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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Australian Military submits to Islam - bans wearing uniforms in Australia. Lambie breaks ranks and condemns sharia - Abbott runs

With the Abbott Government busy chasing unspecified (psst islamic) terrorists somewhere in the Middle East, the Military has followed orders that Australian military personnel are not allowed to wear their own Aussie digger uniforms in public - because of the risk of being attacked by Muslim terrorists - on Aussie streets


So if the Australian military aren't safe - how safe is anybody else?

This is an utter circus

Even more incredible is the ADF is now recruiting muslims to run our Defence forces - and ASIO has an agenda to be run by Muslims according to former leader Irvine

The Australian Federal Police love to celebrate sharia law supremacy with special dinners - with muslims

Muslims already openly boast about having more weapons than the Australian army - and now the army are too scared to put on their own uniforms - in Australia!

Meanwhile Abbott's message to muslims, is that 'God loves ISlam - and so do I'. Abbott's leader ,Pope Francis,, has declared Islam is the 'religion of peace' and must be obeyed.

Islam is the implementation of sharia law - sharia law is illegal in Australia on multiple counts

Islam is protected as a loving 'religious charity' - in Australia and funded to the tune of billions by the Australian Government - illegally

The Muslim sharia mafia run a government protected extortion racket collecting illegal Islamic taxes under the guise of halal food certification

This is also deemed a loving religious charity - and is of course TAX FREE

With such open ended endorsement of Islam and the implementation of sharia law which is its agenda - now no-one can feel safe

Not even the military!!

See story here

Some commanding officers in the Australian Defence Force have been advising their personnel not to wear their uniforms to and from work and on public transport for safety reasons in the wake of increased terror alerts.
The move may be extended around the country at the discretion of individual officers, although it will not become official ADF policy, as it would be seen as a victory for the Islamic State (ISIL).
This comes as the Australian Federal Police asked the Abbott government to speed up the issuing of control orders, which allow police to place restrictions on people who are deemed to be a risk to public safety, in the wake of last week's terror raids.
An ADF commanding officer in Victoria told Fairfax Media that he had advised his juniors to consider wearing civilian clothes off base for safety reasons.

Meanwhile former military officer Senator Lambie has called for sharia supporters to leave Australia and banning the burqa - Abbott has as usual defended Islam.

Meanwhile AG Brandis is set to announce all sorts of limitations on civil liberties of Australians - while refusing to identify ISlam as being in anyway responsible for causing the problems supposedly being addressed by his new police state rules

Whatever it takes to protect the liberties of muslims to freely pursue their agenda in Australia (sharia law implementation), at the expense of everyone else freedoms - eh!

Sounds fair - hey lets have a vote on that

I mean Australia is still a democracy  - isn't it?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Abbott Liberals add Gardasil to their Genocidal NWO policies - as well as mass Immigration problems

One of Australia's more recent gifts to the world has been Gardasil - a vaccine ostensibly designed to prevent HPV and possible cervical cancer

This vaccine has been declared by a Merck insider (the manufacturer) to be completely useless  for the purposes it claims to serve

However it is really useful for killing young people

In fact more young people appear to die now from Gardasil than ever died from the cancer it is supposed to protect people from!

Japan loved the results so much  it banned it

So did India

Australia's response to support big Pharma was to then force young Aussie boys to also be given the lethal vaccine shots - as well as the girls

Most people would agree that males don't have cervix's

But this hasn't stopped the Australian Government - previously the ALP's Roxon and Plibersek - and now the Liberals Turnbull and Dutton

It's just one of the many frauds being perpetrated on the Australian people - including the genocidal mass third world colonisation immigration program - which no-one is allowed to object to

And then Abbott and Hockey claim there is no money - when every immigrant - legal or not - costs around $1 million

Refugees cost that every year forever

Family reunions, which are mostly for muslims - cost even more

See Gardasil scam comments here

In other words the Gardasil vaccine is still unproven, but it does have the potential to injure, maim, or even kill the children and young adults who receive it. Unlike Japan, Australian health authorities have not taken any action to ensure the safety of its young girls. Starting in 2013, 12 and 13 year-old boys are also part of the subsidized vaccination program.
It’s not that the government doesn’t know about these problems: we have been writing about girls falling very ill after the three Gardasil injections ever since the vaccinations started in April 2007. Both the former and current Health Ministers, Nicola Roxon and Tanya Plibersek, have received detailed information from injured girls and their parents. Malcolm Turnbull knows about it too.There is a National HPV Vaccination Registry that was set up for Gardasil (even if belated only in 2008, more than 11 months after the first vaccinations). Every girl and woman who received the vaccine should now be contacted, asked about their health and offered specialists’ services if necessary.
And in the meantime, any girl or boy receiving HPV vaccination at their school should be warned of potential serious adverse effects. It is time for the health minister to act as responsibly as her Japanese counterpart!

Other frauds currently being perpetrated by the Abbott Liberals

- claimed to have found MH370 - but never did
- claimed Russia shot down MH17 - when Ukrainian fighters did (backed by the West)
- claim Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism
- claim muslims dont follow sharia law
- claim there is some difference between Islam and sharia law - that's like saying a spade is not a shovel
- claim that Aborigines were here first...when Papuans were (and were wiped out by later arrivals - namely Aborigines - which are disparate in their DNA as well)
- now run weapons for known islamic terrorist groups as they try to pick a winner between warring islamic factions (a sure fire road to hell in the Middle East)
- have so far failed to remove the scandalous RET's costing consumers money and ruining the environment with windfarms and solar farms (run by foreigners mind you under guaranteed tax payer subsidies!)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

ISlamic Terror In Australia: Abbott responds - nothing to do with Islam: more money for mosques and more illegal islamic (halal) taxes & preschoolers to learn Arabic!

The headlines across the mainstream media today are screaming Islamic Terrorism - in one way or another - following a string of arrests of muslims across Sydney, and Brisbane the previous week

PM Tony Abbott who has declared that IS/ISIS/ISIL(really all just Al Qaeda) must be destroyed,(and must not be referred to as 'Islamic'  - Abbott preferring something like ' The Evil Death Cult'), has just sent hundreds of troops to the Middle East and is also gun running for known islamic terrorist groups (Kurds) - in order to stop Islamic State (sorry the Evil Death Cult)

According to Abbott the Islamic State has nothing to do with Muslims or islam or sharia law - no instead it is just 'evil' and a 'death cult'

So no surprises that Abbott's response to the mass arrests of Muslims across Sydney and Brisbane in relation to planning terrorist attacks on innocent Australians, should be that again what these muslims are doing has nothing to do with Islam (it's worth noting that yet another Afghan refugee brought in under the Howard Libs has sought to terrorise Australians - AND the Australian government STILL refuses to send them back to Afghanistan - Despite the UN Convention on Refugees requiring it - and the President asking for them)

In fact Abbott will point you to Islamic community groups which receive millions in handouts from the Abbott government every year (as 'religious charities' supposedly), that indeed muslims behaving badly has nothing to do with Islam (Abbott knows that wherever Islam prevails  a Nirvana land of milk and honey always appears)..like...like....oh I dunno maybe Abbottt's wet dreams??

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi pointed out the obvious, that it did indeed have something to do with Islam, and fellow Catholic Abbot told him to STFU (Abbott has already previously demoted Bernardi for saying too many sensible things) Other Liberals want to tar and feather Bernardi!

And so Abbott and the Sharia run ALP are lining up to defend Islam - and those who follow it - namely muslims

Just one problem

Islam IS the implementation of Sharia law

Every muslim, regardless of how 'moderate' they claim to be, has as their 'religious duty' to implement sharia law (this of course doesn't make islam a 'religion' (any more than gang rules) - but don't try telling any Western Governments that - or the Vatican curiously enough - which all demand it IS a 'religion' - when even muslims don't think that!)

Sharia law, just happens to be completely illegal in Australia

No-one's saying muslims cant follow sharia law if they want to - they just are not allowed to do it in Australia - on our welfare, on the backs of our society, which they, by definition , are committed to destroying - and then there are the illegal islamic taxes

The only difference between a moderate muslim and a radical muslim - is that a moderate muslim likes to roast you slowly - a radical just wants to behead you straight away - as evidenced by the 2012 Hyde Park riots - also defended by Abbott (and the NSW Police Commissioner Scipione). Same result - you're dead!

Meanwhile the AFP has declared its commitment to employ more muslims - and openly celebrates racist Arab Nazi supremacy (the self declared Ayatollah of Australia stood them up this year, being a no-show at a Muslim celebration ceremony)

ASIO has  made it clear it wants our security service to be run by muslims

Morrison is committed to expanding the muslim immigration program - and the inevitable islamic welfare state

Democracy? Referendums? Plebiscites? - meh who needs that.sh*t! is our governments attitude

The entire Government edifice is sharia compliant with muslims getting preferential employment opportunities and everyone having to be sharia complaint. Parliament House has been turned into an islamic mosque - to allow muslims to gather there and commit to jihad (aka 'prayer' groups - just laughable)

Even our Diggers are forced to submit to sharia observance!! - or face courtmartial!!!

Abbott's response to the islamic threat? - to increase funding to islamic organisations (community loving engagement and understanding - you understand) year in year out and protect the implementation of sharia law as a 'religious charity' - including funding more mosques and islamic schools and madrassas. In fact Abbott has declared to a muslim mobster convention in Sydney that he is the sworn enemy of anyone who opposes Islam ( the implementation of sharia law - as an exercise in 'religious freedom' of course) - hey who cares about OUR law!!??

This also includes the illegal halal food certification extortion /blackmail islamic tax racket which the sharia Mafia Muslim mobsters run on our food industry raising billions from Aussie consumers and our trading partners to fund the implementation of sharia law in Australia and overseas - this is treated by Abbot as a loving and kind 'TAX FREE religious charity' - and Abbott has reaffirmed laws under the Racial Discrimination Act which make it illegal to criticise ANY activities of Sharia law implemementors (muslims)!!

Just one problem here as well- while so called moderate Muslims scream racism in response to the islamic terror threat advice (despite Islam not being a race) - Islam (sharia law implementation) is however completely racist - being the ideology of racist Arab Nazi supremacists - and is itself in complete violation of the Racial Discrimination Act (as well as the Crimes Act, the Marriage Act, the Tax Act, The Anti-Terrorist acts, child protection statutes, animal cruelty statutes etc etc you get the drift

The islamic activities in Australia are simply all about implementing sharia law (and making BIG money - illegally) - this is a crime under Australian law. Organised crime - with a government run protection racket!

Yet all our politicians with the exception of Cori Bernardi are apparently paid up members of this sharia mafia criminality - and no-one's saying anything - and neither is the media

And that is terrorism writ large

Oh and to top it off now Abbott and co (eg Ley) are implementing an agenda to force Innocent Aussie preschoolers to learn...yup... Arabic - the language of sharia

This from the same mob that refuse to make English Australia's official national language!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Abbott beats War Drum - this time targets may include Syria, then presumably Russia and Iran?! - in order to back Sunni caliphate out of Saudi Arabia.WTF?

Tony Abbott has been a man on desperate mission - looking for a war somewhere... somehow

Having travelled the world constantly declaring War on Christian European Russia, for defending Christians in Syria, Ukraine, Egypt etc, and unfailingly supporting the Al Qaeda /Sunni militants of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the FSA in Syria - and the Neo-nazi Catholic genocidists in Ukraine, Abbott has finally found an enemy he can now attack

The only trouble is the enemy is actually invisible - everywhere but nowhere

The enemy goes under various names - just to make life even more confusing - the Islamic State (how ever Abbott has banned the use of the word islamic , and prefers something more sinister like 'The Evil Empire' - aka ISIS aka ISIL, aka Free Syrian Army Al Qaeda morph, aka Al Nusra aka Al Qaeda - etc etc)

It's pretty confusing with the sharia alliances - just who the bad guy is - after all tolerance is usually trumped by death with a sharia mindset (not much room for discussion here)

But then again Abbott , in an apparent moment of clarity described the situation as baddies vs baddies - in his Rhodes Scholar best form - intellectual elite

But the Abbott Australian Government and the security brains including immigration Minister Morrison (Who has generously offered to turn Australia into a Middle East Muslim Refugee Welfare Camp - without actually asking the Australian people ) and the pro - islamic front of ASIO and the AFP - have all been very very seriously advising Abbott how to deal with this very very serious issue (which actually has preciseely ZERO to do with Australia - except as a ruse to bring more muslims into the coutnry)

This collection of misfits is certain that they can pick who the good sharia law activists are, to help them beat the bad sharia law activists - just like they do in Australia (not). Who needs  Solomon with these guys around?

In fact Abbott and co are so sure, they have been running guns for a Kurdish islamist front, associated with another Kurdish group, listed by Australia as a terrorist organisation

How's that for clarity

Abbott has in the last 24 hours also declared that an invasion of Syria as well as Iraq is now possible - and presumably following that up with taking out Syria's declared ally, nuclear power Christian Russia and the Shiite muslims of Iran

And all with a couple (about 3) of Aussie aeroplanes and a couple of hundred maintenance crew - and a few tents

It's amazing what Abbott thinks he can do without an actual military (sort of Like the Jesus of War) - our military being one about as relevant as a lost blind man with his three legged castrated dog for diversity

But Abbott fresh from stick  banging corroborree wont be phased - Dreamtime offers amazing excapes from reality

While he declares sharia law is bad in the muslim midlle east - he happily protects and funds the implementation of sharia law (Islam) in Australia  - including protecting various organised crime activities like the halal certification extortion racket as a Tax Free 'religious charity -

And after all Abbott is a Catholic - and he has the Vatican on his side - because they are always right (they being the ones who have been openly endorsing Islamic terrorism throughout the world, welcoming the illegal islamic invasion into Italy (from Africa) welcoming the slaughter of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and the Middle East - and even cheering as their own Catholic priests are slaughtered by muslims)

The Sunni Caliphate must be good because Pope Francis has declared that Sharia Law is in fact the 'religion of Peace' and Christianity is now irrelevant. As for the shiites? the who????

The Vatican agenda of nihilist relativism is clearly a New World Order Globalist Strategy

The assault on national sovereignty is also a New World Order Strategy - Russia is Target Number One

Russia and Iran and Syria all want their national sovereignty

Abbott doesn't believe in national sovereignty and neither do the ALP - which is why our borders are wide open for mass third world immigrant colonisation - and Free Trade Agreements are used to destroy our self sufficiency

Democracy and freedom? - meh who needs it!

Social suicide is now the way to heaven

And so Abbott bizarrely has told Russia that he will now attack their national and military interests in Syria - if he so pleases

Ah, one can only conclude from this act of madness that Abbott is some sort of globalist stooge messenger fall guy, and that we are all as a consequence heading to hell in  hand basket

Needless to say the mainstream media is basically mute or running dead on these issues - preferring instead to be an Abbott cheer squad as the Australian Government pursues a policy of self- annihilation (so far under Abbott, Australia has effectively declared war on Russia, China, Iraq, Syria, Brazil, South Africa, Iran, Fiji, Scotland etc etc - it is quite incredible)

While our good friends the Saudis continue their daily public decapitations and clamp down on any signs of Christianity - all a jolly good show according to the Abbott Liberals. But if ISIS  sorry 'The Evil Empire ' does it - then it is a 'Death Cult' that must be attacked everywhere and anywhere -and ah ...nowhere...like a Phantom samurai....

In the meantime the US is about to send 3000 troops to be exposed to ebola in Africa...OK then..how much more insane can this get?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Abbott challenged to defend Australians from Sharia - not Muslims in the Middle East; Larry Pickering demands Australian laws be applied, and Islam banned

PM Tony Abbott has made a lot of mileage out of declaring war against the sharia rules of the self proclaimed Islamic State (aka ISIS/Al Qaeda/FSA) - and has even ventured into running guns for an islamic Kurdish group associated with Islamic terrorists on Australias terrorist list!

In fact Abbott apparently is so concerned about the evil of sharia law rules in the Middle east (the home of sharia law - where people are decaptitated on a daily basis by the Saudis who Australia regards as a good friend with massive trade ties) - that he has even decided that Islam is not sharia law - and continued to protect Islam and its practitioners in Australia (muslims) from ANY criticism whatsoever (Islam violates every element of the Racial Discrimination Act)

The only trouble for Abbott is that Islam IS simply the implementation of Sharia law

The only trouble for the Australian people, is that the people who they elected in our so-called democracy simply refuse to apply our OWN laws in dealing with Sharia law (Islam) - to protect US

Now why is this?

The Vatican has demanded that all submit to Islam and embrace the implementation of sharia law (despite centuries of doing precisely the opposite - in fact the only reason Europe even exists)

But not any more - the Vatican has also declared Christianity is dead - and demands Europeans accept a mass illegal Islamic colonisation of their countries

It's pretty bizarre

The Gold Coast in Currumbin has just rejected an application for a new mosque - but the Federal Government is still building hundreds more around Australia in implementing its Sharia agenda - as well as continuing to run a protection racket for the halal food certification extortion blackmail racket run by the muslim mob as a 'tax free charity - raising billions for Sharia implementation (aka terrorism) in Australia and overseas. The ALP is silent because it is now an islamic terrorist front openly supporting terrorism

The Australian Government including the Abbott Liberals, have for some time been forcing sharia compliance throughout all levels of government - federal state and local -as well as recruiting jihadis into the military, and the police and security agencies

it is a full on Sharia implementation agenda - and it is all completely illegal

Islam is the implementation of Sharia law - and it violates Australian law in multiple ways - in fact it defines itself as illegal in terms of Australia law - with pride - and its followers are by definition criminals - making all islamic activity organised crime

Islam (Sharia law ) violates the Constitution, it is not a religion (according to muslims) it violates the Crimes Act, the Marriage act, the Terrorist Act, the Tax act , various statutes in relation to child protection and animal cruelty etc etc

Yet Our entire Australian government apparatus funded by the voting tax payer is dedicated to the illegal agenda of sharia implemtnaiton

According to Abbott, Sharia is so bad he is now flying to the other side of the world to fight it - yet back in Australia it is the holiest of sacred cows which must be protected funded feted and worshipped and submitted to by all - every sausage and even Vegemite now all used to fund islamic terrorism

So Mr Abbott, how does that work?

Why is Abbott so concerned about saving muslims - from other muslims - but willingly serves Australians up to the sharia mafia on a platter. And why would Abbott want to destroy Assad in Syria whose governemnt protects Chirstians from the sharia slaughter fest?

Larry Pickering examines the farce further here

As long as Islam can legally be defined as a religion then we are fighting a losing battle that can only be settled by Constitutional interpretation that would never get up in either the High Court or both Houses of Parliament. 
To win the battle and the war, Government would need to be forced to declare Islam a subversive cult and in no way a legitimate religious order thereby escaping the Constitutional “freedom of religion” imperative. 
That is very unlikely, Islam is a faith in the same context as is Christianity.
But Sharia law is the very basis of Islam and we have fought against that in Afghanistan and now in Iraq. So, if we are already at war with Sharia, then it’s reasonable for us to expect that it be banned here. 
Banning Sharia law would need neither the High Court nor Parliament, it could be done under an executive decision in a time of war. It would separate the so called “moderates” from the “extremists”, it would not impinge on religious rights and would take the wind from the sails of the Sharia law radicals who threaten our lives and lifestyle.
Sharia law, administered by Australia’s Grand Mufti, has infiltrated our food chains, our banks and our electorates. It should be stopped as soon as possible and Tony Abbott has the ability do it.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Abbott declares War on mysterious evil 'Death Cult'. Australia enters terror Twilight Zone

Tony Abbott is now leading Australia into a new twilight zone of reality - with Abbott now declaring War on some mysterious Death Cult in the Middle East - which is apparently unspeakably evil

Apparently this declaration of war (actually not really a War - another Claytons war like Afghanistan apparently) doesn't require anyone's permission, and it apparently has something to with the US no boots on the ground, deployment of a few thousand US troops (on the ground) in the Middle East - somewhere around Iraq and .....Syria.

As people probably know Abbott has previously declared war on Russia for diffusing a situation not long ago where the Western Governments wanted to start dropping love bombs on Syria, and turning it into another Libya (now run by Al Qaeda) - for no specific reason (other than the FSA forces funded and backed by the West were losing their attacks on Syria)

Syria just happens to host a Russian Naval base - is increasingly democratic, protects Christians, is economically stable - oh yeah, and isn't run by Sunni muslims

And there in lies the clue

According to Abbott a group of people claiming to be Sunni muslims who are slaughtering everyone they come across, aren't really Muslim at all, and according to Islamic scholar Abbott  and other well known Islamic scholars of ASIO and the Australian military, most definitely do not follow Islam (Islam is just the implementation of sharia law by the way). In fact our entire Government apparatus appears to be full of previously unknown islamic experts

In Twilight Zone Australia Islam is a loving religious Charity which is protected and funded by the Government, with its own mass immigration program (legal and illegal - fully backed by the Catholic Church), its own Al Qaeda (Muslim Brotherhood) TV channel, Al Jazeera), mass mosque/fortress infrastructure projects etc, and its own mass welfare bill. Aside from guns and drugs, they also run an halal food certification extortion racket, forcing Aussie consumers, businesses and our trading partners to pay an illegal islamic tax - to fund the implementation of sharia law (a muslims sole duty - a 'religious ' one in fact) throughout Australia and the world

Sharia law also just happens to be illegal in Australia on multiple counts

But according to Abbott who has now resorted to terrorising Australians with warnings of 'terror' from unspecified sources  (in Abbott's words there is a 'lack of intelligence on the matter' - no argument there) and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop backing this up by saying that terrorists (ASIO refers to them as 'young Australians') fighting for the Death Cult (ISIS/ IS/ Al Qaeda/FSA) have been travelling on Australian passports issued by her (Department), and are now returning to Australia to collect more welfare and roam freely in the Australian Community - presumably with other Death Culters

Hey great - so WhoTF are these Death Culters? Abbott and Bishop refuse to say!

Oddly enough there was one community in Australia which objected to Abbott hunting down this mysterious 'Death Cult' - and that just happened to be ....muslims - who also proceeded to issue a fatwa threat on/to Abbott and the Australian people of what would now happen if Abbott pursued attacking the evil 'Death Cult ' members. Needless to say, no -one was arrested and the self appointed Ayatollah of Australia reiterated his past instruction that peace in Australia would only be achieved under islamic rule (in Arabic of course).

So presumably it is muslims who are actually the members of Abbott's mysterious evil Death Cult

Yet Abbott has banned using the term 'Islamic' when describing this group (like UK PM Cameron, whose response to a British Aid worker being deacpitated by a British Islamic terrorist, was to , as usual, defend....ISLAM!!)

Abbott has continued to criminalise anyone who criticises Islam (under 18c of the Racial Discrimination act - despite Islam itself being in total violation of the Racial Discrimination act - being a cult of racist Arab Nazi supremacy)

But don't expect too much analysis from our mainstream media on this twilight zone farce run by the Abbott Liberals and supported by the Shorten ALP

Australia is off to another war - this time the enemy is  a mysterious 'Death Cult' which is 'evil' and is apparently everywhere and nowhere at the same time- and apparently doesn't have any home base (anyone looked in Turkey, Jordan, and Sauda Arabia lately? Nah, didn't think so))

It is completely preposterous to put it mildly

Saturday, 13 September 2014

G20 War Zone Australia 2014 - Abbott Declares war on Major G20 members - over Russia! WTF? Morrison attacks immigrants to defend Islam

PM Tony Abbott has made it his mission in recent times to declare war on economic and nuclear armed Superpower Russia - for defending Christians in Syria and Eastern Ukraine

Abbott has also declared war on Russia claiming Russia shot down MH 17 and killed people including Australians - even though Abbott has zero proof of any such thing - in fact Malaysian authorities and US analysts have said that a Ukrainian jet from the neo Nazi coup regime with Western Government backing, in fact took down the jet with an air to air missile and machine gun fire

Abbott doesn't care - and has embarrassed Australia by seeking a genocide of Ukrainians (by Neo-Nazi slaughter) and Russians in Russia - by banning all (multi-billion bilateral) trade with Russia. That's Mr Free Trade Abbott!! -

Abbott apparently is unaware that Russia is quite self sufficient - but if Australia wants to shoot itself in the foot (about the only possible victim of any Australian military exercise anyway) well, go right ahead

So now the Abbott Liberals are holding the G20  and Abbott, and the ALP Shorten Opposition and Newman (no not of Seinfeld) are demanding that Russia be sanctioned and President Putin, be banned from Australia - despite Putin openly wanting to be an ally of Australia - and strong trading partner

Australian politicians and media don't care - they all follow Abbott like zombies and believe Russia is some sort of enemy (Fort Denison was some time ago you know)

Just one problem though

Russia happens to be a lead player in the World economic union of the BRICS entity - of Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa (we're talking billions of people and trillions of dollars in trade)

Any attack on Russia by Australia is an effective attack on Brazil , China, India and South Africa

And wouldn't you know it China is Australia's largest trading partner

China has requested Abbott back off on his bizarre attacks on Russia (and Christians) and Abbott , has told China to go suck eggs (following on from Palmer's 'mongrels' outburst)

And wouldn't you also know it, but all of Russia's allies in the BRICS entity just happen to be members of the G20 as well

So Australia , under Abbott and endorsed by Little Billy Shorten has declared war on the biggest members of the G20 - which it is hosting !

This is surreal behaviour - but typical of modern insane Australian politics - and a clueless Foreign Affairs department led by helmeted parrot, Julie (Please take me seriously) Bishop

While Russia defends Christians in the Middle East, the Australian Government backs Al Qaeda and its offshoots like the Muslim Brotherhood (in Egypt) the FSA (in Syria) etc etc. The Al Qaeda TV station Al Jazeera is sponsored by the Australian Government throughout Australia

Australia is making itself a pariah state with its insane BS behaviour - and no doubt at some point in time these foreign nuclear armed superpowers , with billions of people will let us know it

In the meantime, the Abbott Liberals continue with their war mongering hate - ranging from targeting Russia, to Scotland -and everyone in between

While Scott Morrison announces even more muslims will be imported to add to our exploding Islamic welfare bill (and defending muslims by saying ALL immigrants to Australia are potential terrorists on The Bolt Report today!!!) - while Muslims in Australia declare a fatwa on Abbott (with total impunity), freely target military personal in the street, become preferred ASIO recruits, get AFP support and have their illegal halal extortion racket on Aussie food (and industry) protected by the Abbott Government as a 'religious charity' no less - TAX FREE of course - to fund Islam (the implementation of Sharia law ) in Australia and around the world!

Following a High Level Terror Alert from ASIO, Abbott declared recently that we should have confidence in our Government and security and law enforcement agencies operating to protect Australians and our country - well that's pretty hard to believe given their current insane behaviour

Now not only does no-one feel safe - they have every reason NOT to feel safe - as Abbott and ASIO welcome back islamic terrorists from ISIS - and continue to pay them welfare rather than locking 'em up for life

And unlimited visas are issued to islamic hate preachers to occupy the hundreds of Islamic mosques being built around Australia in a Government funded infrastructure project (with plenty of cash from Sunni Saudi Arabia (where they routinely decapitate people - to the applause of the Abbott Liberals and Shorten ALP - after all they are our good friends - you know no democracy, no Christians etc)

Sharia law is already illegal in Australia (Crimes Act for starters and the RDA) - which is probably academic given that the Australian Government effectively runs a sharia state  - and aside from declaring war on most of the worlds populations and Christian minorities and ethnic groups, has also declared an ongoing war on Australians

Gotta love that 'freedom and democracy' stuff