back to continue their lifetime holiday on welfare in Australia

All AOK for Mike Barid the Christian  and indeed all the Christian Churches

Mike Baird is not fit to be Premier of NSW

For Mike Baird's benefit and other law breaking politicians in NSW (currently all) - take note

Sharia law (islam)  violates the following
- the Crimes Act (Federal and State versions)
- the Racial Discrimination Act
- the Sexual Discrimination Act
- the Tax Act
- the UN Declaration of Human Rights
- various statues on child protection ( through activities such as child brides, female genital torture and mutilation, polygamy, pedofilia  etc
- the Marriage Act
- various statues on animal protection (halal slaughter (and the illegal Islamic food tax (food certification)

etc etc

Any sharia law activities in Australia violate countless Federal and state laws and are a gross infringement of the human rights of all law abiding Aussies (as defined by the UN) (Muslims don't consider themselves Australia (it's not haram) - they are only loyal to an islamic state  (which of course is the essence of sharia law - and what makes it illegal - in Australia)

Mike Baird overseas a NSW State government which demands strict sharia compliance by all departments and countless special employment conditions for Sharia advocates - including time off for gatherings and extra holidays and special uniforms (and even employ islamic associates of convicted islamic terrorists)

All completely illegal

This is Christianity in Australia - a Trojan horse for tyranny and racist unAustralian agendas - in this case sharia law and the Arab Nazi supremacists who run this organsied crime racket

But there are also others seeking to destroy our society - including numerous Christians